Winter 2003     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 7, Issue 4


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Teaching Environmental Literature  /  5


A Novel Understanding of Ecology  /  7
                    Colin C. Irvine, Augsburg College, MN

Ecocritical Approaches to Renaissance Literature  /  12

            Ken Hiltner, Harvard University, MA

Tapping Multiple Voices in Writing Center Assessment  /  16

            Emily Donnelli, University of Kansas

            Kristen Garrison, University of Kansas

Shared Insights from University Co-Teaching  /  23

            Greg Conderman, Northern Illinois University

            Bonnie McCarty, College of Charleston, SC

The Nature of Knowledge in Web-Based Learning Environments  /  28

            Jan Fernback, Temple University, PA

The TOP System for Environmental Management Instruction  /  33

            Chong-Tek Aik,  Walden University, MN

            I. Charles Ulinwa,  Walden University, MN

            Duane C. Tway, Walden University, MN

Wordsworth’s Environmental Ethics  /  38

            Charles D. Harrington, Indiana University South Bend

Green Guilt and the University Classroom  /  42

            Teddi Chichester Bonca. California State University, Fullerton

Ecological Conscience in Hopkins’s “God’s Grandeur”  /  48

            William Wright, Sam Houston State University, TX

Ranging Widely to Find Home  /  53

            Patrick D. Murphy, University of Central Florida

Teaching Environmental Imagination   /  58

                William W. Stowe, Wesleyan University, CT

Environmentalism in the Creative Writing Classroom  /  62

            Diana C. Archibald, University of Massachusetts Lowell, MA

Writing Like a Transcendentalist  /  67

            Cheryl C. Smith, Baruch CollegeCUNY, NY

Teaching American Environmental Literature Abroad  /  72

            Rick Van Noy, Radford University, VA

Environmental Ethics in the College Composition Classroom  /  76

            Norbert Schürer, California State University, Long Beach

Exploring the Ecology of Food Choice  /  80

            Jasia Chitharanjan, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Pope and the Rhetoric of Natural Phenomena  /  84

