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Winter 2016     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 20, Issue 4

    Table of Contents

Guest Editorial:     Sustainability Education as a Curriculum Emphasis   /  3
	Bruno Borsari,  Winona State University, MN
Minimizing Undergraduate Classroom Misbehaviors  /  5
	Max Kopelman, Touro College
Revisiting Classroom Adaptation for Special Needs  /  12
	Samuel E. Cotton, Ball State University, IN
	Kourtland R. Koch, Ball State University, IN
	Michael W. Harvey, Ball State University, IN
	Jeffery W. McCallister, Ball State University, IN
Teacher Efficacy and Elementary Social Studies   /  20
	Nancy Reese-Durham, North Carolina Central University
Member-At-Large Role on Doctoral Committees  /  26
	James W. Jones, Ball State University, IN
Sustainability Education as a Curriculum Emphasis  /  31
	Bruno Borsari, Winona State University, Winona, MN
Using Open Educational Resources for Healthcare and ….. /  38 
	Sherryl W. Johnson, Albany State University, Georgia 
Pilot Study of Reactions to an Educational Game  /  45
	Jacki Fitzpatrick, Texas Tech University, TX 
	Erin Kostina-Ritchey, Texas Tech University, TX
 Service Learning: School-Partner Realities  /  55
	Scott B. Waltz, California State University Monterey Bay
Do Early Childhood Educators Understand Spatial Skills?  /  62
	Nicole Andrews, University of Houston, TX
	Adam G. Akerson, Stephen F. Austin State University, TX
A Proposal for Teaching Spanish to Heritage Students in the US / 68
	Jorge E. Porras, Sonoma State University,  CA
A Student Teacher’s View: Learning and Mentoring  /  76
	Scott Robinson, UH Manoa, HI
Education Reform: Caring Matters  /  86
	Cherie A. McCollough, Texas A&M University
The Interdisciplinary Approach: Its Impact  /  94
	Deborah McCarthy,  Southeastern Louisiana University,  LA
	Paul Simoneaux,  Southeastern Louisiana University,  LA
	Flo Hill-Winstead,  Southeastern Louisiana University  LA
Socio-Cultural Variations on Motivation   /  100
	Masako Nunn, University of Redlands, CA
Teaching Diversity Throughout Education  /  109
	Catherine Dallman, Ball State University, IN
	Kierstin Riels, Ball State University, IN
	Angela Gervais, Ball State University, IN
	Edward J. Lazaros, Ball State University, IN
Teachers and Functional Behavior Assessment  /  115
	Andria Young, University of Houston – Victoria
Addressing White Privilege in Higher Education   /  121
	China Jenkins, Houston Community College System, TX
Teachers’ Perception of Learning Environment  /  127
	YoonJung Cho, Sungshin Women’s University 
Second Language Learning and Social Context  /  133
	Kirsten M. Hummel, Laval University, Canada

KEYWORD  /  141

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