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Winter 2012     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 16, Issue 4

   02 PROFESSORS,    16 ASSOC PROF,    15 ASST PROF,    02 INSTR,    05 GRAD STU,    07 OTHER

 Table of Contents

	- Issues and Trends in 21st Century Writing Centers  / 3
	- Collaboration in Education  /  5

A Model for Cross-disciplinary Collaboration    /  7
                    Pamela E. Guess, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
                    Virginia A. Magnus, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
                    Janetta Bradley, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
                    Kristi Gibbs, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Training Manuals and Reflective Practice  /  12 
	Kate Pantelides, University of South Florida, FL
	Laura A. Ewing, University of South Florida, FL
	Karen Langbehn, University of South Florida, FL
Self-Reflection on Undergraduate Teaching  /  17
	Max Kopelman, Touro College, NY
	Markus Vayndorf, Touro College, NY
Nondirective Questioning and Student Revision  /  25
	Youn-Kyung Kim, Spalding University, KY
The Mediating Lens of the Online Writing Studio  /  31
	Michelle Miley, University of Houston Writing Center
The Value of a Liberal Arts Education  /  37
	Galan M Janeksela, West Virginia University 
Collaboration in an International Classroom  /  42
	Tami S. Carmichael, University of North Dakota
	Jeffrey S. Carmichael, University of North Dakota
Writing Center Training through Triangulation  /  48
	Bonnie Devet, College of Charleston, SC
Obligations of Female Non-Traditional Students  /  53
	Carla Bates, University of Missouri
	Alejandro Morales, University of Missouri
Pedagogy, study abroad, and science literacy  /  59
	Tamie J. Jovanelly, Berry College, GA
	Julie Johnson-Pynn, Berry College, GA
Multimedia Lessons and Feedback in Online Courses  /  67
	Edward J. Lazaros, Ball State University
	Samuel Cotton, Ball State University
	Paul B. Brown, Ball State University
Field Experience in Online Education Courses  /  73
	Agnes L. DeWitt, North Carolina Central University
Reflections on Educating Effective Global Leaders  /  78
	Kristina G. Ricketts, University of Kentucky
Faculty perceptions of a new writing center  /  85
	Rula L. Diab, Lebanese American University, Lebanon
Tutoring, Jouissance, and Correction Static  /  90
	Daniel Lawson, Central College, IA
Collaborative Teaching of Technology in Literacy   /  96
	Maria Perpetua Socorro U. Liwanag,  SUNY at Geneseo
	Steve Dresbach,  SUNY at Geneseo
	Michelle Costello,  SUNY at Geneseo
A Museum, Department of Education Partnership  /  102
	Lynn Kelting-Gibson, Montana State University
	Kimberly Karsted, Montana State University
	Angela Weikert, Museum of the Rockies
Lesson Study: Collaboration for Improving Teaching  /  108
	Tamara Sniad, Temple University, PA
Getting the Writing Center into FYC Classrooms  /  113
	Kevin Dvorak, Nova Southeastern University
	Shanti Bruce, Nova Southeastern University
	Claire Lutkewitte, Nova Southeastern University
Using Media to Teach Charismatic Leadership  /  120
	Nicholas R. Brown, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma
	Penny Pennington Weeks, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma
Faculty Collaboration Between Graduate Courses  /  124
	Jan Ray, University of Hawai’i at Hilo, HI
	Darius Kalvaitis, University of Hawai’i at Hilo, HI
Pre-Service Volunteer Tutors in a Writing Center   /  130
	Erin B. Jensen, University of Utah
Advisory Board Industry-University Collaboration  /  135
	James W. Jones, Ball State University, IN
	Larry A. Roan, Ball State University, IN
Moving the e-Portfolio from Locker to Learning  /  140 
	Jodi Cressman,   Dominican University, IL
	Josephine Sarvis,   Dominican University, IL
Teaching Spatial Skills to Young Children  /  146
	Nicole Andrews, University of Houston
	Adam G. Akerson, Stephen F. Austin State University

KEYWORD Subject/Topic Index  /  151-152

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