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Summer 2011     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 15, Issue 2

Table of Contents
	-  Student Perceptions, Beliefs, or Attitudes  / 4
	-  Games and simulations in education  /  6

Communication Ethics and Authentic Discourse  /  8
	Robert L. Ballard, University of Waterloo, ON, Canada
The research on games and instructional design  /  14
	Alan Foley, Syracuse University, NY
	Nilay Yildirim, Syracuse University, NY
Teaching Lean Construction with Games  /  21
	Somik Ghosh, Virginia Tech, VA
	Suchismita Bhattacharjee, Ball State University, IN
Simulation: Realistic Cultural Encounters  /  27
	Beatrice Kastenbaum, Arizona State University, AZ
	Debra Hagler, Arizona State University, AZ
	Ruth Brooks, Arizona State University, AZ
	Ester Ruiz, Arizona State University, AZ
Discovering the Power of Discretionary Leadership  /  33
	Richard F. Bowman, Winona State University
Non-Cognitive Variables: Key to College Success?  /  40 
	R.D. Nordgren, National University, CA
	Marius Boboc, Cleveland State University, OH
	Felice Willis, Bedford School District, OH
Informing Validity in Higher Education Assessment  /  45
	Jessica L. Jonson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
Urban Community College Athletics  /  51
	Katherine M. Conway, CUNY
	Ginelle John, New York University
	Frances Stage, New York University
A Serious Game Compared to a Traditional Training  /  58
	Ulrich Wechselberger,  University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany
Support For Faculty Working With At-risk Students  /  64
	Hazel M. Carter, Ph.D., City College of New York, NY
Cross-cultural learning program   /  70
	Yehuda Peled, Western Galilee and Ohalo Academic Colleges
	Gloria Dunnivan, Kent State University, OH
Math Attitude and Performance in College  /  75
	Parveen Ali, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, PA
	Susan Dawkins, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, PA
Heterosexual Narrative—Querying Discipline Norms  /  82
	Jana Bouwma-Gearhart, University of Kentucky
Teaching Students Plain Data Analysis  /  90
	Gary M. Klass, Illinois State University
Social Studies Scavenger Hunts  /  96
	Karen Johnson, West Chester University, PA
Using the Wiki in the college classroom  /  103
	Scott A. Richmond, University of Denver
	Patric R. Spence Western Michigan University
	Brian D. Fuller, Calvin College
Toni Morrison and the Re-imagination of History  /  109
	John Ambrosio, Ball State University, IN
Student Perceptions of Schooling and Society  /  115
	F. Neil Mathews, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
 Goal Setting: So What’s The Big Deal Anyway?  /  120
	Renee Mudrey-Camino, The University of Akron
	Nicholas R. Joyce,   The University of Akron
A Personal Political Moment: Aristotle’s Ethos  /  126
	Melissa Tombro, Fashion Institute of Technology, NY
Use of  VR simulations as a pedagogical tool   /  133
	Sinclair Jeter,  University of the District of Columbia, DC
Play Education Video Games on Their Terms  /  140
 	Wendi M. Kappers, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, FL
Gamification in Education: What, How, Why Bother?  /  146
	Joey J. Lee, Teachers College Columbia University, NY
	Jessica Hammer, Teachers College Columbia University, NY
Instructor Self-Disclosure in the Classroom  /  152
	Erica J. Gannon, Clayton State University
Discussing Conflicts through Deliberation  /  158
	Seong-Jae Min, Pace University, NY

KEYWORD Subject/Topic Index   /  162-163

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