From the Editor:

Readers, authors and virtual wanderers, welcome to the journal website of Academic Exchange Quarterly (AEQ). You will find much to read and note on this website, but the variety of postings and online material may be a bit daunting for the first-time visitor. Allow me to share a bit of history with you, guide you to some key links, and encourage you to take a bit of time to explore the website.

History and Mission

Academic Exchange Quarterly, begun ten years ago as a traditional publishing print-format journal with key editors from the same college, will celebrate its 10th anniversary in Fall 2007. Currently, articles from Academic Exchange Quarterly are available in four formats: print, online, digital, and HTML version. Due to this journal's virtual organizational structure, AEQ editors and authors come from all fifty states and forty-four foreign countries.

If you want a bit of the journal’s history, please visit for a brief account of our background. Academic Exchange Quarterly is dedicated to the presentation of ideas, research, methods, and pedagogical theories leading to effective instruction and learning regardless of level or subject. We are an independent double-blind-peer-reviewed print journal, a customer-driven academic journal. Additionally, as noted above, we also publish key articles online. You can check out Editor’s Choice, Readers’ Choice, and back issues for a variety of online published manuscripts, and you can order back issues of your favorite key topics. We have a webpage in which we have included key contacts and guidelines “at a glance” for specific help to readers, authors, editors, or interested business leaders.


The Keywords are the basis around which issues are published and manuscripts are accepted, and they relate to the topical areas to which one might consider submitting a manuscript. This year our editorial staff will review the Keywords to ascertain which we may want to keep, drop, combine, and what possible topics we may want to add. Readers can help in this area by suggesting possible topics and considering becoming reviewers or feature editors. Please take some time to explore the various keywords, those you have an interest in as well as topics that may be tangential to your discipline. You will be surprised at the links you might form with colleagues in various disciplines. Begin with the School Index: and enjoy your journey.

Manuscript Submission

After you know where you may want to send your manuscript, wander over to the guidelines for submission: The guidelines are very explicit and thorough, but may take a bit of time to process. Time spent here in the short term will help you expedite the acceptance of your manuscript in the long term. If you have questions about your topic and its appropriateness for a specific issue or key topic, please share your questions and ideas with the topic’s feature editor. If the editor can answer your topical questions, he or she will be glad to. They cannot, however, promise acceptance of your manuscript, or answer specific formatting questions. Decisions for manuscript acceptance are the purview of the reviewers, and formatting questions, beyond the information posted online, are answered by AEQ staff.

One of our most popular features is the “track-your-submission” page. You will be able to follow the complete process of your manuscript from the onset of your submission to final publication. You will want to check out this page.


In addition to submitting your manuscripts for publication in AEQ, we want you to consider becoming involved as a reviewer or feature editor. The main page, has links to lead you to information about many facets of the journal, in addition to editing and reviewing.

Now that you have taken the time to read this “Welcome,” please continue to explore the many options of Academic Exchange Quarterly. You may get “off course” roaming around the website; I do all the time. You will wander off in a variety of directions, away from your original quest; I do all the time. If you have a sense of adventure, however, continue to peruse. You will learn a great deal about the journal, but, more importantly, you will acquire knowledge about teaching and learning, and learn about opportunities to share ideas and research about teaching and learning.

Thank you. We are pleased you decided to consider Academic Exchange Quarterly, the journal devoted to ideas, research, methods, and pedagogical theories leading to effective instruction and learning. As we state on our main page, we want to share experience and expand knowledge---one teacher at a time. Consider joining us after your explorations, as a subscriber, an author, a reviewer, a feature editor.


JoAnn Danelo Barbour, Ph.D.
Editor, Academic Exchange Quarterly
Feature Editor, Teaching Leaders/Teaching Leadership

21 May 2007

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