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Winter 2013     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 17, Issue 4

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 Table of Contents
 Editorial:   Leadership and Writing Programs   /  3

Increasing Engagement through Music and Movement  / 5
	Harriet Sandberg, Arizona State University, AZ
	Hansen, Cory, Arizona State University, AZ
	Puckett, Kathleen, Arizona State University, AZ
Preservice Teachers Partner with 9th Graders  /  12
	Kathleen M. PierceRider University, NJ
Passion on Teaching Beliefs and Efficacy  /20
	Hyunjin Kim, University of Rhode Island, RI
A Relational Orientation Toward gWPA Leadership  /  28
	Crystal Broch Colombini, University of Texas at San Antonio
	Meghan A. Sweeney, University of Nevada, Reno
Writing Tutor Development Through Peer Mentoring  /  34
	Kristina Aikens, Tufts University
Age and Peer Status in Writing Center Conferences  /  40
	Courtney L. Werner, Hope College, MI
	Jessica Heffner, Kent State University, OH
On-line Tutorials: Opportunities and Challenges  /  46
	Maria Eleftheriou, UAE, American University of Sharjah
Interaction in Glocal Learner Communities Online  /  53
	Jonathan R. White, Dalarna University, Sweden
Connecting Academia with Industry: A Design Project  /  60
	Abimbola O. Asojo, University of Minnesota 
Conversation-Based Academic Leadership  /  66
	Richard F. Bowman,  Winona State University, MN
Cognition, Bilingualism and Bilingual Education  /  71
	Rafael Matielo, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina 
	Amy Heineke, Loyola University Chicago
EFL Studentsí Voices in English Assignments  /  76
	Tomomi Naka, Tottori University, Japan
	 S. Agnes Lee, Independent Researcher, USA
Distributing Leadership Across the Curriculum  /  81
	Antony N. Ricks, Athens State University, AL
Using Reflective Exercises in Tutor Training  /  87
	Peggy Johnson, Saint Maryís University, MN
Writing Centers and Graduate Student Leadership  /  93
	Elizabeth Lenaghan, Northwestern University, IL
Writing Center Leadership: an Empirical Study  /  99
	Katrin Girgensohn, European University Viadrina, Germany
Leadership as Organizing in the Writing Center  /  105
	Liliana M. Naydan, University of Michigan
Father-daughter Interaction in Shared Reading  /  111
	 Lakrisa Walker, Oklahoma State University
 	 Qiuying Wang, Oklahoma State University
Loose Lips: The Politics of Graduate WPA Work  /  117
	Anthony T. Fulton, Prince Georgeís Community College
Staying Rogue: On (Not) Having Tenure-line Status  /  123
	Crystal L. Mueller, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
The Writing Center, Transformed  /  129
	Luke Niiler, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
Donít Knock the Hustle: HBCU Writing Center Life  /  135  
	Karen Keaton Jackson, North Carolina Central University

KEYWORD Subject/Topic Index   /   142

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