44 articles, 77 authors, 246 pages
Winter 2007     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 11, Issue 4

Authors' E-Mail Addresses

3602-6z	Developmental Principles of Self-Regulation  
	David J. Atencio, University of New Mexico
	E-mail: atencio1@unm.edu
3617-6z	Teaching Democracy Democratically
	Robert M. Press, University of Southern Mississippi
	E-mail: bob.press@usm.edu
3629-7l	Developing Digital Course Materials: Making Time
	Peter A. Maresco, Sacred Heart University, CT
	E-mail:	 marescop@sacredheart.edu
3672-7l	Library without Books, Sources without Substance
	James B. Kelley, Mississippi State University, Meridian Campus, MS
	E-mail:	 jkelley@meridian.msstate.edu
3752-7z	Practical Guide for Facilitating Online Courses
	William Miller, Pioneer Analytics LLC
	Lorrinda Khan, University of Alabama at Birmingham
	Vivian Lynn, Kean University 
	Doreen McGunagle, Global Strategic Management Solutions
	E-mail:	 dmcgunagle@globalstrategicmgmt.com
3800-7z	Inner Speech: A Neglected Pedagogical Tool
	Andrea Zakin, Lehman College, CUNY, NY
	E-mail:	 andrea.zakin@lehman.cuny.edu
3809-7z	Using Blackboard to Augment Classroom Teaching
	Laurel R. Talabere, Capital University, Columbus, OH
	E-mail:	 ltalaber@capital.edu
3814-7z	E-Portfolios: A Review of Their Role in Education
	Jennifer Baucom Myers, Florida State University
	Richard Hartshorne,  University of North Carolina at Charlotte
	E-mail:	 jennifer.b.myers@gmail.com
3818-7z	Gratifications of handheld computers 
	Tim Brown, University of Central Florida
	E-mail:	 timbrown@mail.ucf.edu
3820-7z	Surveying Capstone Courses in Political Science
	John Ishiyama, Truman State University, MO
	Paul E. Parker, Truman State University, MO
	John James Quinn, Truman State University, MO
	Candace Cartwright Young, Truman State University, MO
	E-mail:	 jishiyam@truman.edu
3822-7j	Teaching Diversity Awareness
	Carol Biddington, California University of Pennsylvania, PA
	E-mail:	  biddington@cup.edu
3834-7z	Embedded Curriculum Plans in Online Courses
	Lynn Akin, . Associate Professor
	Jeong-Mee Lee,  Assistant Professor
	E-mail:	 lakin@mail.twu.edu
3837-7j	A Scale for Measuring Motivation for Teaching
	Xiongyi Liu, University of Maine-Orono 
	Christy Horn, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
	E-mail:	 liu@umit.maine.edu
3841-7j	Reflections on media education integration
	Allison Butler,  New York University
	E-mail:	 atb221@gmail.com
3849-7z	Distance Learning: College Students’ Perspectives
	Rochelle Matthews-Somerville, Bowie State University, MD
	E-mail:	 rsomerville@bowiestate.edu
3851-7z	Development and Learning in Classroom Management 
	Hanife Akar, Middle East Technical University, Ankara
	E-mail:	 hanif@metu.edu.tr
3855-7z	Integrating Technology into a Dialectology Class
	Margarita Jara, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
	E-mail:	 margarita.jara@unlv.edu
3856-7z	Environmental Factors in Small Business Computing
	Gokhan Gercek, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, TX
	Naveed Saleem, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, TX
	E-mail:	 Saleem@uhcl.edu
3859-7z	Dealing with Anxiety and Attitudes Towards Math
	Laura Schmidt, University of Wisconsin-Stout, WI
	E-mail:	 schmidtlaur@uwstout.edu
3862-7z	Procrastination, Self-regulated Learning and Math
	Pedro Rosário, University of Minho, Portugal
	Marta Costa, University of Minho, Portugal
	Rosa Mourăo, University of Minho, Portugal
	José C. Núńez, University of Oviedo, Spain
	Julio González-Pienda, University of Oviedo, Spain
	Antonio Valle, University of A Coruńa, Spain
	E-mail:	 prosario@iep.uminho.pt
3863-7z	Cognitive Antecedents of Boredom and Frustration
	Anthony R. Artino Jr., University of Connecticut
	Jason M. Stephens, University of Connecticut
	E-mail:	 tony_artino@yahoo.com
3866-7z	Discourse in Self-Regulated Learning Instruction
	Stefanie Chye, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
	Seok Hoon Seng, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
