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Winter 2011     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 15, Issue 4

Table of Contents
Editorial 1  Collaboration in Education   /  4
Editorial 2   Writing Center Theory and Practice  /  6

Differentiating Maximum Values in Writing Centers  /  8
	Janet Boyd, Fairleigh Dickinson University
	Mutiara Mohamad, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Writing Center Sustainability Through Research   /  13
	Bryna Siegel Finer: Southern Vermont College
	Jamie White-Farnham: University of Wisconsin-Superior
	Jeremiah Dyehouse: University of Rhode Island
	with the URI Writing Center Research Group[1]
Teacher training through a parent's perspective  /  19
	Lisa M. Dimling, Bowling Green State University, OH
	Mary M. Murray, Bowling Green State University, OH
	Tabatha Arton-Titus, Bowling Green State University, OH
	Leslie A. Straka, Bowling Green State University, OH
Instructor E-mail as Relational Maintenance   /  25
	Maran Subramain, Western Michigan University
	Chad Edwards, Western Michigan University
	Autumn Edwards, Western Michigan University
Collaboration: The Ultimate Solution in Conflict  /  31
	Cheryl McFadden, East Carolina University, NC
Wikipedia’s Education Program – The Pilot Project  /  36
	Jonathan A. Obar, Michigan State University
	Amy Roth, Wikimedia Foundation[1]
Gender and the Writing Center  /  41
	Tiffany Bourelle, Arizona State University
Technology-Enhanced Calculus Lectures  /  47
	Elizabeth Miller, The Ohio State University
Information Literacy in Art History   /  53   
	Rhonda L. Reymond, West Virginia University
	Beth Royall, West Virginia University
Collaboration for College Teaching Improvement  /  60
	Marilyn Lockhart, Montana State University 
Blogging in a Health Communication Class  /  66
	Roxanne Parrott, Penn State University, Pennsylvania
RefWorks as a Pedagogy of Scholarly Conversation  /  71
	Bill Gillis, The George Washington University
	Phyllis Mentzell Ryder, The George Washington University
Online Instruction for Art History Research  /  77
	Ching-Jung Chen, The City College of the City University of New York, NY
	Amrita Dhawan, The City College of the City University of New York, NY
Swing Out, Studios, and Safety: Writing as Dance  /  83
	B. Cole Bennett, Abilene Christian University
Promoting Inclusiveness in Acoustical Physics  /  88
	David T. Bradley, Vassar College
	Angela M. Kelly, Stony Brook University
Collaboration in Action: Health Care Education  /  94 
	Anne O’Riordan, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, et al…
Pedagogical Model Effects Social Change  /  100
	Lyn Dart, Texas Christian University, TX
Building a University-High School Collaboration  .  110
	Loren Spice, Texas Christian University, TX
	Sarah Quebec Fuentes, Texas Christian University, TX
150 Seconds: Opening a Writing Center Session  /  116
	Michael Mattison, Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH
E-Learning in Undergraduate General Chemistry  /  121
	Ted M. Clark, The Ohio State University
	Robert P. Griffiths, The Ohio State University
Writing Center for Credit: A Correlation Study   /  127
	Leslie Dennen, University of San Francisco
Partnering for College and Career Readiness  /  131
	Mary Beth Schaefer, St. John’s University, NY
	Lourdes M. Rivera, Queens College, NY
The Writing Center Coaching Model  /  137
	Charity S. Peak, United States Air Force Academy
	John Weathers, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Teaching Policy by Collaborating Across Borders  /  143
	Sue Winton, York University
	Katina E. Pollock, University of Western Ontario
Composing Collaboration: An Integrative Pedagogy  /  149
	Russell G. Carpenter, Eastern Kentucky University
	Leslie Valley, Eastern Kentucky University
Using a Learning Management System for Projects  /  155
	Carol Biddington, California University of Pennsylvania, PA
A Cross-Institutional Collaborative Model  /  160
	Sarah Quebec Fuentes, Texas Christian University, TX, et al…
Using The Simpsons in Visual Literacy Instruction  /  166
	Heidi Blackburn ,  Kansas State University – Salina

KEYWORD Subject/Topic Index   /  172

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