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Summer 2005     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 9, Issue 2

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Table of Contents
The 8th Anniversary  /  5
Teaching Leadership and Teaching Leaders  /  6

Leadership Preparation in Dangerous Times  /  7
	Nancy B. Mansberger, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo
The Mirror Crack’d-History Reflected by Hollywood  /  11
	Paul D’Amboise,  no current affiliation  
	Avery Plaw, Concordia University, Canada
Writing Under the Bodhi Tree   /  16
	Erec Smith, Drew University, NJ 
Conflict Resolution and Group Work  /  22
	Brian K. Payne, Old Dominion University, VA
	Melvina Sumter, Old Dominion University, VA
	Elizabeth Monk-Turner, Old Dominion University, VA 
History, Enriched Lectures, and Pedagogy  /  27
	Patrick Anthony Cavaliere,  , University of New Brunswick, Canada
Perceptions of Research and Its Link to Teaching  /  32
	Long Peng, State University of New York at Oswego
Determination of Economics Student Performance  /  37
	Morehouse College, GA 
Can Challenging Classes Also be Enjoyed?  /  41 table
	Amy Schweinle, University of South Dakota
	Sharon L. Nelson, University of South Dakota
Crisis in Information Literacy   /  46
	Ann Jabro, Robert Morris University, PA
	Jacqueline Corinth, Robert Morris University, PA
School Technology Leadership: Theory to Practice  /  51
	Joan E. Hughes, University of Minnesota
	Scott McLeod, University of Minnesota
	Amy Garrett Dikkers, University of Minnesota
	Barry Brahier, University of Minnesota
	Aimee Whiteside, University of Minnesota
Factors in Learning Second Language and Culture  /  56 table
	Marjo Mitsutomi, University of Redlands, CA
	VernaLynn McDonald, University of Redlands, CA
Problem-based Curriculum Development for Leaders  /  62
	Sue Poppink, Western Michigan University
Rewards and Motivation in the Classroom  /  67
	Judy Cameron, University of Alberta, Canada
	W. David Pierce, University of Alberta, Canada
Major Approaches to the Study of Leadership  /  71
	Cheryl McFadden, , East Carolina University
	Richard Eakin, East Carolina University
	Susan Beck-Frazier, East Carolina University
	James McGlone, East Carolina University
Technology Choices for Leadership Classrooms  /  76
	S. David Brazer, George Mason University, VA
	Brett Sparrgrove, George Mason University, VA
	Peter Garvey, Fairfax County Public Schools, VA
Leader as Teacher: Conversations to Grow Teams  /  81
	JoAnn Danelo Barbour, Ph.D., Texas Woman’s University
	Deana Dynis Harrell, M.Ed., Texas Woman’s University 
The Library Game: Engaging unengaged freshmen  /  86 
	Eric Ackermann, Radford University, VA
	Candice Benjes-Small, Radford University, VA
	Lisa Vassady, Radford University, VA
Helping Teachers Become Transformational Leaders  /  90  
	Kathy Adams, Wright State University, OH
	Grant Hambright, Wright State University, OH
Integrating Music in History Education  /  94
	Cameron White, University of Houston, TX
Achievement Calibration and Causal Attributions  /  99 table
	L. Garavalia, University of Missouri - Kansas City
	E. Olson, University of Missouri - Kansas City
	S. Comeau, University of Missouri - Kansas City
From Small Step to Giant Leap in Research Ability  /  104
	Niki Young, California State University, Stanislaus
	Amy Andres, California State University, Stanislaus
Leading Leaders: Lessons From the Field  /  109 
	Helen A. Friedland, Ed.D, New Jersey City University
Morbid Fascination: Teaching the History of Death  /  115
	Laura Cruz, Western Carolina University
Enhancing Consensus-Building through Technology  /  120
	Marwin Britto, Central Washington University, WA
	Sarah Britto, Central Washington University, WA
	Sue Carter Collins, Georgia State University, GA
Teaching Teachers to Lead: Some Lessons  /  125
	Scott C. Bauer, George Mason University, VA
	Juanita Haydel, University of New Orleans, LA
	Caroline Cody, Cody Associates, LA
Genres and Library Skills: A Topical Approach  /  131
	Susan E. Russell, University of Oklahoma
Inspiring College Writers with Web Portfolios  /  136
	Stephen A. Raynie, Gordon College
Teachers Blossom into New Leadership Roles  /  141
