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Summer 2016     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 20, Issue 2

    Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Guest Editorial:    Social media as a subject of classroom inquiry  /  3
	Alison Fisher Bodkin,   James Madison University, VA 
Speaking Scenarios and L2 French Composition  /  5
	Levilson C. Reis, Otterbein University, OH
Manuscript Proxemics in Writing Center Sessions  /  14
	W. Gary Griswold, California State University, Long Beach
A Learner-Centered Approach to Teaching Literacy  /  22  Two figures in PDF
	Max Kopelman, Touro College, NY
Students’ Perceptions of Instructional iPads  /  32
	Cindy S. York, Northern Illinois University
	Patrick R. Lowenthal, Boise State University
	Kathleen B. Fabrikant, Armstrong State University
	Hayley J. Mayall, Northern Illinois University
Essentials of a Public Library Marketing Plan  /  40
	Marwin Britto, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Student Rights in the Educational Setting  /  49
	Mary Pat Stemnock, Ball State University, IN
	Catherine Dallman, Ball State University, IN
	Edward J. Lazaros, Ball State University, IN
Service-learning and perceptions of homelessness   /  54
	Tabitha Hart, San Jose State University, CA
	Felipe Gómez, San Jose State University, CA
	Priya Raman, San Jose State University, CA
Reconsidering Educational Consumerism  /  60
	Roy Schwartzman, University of North Carolina
The Art of Excellent College Teaching  /  68
	Marilyn Lockhart, Montana State University  
Developmental Mentoring:  Connecting the Dots  /  75
	Joyce W. Fields, Columbia College, SC
	Ned S. Laff, Governors State University
	Robin F. Rosenthal, Columbia College, SC
Co-authorship: A Teacher-Student Collaboration  /  86
	Tara B. Perry, Western Washington University
	Anna Eblen, Western Washington University
	Brian Launius, Western Washington University
	Hayley Peterson, Western Washington University
Backward Design for High-Stakes Achievement  /  95
	Stacy Furness, University of Wisconsin, River Falls
	Brenda Wright, University of Wisconsin, River Falls
English learners’ use of listening strategy  /  101
	Yi Chun Liu, Chia Nan University, Taiwan
	Fuhui Tong, Texas A&M University, TX 
Career Skills and the Canons of Rhetoric  /  107
	Eryn Travis, West Chester University, PA
	Timothy Brown, West Chester University, PA
The Music Center in an Early Childhood Classroom  /  112
	Jinyoung Kim, College of Staten Island, NY
Experiential Learning via Scenario Enactments   /  118
	Denise McDonald, University of Houston – Clear Lake
Public Schools and Students with Disabilities  /  124
	Martin G. Brodwin, California State University
	Steven C. Fleisher, California State University
Teaching Future Leaders Reward Behavior  /  132 
	Penny Pennington Weeks, Oklahoma State University
	William G. Weeks, Oklahoma State University
Service-Learning Case Studies: Lessons from Design  /  137 
	Abimbola O. Asojo, University of Minnesota

KEYWORD  /  143
Editors' Choice an open access publication     Zeitgeist Essay - challenging issues that arise in classes     How-to-essay      Sound Instruction Series
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