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Winter 2014     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 18, Issue 4

    Table of Contents

	-  Issues and Trends in 21st Century Writing Centers  /  4

A Case Study of Generalizing from a Case Study  /  6
	Ilana Finefter-Rosenbluh,  Harvard University, MA
	Deborah Court, Bar-Ilan University, Israel 
Kairos & Stasis in Writing Center Administration  /  12
	Erica Cirillo-McCarthy, Stanford University
Building Community: Cross-Discipline Mindfulness  /  18
	Maureen P. Hall, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
	Aminda J. O’Hare, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Improving Student Engagement in College  /  24
	Suzanne F Lindt, Midwestern State University, TX
	Stacia C Miller, Midwestern State University, TX
How to Succeed with Asynchronous Online Delivery  /  31
	Edward J. Lazaros, Ball State University
	Cameron Davidson, Ball State University
Scaling Up Dialogues to Boost Engaged Learning  /  37
	Ellen S. Aiken, University of Colorado, Boulder
	Karen E. Ramirez, University of Colorado, Boulder
Experiential Learning and Clinical Education  /  43
	Jaime N. Sand, Boise State University, ID
	Patt Elison-Bowers, Boise State University, ID
	Thomas J. Wing, II, Boise State University, ID
	Leslie Kendrick, Boise State University, ID
Using Archival Data to Examine Mandatory Visits  /  49
	Beth Rapp Young, University of Central Florida
Critical Languages in the U.S. Educational System  /  57
	Mitra Ara, San Francisco State University, CA
Interdisciplinary Writing Center Collaborations    /  64
	J. C. Lee, California State University, Northridge
	Nancy Caronia, University of Rhode Island
	Diane Quaglia Beltran, University of Rhode Island
 “Pearls of Wisdom” for Beginning Teachers  /  70
	Denise McDonald, University of Houston – Clear Lake
Writing Well: Isn't it about Time?  /  76
	Antony N. Ricks, Alabama A&M University, AL
	Kim C. Roberts, Athens State University, AL
Activities for Tutor Identity Development  /  83
	Nicole I. Caswell, East Carolina University, NC
	Courtney L. Werner, Hope College, MI
The Paperless Writing Center: The Effective Paradox  /  89
	Christopher W. Thurley, Gaston College, NC
Curricular and Pedagogical Intersectionalities  /  95
	Mary Christianakis, Occidental College, CA
	Salvador C. Fernández, Occidental College, CA
	Richard Mora, Occidental College, CA
Creating a Critical Health Curriculum in Haiti  /  101
	Shewanee Howard-Baptiste, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
	Charlene E. Schmidt, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
	Betty McNulty, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
	Jamie Harvey, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
How-to Give Students Feedback with Technology  /  107
	Susan L. Zimlich, Southeastern Louisiana University
Controversy and Social Studies Teacher Education  /  113
	Christopher L. Busey, Texas State University
	Evan Mooney, Kent State University
The Problem of Simulation in Video-Chat Tutoring  /  119
	Liliana M. Naydan, Penn State Abington, PA
	Joshua Kim, Penn State University, PA
	Drake Misek, University of Michigan, MI
Promoting Effective Teaching  /  125
	Samuel Cotton, Ball Statue University
	Edward J. Lazaros, Ball State University   
	Christopher B. Davison, Ball State University
	Erica Brewer, Ball State University

KEYWORD Subject/Topic Index  /  131

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