            Roseanne S. Carrara, The University of Toronto

Beyond the Text: Literary Field Studies  /  88

            Corey Lewis. University of Nevada

Collaborative Teaching and Ecological Literacy  /  93

            Stephen Johnson, William Penn University, IA

            Mary Stark,  Central College, IA

Timely, Again:  Tolkien’s Fantastic Ecology  /  97

            Lucas P. Niiler, University of Texas at Tyler


Exploring Environmental Literature Using Electronic Portfolios  /  102

            Katherine Chandler,  St. Mary's College of Maryland

            Sarah C. Magruder,  St. Mary's College of Maryland

            Kerie L. Nickel ,  St. Mary's College of Maryland

Teaching Ethnic American Literary Anthologies  /  107

            Rachel Leah Jablon, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 

Re-Certification of Temporary Certified Teachers  /  112

            Joaquin Villegas,  Northeastern Illinois University

Demystifying Inflectional push-pull in ESL Pedagogy  /  116

            Leketi Makalela, Michigan State University

Computers and Students with Learning Disabilities  /  121

            Kathy Hoover, California State University, Fullerton

Simultaneous Renewal: When Interns Serve As Substitutes  /  126

            Bea Naff Bailey, Clemson Univeristy, SC

            Dorothy Justus Sluss, Clemson University, SC

Emerging Learning Environments: Enhancing the Online Community  /  131

            Caroline M. Crawford, University of Houston-Clear Lake, TX

Guidelines for Communicating with our Most Elderly  /  136

            James L. Giordano, LaGuardia Community College

            E.L. Deckinger,  formerly of St. John’s University, NY

Extending School-to-College Programs  /  142

            Linda Serra Hagedorn, University of Southern California

            Andrew Chlebek,  University of Southern California

            Hye Sun Moon,  University of Southern California

Mercy’s I.C.P. Program Meets the Challenge  /  147

            Esther Wermuth, Mercy College, NY

            Murray Bromberg, Mercy College, NY

Metacognitive Awareness: Investigating Theory and Practice  /  151

            Nancy L. Joseph, Oakland University, MI

Collaboration Across Early Childhood Special Education  /  157

            Diana Martinez Valle-Riestra, University of Miami, FL

            Robin Shane, University of Miami, FL

            Liz Rothlein, University of Miami, FL

Reading and Auditory Processing Collaborative Project  /  162

            Martha J. Larkin, State University of West Georgia

            Cathleen Doheny, State University of West Georgia

            Donna M. Harkins, State University of West Georgia

            Daniel H. Sisterhen, State University of West Georgia

Information Competency for Adult Reentry Students  /  166

            Lorrie A. Knight, University of the Pacific, CA

            A. Craig Hawbaker, University of the Pacific, CA

Moving Toward Collaborative Practices in Education  /  171

            Judy Lombardi, California State University, Northridge

            David Kretschmer, California State University, Northridge

            Nancy Burstein, California State University, Northridge

Enticing Faculty to Library Instruction Workshops  /  176

            Allison V. Level, Colorado State University

            Catherine L. Cranston, Colorado State University

Lesson Study: A New Model of Collaboration  /  180

            Tad Watanabe, Pennsylvania State University

Increasing Information Competence in Medical School Faculty  /  185

            Rena A. Sheffer,  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


Awakening Preservice Teachers’ Awareness of Privilege  /  189

            Joyce Herbeck, Montana State University

Course Design For An Introductory Science Course  /  194

            Calvin Kalman, Concordia University, Canada

Grammar for Teachers: Attitudes and Aptitudes  /  199

            Melvin J. Hoffman, Buffalo State University College, NY

Frauds, Hoaxes and Pseudoscience:  A Course in Argumentation  /   204

            Martha D. Patton, University of Missouri-Columbia

Applying Learning Styles in an Online Course  /  209

            Mahnaz Moallem, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Writing Center Theory and Tutoring Pedagogy Disjunction  /  215

            Christine M. Burlaga, California State University, San Bernardino

            Kimberly A. Costino, California State University, San Bernardino

Second Language Literacy and Communicative Activity   /  220

            Miguel Mantero, The University of Alabama

Getting Started with ICT blended learning   /  225

            Anita Pincas, University of London, UK

            Gunter Saunders, University of Westminster, UK

Multimedia Learning Environments for Early Readers  /  229

            Robert Zheng, Temple University, PA

            Claudia Smarkola, Temple University, PA

Addressing Collegiate Adjunct Faculty Information Needs  /  233

            Richard Wisneski, Kent State University, OH

Science curriculum reform for education majors  /  237

            Mary Crowe, Coastal Carolina University

            Teresa Burns, Coastal Carolina University

In Praise of a Structuralist Pedagogy  /  241

            Marc Lombardo, Claremont Graduate University, CA

Teaching Conflict through Multiple Rhetorical Stances  /  245

            Nancy L. Chick,  University of Wisconsin

Crisis-Response Discourse of Prospective Teachers  /  250

            Tetyana Koshmanova,  Western Michigan University, MI

            Candice C. Carter, University of Northern Florida, FL

            Nadia Hapon,  Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine

Motivating Perspective Taking through Oral Performance  /  256

            Sally O. Hastings, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Problems in the Writing Center  /  261

            Kathryn Evans, University of San Francisco

Teaching the 9/11 Tragedy and the Arts  /  269

            John Paul M. Kanwit, Indiana University, Bloomington

The Rhetoric of Online Conferencing   /  273

            Steven J. Corbett, University of Washington

            George L. Dillon, University of Washington

Writing Centers: The Student Retention Connection  /  277

            Gary Griswold, California State University, Long Beach

Successful Service Learning:  The Inside Track  /  282

            Barbara J. Limbach,  Chadron State College, NE

Making Neuroscience Simple by Promoting Metacognition  /  286

            Jan M. Hondzinski, Louisiana State University

Professional Development: Starting University District Partnerships  /  292

            Darra Pace, Hofstra University, NY

            Dolores T. Burton, New York Institute of Technology


Providing Scientific Information to Children with Dyslexia  /  299

            Debby Zambo, Arizona State University West

Designing Instructional Technology for Language Learning  /  305

            Jonita Stepp-Greany, Florida State University

James Baldwin: America's Native Son  /  311

            Frank Louis Rusciano, Rider University, NJ

Being Lucky— Virtual Performative Speech Acts  /  316

            A.R. Ross, Oxford University, UK


Teaching Mindfully: Discerning Vocation and Call  /  320

Keyword Subject Index  /  322