	Jo Clay Olson, University of Colorado 
Conflict Management and the Prospective Principal  /  146
	Michael J. Anderson, University of Texas at Arlington
Expanding Library Instruction to the Web Portal  /  151
	Christopher V. Hollister, University at Buffalo
	Hugh W. Jarvis, University at Buffalo
Improving the Research Paper in Theatre History  /  156
	Davida Bloom, SUNY Brockport
Learning a Second Language through Music   /  161
	K.  Sarah-Jane Murray, Baylor University
Online Course in Two-Year Nursing Education  /  166
	Brenda Lee Krogh, Southwestern Community College
	Frankie Santos Laanan, Iowa State University
Implementing a Workshop Approach to Reading  /  173
	Frank Serafini,  University of Nevada, Las Vegas
New Assessment Technology: The PRS Alternative  /  179
	Susanna Eng, University of Southern California
	Susan Gardner, University of Southern California
Action Research in Administrative Internships  /  184
	Judith C. Houle, University of Hartford
Teaching Styles and Student Interest: Three Cases  /  188 table
	Susan Pass, Clemson University 
Text Appropriation: Spirituality and Pedagogy  /  194
	W. Keith Duffy, Pennsylvania State University, Capital College
	Duffy, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Humanities and Writing 
Sexual Harassment in Higher Education  /  201
	Diana Bruns, Bacone College, OK
	Jeff W. Bruns, Bacone College, OK
Science Literacy: a Collaborative Approach   /  205 table
	Carol McCulley, Linfield College
	John Hare, Linfield College
Teaching Environmental Literature:  An Overview  /  212
	Fred Waage, East Tennessee State University
Personality and Learning Style Connections  /  220
	Nancy C. Gilchriest, College of Notre Dame of Maryland
Principals’ Impact on Teacher Retention  /  225
	Terrence Quinn, Queens College, City University of New York
Learning from Contrasting Teams  /  230
	Patricia Ann Marcellino, Adelphi University
A Practical Lesson in Cognitive Dissonance  /  235
	Debra Wetcher-Hendricks, Moravian College
Teaching Nonviolence in Times of War  /  240
	Joseph Tse-Hei Lee, Pace University
Perceptions of Spanish Heritage and L2 Writing  /  246
	Kristi Hislope, North Georgia College and State University
Holistic Writing:  Integrated Patterns  /  251
	Cary Kamarat, Fairfax County Public Schools
Tourism English and IT Evaluation   /  257
	Alejandro Curado Fuentes, University of Extremadura, Spain 
Benefit of Self-Selecting Reading Materials  /  261
	Hsiang-Ju Ho, National Chiayi University, Taiwan 
	Cynthia C. Choi, Le Moyne College, NY
Evaluating teacher feedback in writing classes  /  265
	Cindy Gunn, The American University of Sharjah, UAE 
	John Raven, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE
Linguistics in Language Teacher Education  /  270
	Seran Dogancay-Aktuna, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
	Larry LaFond, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
An Interactive Approach to Advanced Japanese   /  275
	Toshiko Yokota, California State University, Los Angeles
Grammar: Defying Definition beyond Two Millennia  /  280
	Melvin J. Hoffman, Buffalo State University College, NY
Adjuncts Happen: Strong Faculty; Weak System  /  285
	Barbara Garii, Lesley University
	Naomi Jeffery Petersen, Indiana University South Bend
Inclusion in Northern Ireland: Cracking the Code  /  290
	Nyree McCurry, Stranmillis University College, Belfast
	Sean MacBlain, Stranmillis University College, Belfast
Preservice Teacher Efficacy: Cross-National Study  /  295
	Kathleen M. T. Collins, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Input Processing Revisited  /  300
	Antonio Gragera, Texas State University San Marcos
Helping Linguistic Minorities Read Independently  /  306
	Mayra C. Daniel, Northern Illinois University
Increasing Book Access for Latino Kindergartners  /  311
	Danny Brassell, California State University-Dominguez Hills
Reflecting on Miscues in Content Area Readings  /  316
	Michele Ebersole, University of Hawai`i at Hilo
Teaching English Language Learners: A Self-Study  /  322
	Miguel Mantero, The University of Alabama

Keyword Subject Index   /  326 - 328

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18 August 2005