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Zeitgeist Essay - challenging issues that arise in classes
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Submission Guidelines:
Offer useful information for K-16 teachers and librarians. Examine compelling social and political issues of the day drawing attention to academic and other literature. Think critically about what is required for pedagogical success in today’s diverse teaching and learning environments. Agree or disagree that, although e-learning and technology offer potentially significant pedagogical benefits, nonetheless, their use may harm the learning process. Focus on the merits of ethical or social issues in academia over rigorous scholarship.

Who May Submit:
Submissions are welcome from K-16 educators, including
graduate students.
Identify your submission with two keywords: (1) ZEITGEIST & (2) topic specific KEYWORD selected from 100+ ongoing submissions.

Submission deadline:
Submission published in every issue with cut-off date set by Issue "short submission deadline."
Read Submission & Publication timeline

Submission Procedure - similar to AEQ traditional scholarly article:
However, be sure to identify your submission with two KEYWORDS as explained above.

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