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Winter 2015     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 19, Issue 4

    Table of Contents
 Editorial   /  3
Career-Changersí Multicultural Attitudes  /  4
	Yolanda Abel, Johns Hopkins University, MD
	Jennifer Locraft Cuddapah, Hood College, MD
Validating a Health Capstone: A Ten Year Retrospective  /  10
	Anne M. Hewitt,  Seton Hall University, NJ
Pediatric Cancer: Implications for School Personnel  /  18
	Rachel K. Peterson, Indiana University Bloomington
	Rebecca S. Martinez, Indiana University Bloomington
Enhancing Communication Skill in Diverse Learners  /  26
	Andrea Morgan-Eason, Molloy College, NY 
Science Cooperating Teachersí Views of Mentoring  /  32
	Scott Robinson, University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Mobile Technology Adoption in K-12 Classrooms  /  39
	Sarah B. McKay, Ball State University   
	Jacob C. Seward, Ball State University
	Christopher B. Davison, Ball State University
Technology vs learning styles: Nursing education  /  49
	Dax Andrew Parcells, School District of Palm Beach County, FL
	Cynthia Ann Blum, Florida Atlantic University,  FL
Engaging Students: Strategies for Digital Natives  /  57
	Katherine J. Janzen, Mount Royal University, Canada
	Beth Perry, Athabasca University, Canada
	Margaret Edwards, Athabasca University, Canada
Teachersí Technology Use in Vocabulary Instruction  /  66
	Ferit Kilickaya, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
	Jaroslaw Krajka, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland
Building  a Practicum Course with Desire2Learn   /  72
	Sherryl W. Johnson, Albany State University, GA
Yoga: Therapy for Children on the Autism Spectrum  /  78
	Anita Miller, Dominican University, IL
	Allen Studnitzer, Dominican University, IL
Students Learning in Inclusive Science Classrooms  /  84
	Allison L. McGrath, University of Illinois at Chicago
	Marie Tejero Hughes, University of Illinois at Chicago
The Effective Frequency Curriculum Design Approach  /  90
	Caroline M. Crawford, University of Houston-Clear Lake, TX
Writing Center Support for International Students  /  96
	Julie Prebel, Occidental College, Los Angeles. CA
Rhetoric, Gender and Evaluations of Teaching  /  102
	Regina A. McManigell, Oklahoma City University
	Greg R. Glau, Northern Arizona University
Conceptualization of Diversity in Education  /  111
	Shaheen Borna, Ball State University, Muncie, IN
	Russell G. Wahlers, Ball State University, Muncie, IN 
Studentsí Views of Course Evaluation  /  119
	Yao-Yi Fu, Indiana University, Indianapolis
	Suosheng Wang, Indiana University, Indianapolis
	Ching-Hsu Huang,  NPUST,  Taiwan
ARS Technology: Impact on Adult Learning  /  129
	Deborah K. Anderson, Midwestern University, IL		
Effects of Dyslexia and Dyscalculia on Teachers  /  137
	Elizabeth M. Wadlington,  Southeastern Louisiana University, LA
	Patrick L. Wadlington,  Birkman International, Inc., LA
	Deborah E. Rupp, Purdue University, IN
Elementary Mathematics Teacher Beliefs  /  145
	Brian R. Evans, Pace University, NY
Steps to Take to Complete English Academic Papers  /  151
	Kyeongheui Kim, Western Oregon University
How Faculty Members Fight Matters  /  157
	Richard F. Bowman, Winona State University, MN

KEYWORD Index  /  164  
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