	Woon Chia Liu, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
	E-mail:	 stefanie.chye@nie.edu.sg
3868-7z	Increasing collaboration with blog and wiki
	Ekaterina Nemtchinova, Seattle Pacific University
	E-mail:	 katya@spu.edu
3870-7z	Psychological Dynamics in Self-Regulation
	Steven C. Fleisher,  California State University, Channel Islands
	E-mail:	 steven.fleisher@csuci.edu
3879-7z	Online Strategies for Military Cadets
	Jowati Juhary, The National Defence University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
	E-mail:	 atiejay@yahoo.com
3881-7z	Sharing Power: Implications for Adult Learning 
	Mary A. Kayler, George Mason University
	E-mail:	 mkayler@gmu.edu
3882-7z	Collaborative Professional Development Project
	Karen Dunlap, Texas Woman's University
	Pat Casey, Texas Woman's University
	E-mail:	   kdunlap@mail.twu.edu
3883-7z	Teaching History of Masculinity in Bulgaria
	Stefan Detchev, South-West University, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
	E-mail:	 stdetchev@yahoo.com
3887-7z	Mapping Hunger in Maine: A Complex Collaboration
	Michelle Vazquez-Jacobus, University of Southern Maine
	David E. Harris, University of Southern Maine
	E-mail:	 mjacobus@usm.maine.edu
3899-7z	Collaborative Support for Reading First Teachers 
	Tabatha D. Scharlach, University of Central Florida
	Sandra L. Robinson, University of Central Florida
	E-mail:	 tscharla@mail.ucf.edu,
3900-7z	What goals make good grades – and why? 
	Julius Kuhl, University of Osnabrück, Germany
	Nicola Baumann, University of Osnabrück, Germany
	Miguel Kazén, University of Osnabrück, Germany
	E-mail:	 jkuhl@uos.de
3902-7z	Confronting Homophobia in High School
	Rebecca Haskell, Simon Fraser University
	Brian Burtch,  Simon Fraser University
	E-mail:	 rhaskell@sfu.ca
3903-7z	Calibration:  A Component of Self-regulation
	Peggy F. Hopper, Mississippi State University
	Dana Pomykal-Franz, Mississippi State University
	E-mail:	 pfh7@msstate.edu
3904-7z	Private School Homework Management and Attitudes
	Jianzhong Xu, Mississippi State University
	E-mail:	 jx18@colled.msstate.edu
3911-7z	Tablet PCs and Engagement in Business Education
	Veronica Diaz, Maricopa Community Colleges, AZ
	Patricia McGee, The University of Texas at San Antonio, TX
	E-mail:	 veronica.diaz@domail.maricopa.edu
3915-7z	Self-regulated Learning in Online Students
	Sandra M. Harris, Troy University Montgomery, AL
	Rebecca R. Jacobson, Troy University Montgomery, AL
	E-mail:	  smharris@troy.edu
3916-7z	Women Clergy and their Stained-Glass Ceiling 
	Stephanie Vertrees, Ball State University
	Susan Klingel-Dowd, Ball State University
	Thalia Mulvihill, Ball State University
	E-mail:	 snvertrees@bsu.edu
3917-7z	Heteronormativity in Queer as Folk and The L Word
	Amanda O. Latz, Ball State University, IN
	Thalia M. Mulvihill,  Ball State University, IN
	E-mail:	 aolatz@bsu.edu
3918-7z	Self-regulation in the design process
	María Guadalupe Neve Ariza, Universidad Madero, Puebla, Mexico
	E-mail:	 guadalupe.neve@gmail.com
3919-7z	Web-Based Simulation of Color Vision Deficiencies 
	C. Bruce Warner, Pittsburg State University, Kansas
	Stephen Oross, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
	E-mail:	 cwarner@pittstate.edu
3921-7z	Virtual Citizens: Online Service Learning
	Laura Bolin Carroll, Abilene Christian University, TX
	B. Cole Bennett, Abilene Christian University, TX
	E-mail:	 laura.carroll@acu.edu
3924-7z	Designing an Online Community 
	Kevin Clark, George Mason University, VA
	E-mail:	 kclark@gmu.edu
3931-7z	Impact of Gender on Pre-tenure Experiences
	Lora Helvie-Mason, Southern University at New Orleans, LA
	Thalia Mulvihill, Ball State University, IN
	E-mail:	  helviemason@gmail.com
3933-7z Teaching Community Collaboration in Academia 
	Elaine T. Jurkowski, Southern Illinois University Carbondale,  IL
	Charla J. Lautar, Southern Illinois University Carbondale,  IL	
	E-mail:	  etjurkow@siu.edu
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