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	Gender  Studies   /   4
	Teaching Leadership  /  5
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Graphic Novels:  From Popular Culture to Pabulum?  /  8
	Gretchen Schwarz, Oklahoma State University
              E-mail:  gretchen.schwarz@okstate.edu     
Considerations for Creating Paper-Pencil Tests  /  14
	Renee Robinson, Saint Xavier University, Chicago, IL
              E-mail:  robinson@sxu.edu
The Standards and Middle Level Social Studies   /  20 4379-table-1.jpg  4379-table-2.jpg  4379-table-3.jpg  
	Patricia Piver, Spadoni College of Education, Coastal Carolina University
	Austin M. Hitt, Spadoni College of Education, Coastal Carolina University
              E-mail:  piver@coastal.edu
Measuring the World in Content-Based ESL  /  26
	Karin Lundberg, Hostos Community College (CUNY), NY
	Zvi Ostrin, Natural Sciences Dept., Hostos Community College (CUNY), NY
              E-mail:  klundberg@hostos.cuny.edu
Social Action Projects  /   32  4369-table-1.jpg   4369-table-2.jpg 
	Denise Blum,  Oklahoma State University
              E-mail:   d.blum@okstate.edu
Understanding International YA Literature  /  38  table 
	Janine M. Schall, University of Texas-Pan American
              E-mail:  jschall@utpa.edu
Deliberative Leadership in University Governance   /  44
	Chun-wen Lin, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
              E-mail:  lin.chunwen@msa.hinet.net
Infusing Leadership in Teacher Education Programs  /   50
	Melody D’Ambrosio Deprez, Ed.D., Georgetown College, KY
              E-mail:  melody_deprez@georgetowncollege.edu
Collaboration: An Exercise in Systems Thinking  /   55  table 
	Sylvia L. M. Martinez, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
	Joseph D. Wehrman, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
	Rhonda Williams, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
              E-mail:  smartin2@uccs.edu
Mentors Increasing Special Education Retention   /   61
	Michael J. Humphrey, Boise State University, Boise, ID
	Evelyn S. Johnson, Boise State University, Boise, ID
	Keith W. Allred, Boise State University, Boise, ID
	Jack J. Hourcade, Boise State University, Boise, ID
              E-mail:   michaelhumphrey@boisestate.edu
Outcome Study in a Constructivist Career Course  /   66  table 
	Tabitha L. Grier-Reed, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
	Zoila M. Ganuza, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
              E-mail:  grier001@umn.edu
Student Voice in Statistics  /   72
	Ayesha Delpish, Elon University, NC 
              E-mail:  adelpish@elon.edu
Teacher Leadership: Amplifying Teachers’ Voices  /   78
	Cynthia Onore, Montclair State University
	Jennifer Goeke, Montclair State University
	Monica Taylor, Montclair State University
	Emily Klein, Montclair State University
            E-mail:  onorec@mail.montclair.edu
Gay and Lesbian School Leaders of Color  /   84
	Sophia Jones-Redmond, Chicago State University, IL
              E-mail:  sjredmond16@hotmail.com  
Teaching Leaders to Use Research  /   91
	Scott C. Bauer, George Mason University
	S. David Brazer, George Mason University
              E-mail:  sbauer1@gmu.edu
Integrating Literacy in Content Classrooms   /   97
	Dolores Perin, Teachers College, Columbia University
	Margaret Crocco, Teachers College, Columbia University
	Anand Marri, Teachers College, Columbia University
	Jessica Riccio, Teachers College, Columbia University
	Ann Rivet, Teachers College, Columbia University
	Beth Chase, Teachers College, Columbia University
              E-mail:  perin@tc.edu
Introducing Leadership Styles in a PBL Exercise  /   106  table 
	Linda Greef Mullen, Georgia Southern University
	Michael Lee Thomas, Georgia Southern University
              E-mail:  lgmullen@georgiasouthern.edu
Am I Willing? Addressing LGBTQ Issues   /   111
	Christa Boske, Kent State University, Ohio
              E-mail:  cboske@kent.edu
Lessons Learned with Partnerships  /  118
	Cheryl L. Evans, University of Central Oklahoma
	James Machell, University of Central Oklahoma
	Dana DeLong, University of Central Oklahoma
	J. Kirk Webster, University of Central Oklahoma
	Katherine Hughes, Mid-Del School District
	Don Wilson, Mid-Del School District
	Pam Deering, Mid-Del School District
	Bill Scoggan, Mid-Del School District
              E-mail:  cevans20@uco.edu
Fostering Respect in the Graduate Classroom  /   126  table 
	Kimberly A. Kline, SUNY College at Buffalo, NY 
	Megan Moore Gardner, University of Akron, OH
	Hermen Diaz, DePauw University, IN
              E-mail:  klineka@buffalostate.edu
Female Students as Online Learners  /  132
	Noreen Powers, DePaul University, IL
              E-mail:  norpowers@sbcglobal.net
Parenting, Self-Regulation, and School Adjustment   /  140   
	Pai-Lin Lee, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science, Taiwan
	Douglas Hamman, Texas Tech University, TX
              E-mail:  orientalpai@yahoo.com  
Creative Women: An Artist and Engineer’s Story  /  149
	Susan Keller-Mathers, Buffalo State College
              E-mail:  kellersm@buffalostate.edu
Guiding Students As They Learn to Lead  /  155
	Carolyn D. Roper, Purdue University North Central, IN
              E-mail:  croper@pnc.edu
International Student College Choice Factors  /  161
	William Mallett, East Carolina University, NC
	Cheryl McFadden, East Carolina University, NC
              E-mail:  mallettw@ecu.edu
“Did I Miss Anything?” What Students Mean.  /  167
	Victoria M. Time, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia
              E-mail:  vtime@odu.edu  
Teaching Shakespeare in Hong Kong  /  175
	Clayton G. MacKenzie, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)
              E-mail:  mackenzi@hkbu.edu.hk
Student Interest in International Opportunities  /  180
	Chris Moos,  Missouri Southern State University, Joplin,
	Alex Vernon,  Missouri Southern State University, Joplin
              E-mail:  moos-c@mssu.edu
Leadership Profiles of College Professors  /  186  table 
	Maude S. Yacapsin, Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA
              E-mail:   myacapsi@bloomu.edu
Analyzing Urban Space in Invisible Cities   /  192
	Dean Swinford, Fayetteville State University
              E-mail:   dswinfor@uncfsu.edu
Achieving Learner Autonomy Using the Internet  /  198  table 
	Ruth Reynard, Career Education Corporation, IL
              E-mail:  rreynard@careered.com

KEYWORD Subject Index  /  204-205

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