Mission & Vision
At Academic Exchange Quarterly, ISSN 1096-1453, it means continuous planning, goal
setting, implementation, evaluation of performance and improvement based upon findings.

This quarterly, is dedicated to the presentation of ideas, research, methods, and pedagogical theories leading to effective instruction and learning regardless of level or subject.

Academic Exchange Quarterly, AEQ, independent double-blind-peer-reviewed print journal, a customer-driven academic print/ paper publication in a virtual organization environment, aims to have staff and administration:
-- friendly, accountable, and responsive tto readers' and authors' needs
-- clear, where decisions are made via opeen and transparent process described on journal's website
-- knowledgeable, appointed on merit
-- relatively non-hierarchical, where workk is goal focused and responsibility driven.
  • We publish 21-35 refereed articles per paper/print issue, see see bottom of AEQ portal page
    plus Editors' Choice an open access publication
  • Journal's independent status assures acceptance rate to be based on merit and not favor, bias, or personal preference.
  • Despite objection by some, Academic Exchange Quarterly recognises the benefits of double-blind-peer-review submission process. Read details: What AEQ reviewers do & Why some remain anonymous.
  • Our track-your-submission, manuscript review status fully updated daily, is second to none. Each submission goes thru rigorous double-blind-peer-review and editorial evaluation, 3-4 readings per submission.
  • The journal's thousand of authors and titles from all-around-the-world, will inspire your creativity and benefit your students without compromising good teaching norms. Teaching should be a joy, not a test of your nerves. No wonder, articles in Academic Exchange Quarterly consistently have been evaluated as highly effective practical examples of college teaching and learning.
  • We build relationships... since 1997, see historical sketch, aiming to maintain and enhance the quality of staff recruited.
  • At Academic Exchange Quarterly, we do more than put together an academic journal.   We foster education and career growth... No wonder, college centers such as
    • Academic Professional Development Center
    • Center for the Enhancement of Teaching Learning
    • Center for Instructional Development
    • Center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning
    • Center for Teaching Excellence
    • Faculty Development Center
    use print edition of AEQ to support their teaching enhancement efforts.

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February 2012