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Winter 2010     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 14, Issue 4

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-- Educational Technologies: Innovations, Experiences and Outcomes / 4
-- Learning technologies / 6

Using WordPress to Promote Digital Literacy  /  8
  Brady A. Teufel, California Polytechnic State University
Hybridity in an Independent Writing Program  /  13
 Joannah Portman-Daley, University of Rhode Island
 Jeremiah Dyehouse, University of Rhode Island
 Michael Pennell, University of Rhode Island
Web-based student data collection and assessment  /  19
 Thomas J. Bensky, California Polytechnic State University
Communication and Collaboration Among Providers  /  25  
 John Lowdermilk, University of Texas Pan American
 Cheryl W. Fielding,  University of Texas Pan American
 Leila Flores-Torres,  University of Texas Pan American
 Alonso Andrews, Autism Treatment Center of San Antonio
 Lisa Beccera, University of Texas Pan American
The Efficacy of Clickers using Enhanced Controls  /  30
 Kenneth M. Cramer, University of Windsor, Canada
 Craig Ross, University of Windsor, Canada
 Emily Orr, University of Windsor, Canada
 Ann Marcoccia, University of Windsor, Canada
New Learning Systems for a Cybernetic Culture  /  35
 Ingrad Smith, Jackson State University, Jackson, MS
 Matthew Boggan, Mississippi State University, Meridian, MS
University presidents: Leadership perceptions  /  39
 James McGlone, East Carolina University, NC
 William Mallett, East Carolina University, NC
 Cheryl McFadden, East Carolina University, NC
Teachers' Beliefs about Self-regulated Learning  /  45
 Stephen Vassallo,  American University, Washington, DC
Writing in the Ether: Moving Composition Online  /  52
 Melissa Faulkner,   Cedarville University, OH
K-12 Teacher Attitudes Towards Technology  /  57
 Maureen P. Hall, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
 Jan Bergandy, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Increasing Motivation Through Web 2.0   /  63
 Monica W. Tracey, Wayne State University, MI
 Kelly L. Unger, Wayne State University, MI
A Mixed Method Evaluation of Pediatric Simulation  /  70
 Maria N. Kelly, University of Florida
 Nicole Paradise Black, University of Florida
 Erik Black, University of Florida
 Meredith DiPietro, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
 Maureen Novak, University of Florida
Fostering Genuine Dialogue in the Classroom  /  78
 Elizabeth Root, Oregon State University
Ning applications in teaching and administration  /  86
 Silvia Rodriguez-Sabater, College of Charleston, SC
 Joseph R. Weyers, College of Charleston, SC
Elementary Preservice Teacher Attitudes   /  92
 Brian R. Evans, Pace University, NY
 Jacqueline Leonard, Temple University, PA
 Steve Ryan, Temple University, PA
 Kathleen Krier, Temple University, PA
Popular Culture at Play in Preschool Settings  /  98
 Allison Sterling Henward, University of Memphis
Collaboration in Scholarly Writing  /  105
 James W. Jones, Ball State University, IN
 Peter J. Murk, Ball State University, IN 
 Darolyn “Lyn” Jones, Ball State University, IN
Enhancing Online Learning Through Feedback  /  112
 Anita Miller, Dominican University, IL
 Doug Lia, Dominican University, IL
Academic podcasts: The student perspective  /  117
 Mark G. Urtel, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN
Online Whodunit Game Teaches Library Skills  /  123
 Janice Butler, University of Texas at Brownsville, TX
Building a Web-Based Community of Practice  /  128
 Elizabeth L. Hardman, DePaul University
Creative Leadership: Welcome to the 21st Century  /  133
 Jeffrey D. Zacko-Smith, State University of New York College 
 Gerard J. Puccio, State University of New York College
 Marie Mance, State University of New York College
Teacher/SLP Collaboration & At-risk Preschoolers  /  139
 Cheryl Herring, Valdosta State University, GA
 Lorraine Schmertzing, Valdosta State University, GA
 Richard Schmertzing, Valdosta State University, GA
Enhancing 21st Century Study Abroad  /  145
 Adrian Hull, SUNY Cortland
 Patrick McGovern, Buffalo State  - SUNY 
Scientific Literacy and its Relation to Learning  /  151
 Chun-wen Lin, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
Best Practices in Transformative Online Learning  /  157
 Mary T. Lewis, North Carolina A&T State University, NC
Effective teaching through investigative science   /  163
 Bruno Borsari, Winona State University, MN
 John Nosek, Winona State University, MN
 Matthew Halverson, Winona State University, MN
Collective knowing in practice  /  169
 Jennifer Gallo-Fox, Loyola University Maryland
Research on Green Attitudes among Educators  /  174
 Yukiko Inoue, University of Guam, Guam
Using Computer Games to Teach History  /  179
 Maria Mavrommati, University of Macedonia, Greece
 DespinaMakridou- Bousiou, University of Macedonia, Greece
Nursing technology vs preferred learning modality  /  185
 Dax Andrew Parcells, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL
 Cynthia Ann Blum, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL
Teacher Collaboration: Promises and Pitfalls  /  191
 Rae Shevalier, Metropolitan State College of Denver, CO
 Barb McKenzie, Metropolitan State College of Denver. CO
Making Leadership Development Developmental  /  197
 Jonathan Reams, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
 Camilla Fikse, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Purveying Popular Culture in Children's Books  /  202
 Brenda Dales, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

-- KEYWORD Subjecct/Topic Index  /  208-209
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