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Summer 2004     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 8, Issue 2

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Articles on various topics plus the following special features:
ROTC - Character Development  /  5   
Mathematics  /  6  

The War College Experience  /  7         
	Stephen O. Fought, Air War College
An Instrument to Measure Mathematics Attitudes  /  16  
	Martha Tapia, Berry College
	George E. Marsh II, The University of Alabama
The Cosmos Corner - A Play by   /  22 
	Michael J. Bossé,    David Morrison,    Stephen Williams,    
	Brandi Nowakowski,  Kristin Arrigenna,    Laurie Davis
Introducing Islam Through Qur’anic Recitation  /  35  
	Marilyn Gottschall, Whittier College, CA
Beyond Research: Improving How We Improve Reading  /  40
	William G. Ruff, Arizona State University West
	Cory Cooper Hansen, Arizona State University West
	Karla Gable, Arizona State University West
Syllabi for Today’s College Classes   /  45 
	Joyce Herbeck, Montana State University
	Marilyn Lockhart, Montana. State University
Teaching Cadets Creative Writing On line  /  50
	Bonnie J. Robinson, North Georgia College & State University
Secondary Students’ Attitudes toward Mathematics  /  56 
	Kathryn Sánchez, Houston Independent School District
	Laurie Zimmerman, Houston Independent School District
	Renmin Ye, Houston Independent School District	
Developing the Ability of Proactive Reflection  /  61
	Matthew Eriksen, United States Coast Guard Academy
Active Learning in Macroeconomic Principles  /  66
	P. I. Mathew, United States Coast Guard Academy
Civic Education and Use of Force  /  72
	James Ellsworth, U.S. Naval War College
	Stacy Haldi, U.S. Naval War College
Student Attitudes toward Integrated Mathematics  /  77
	Denise Hill, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Literature Facilitates Content-Based Instruction  /  82 
	Gail August, Hostos Community College, City University of New York
Click and Bricks – Transforming Education  /  91
	Mary S. McCully, National Defense University, Washington, DC
	Kathleen M. Schulin, National Defense University, Washington, DC
Studying Religion in a Divided Society  /  96
	James Nelson, Stranmillis University College,  Northern Ireland.
	Norman Richardson, Stranmillis University College, Northern Ireland
Teaching Military Ethics to ROTC Cadets  /  101	
	Carlos Bertha, United States Air Force Academy
Teaching Writing in a Military College Setting  /  105
	Tanya Long Bennett, North Georgia College & State University
	Donna A. Gessell, North Georgia College & State University
	Linda Stallworth Williams, North Georgia College & State University
The Calculator’s Role in Mathematics Attitude  /  110
	Aimee J. Ellington, Virginia Commonwealth University
Mathematical Discovery: A Covariance Analysis  /  115
	Bradford D. Allen, Florida Institute of Technology
	James Carifio, University of Massachusetts-Lowell
Standards:  Mexican-American Students’ Attitudes  /  120
	James A.  Telese, University of Texas, Brownsville/Texas Southmost College
Improving Adolescent Girls’ Math Self-Perceptions  /  125
	Melissa C. Gilbert, University of Michigan
	Pamela Trotman Reid, University of Michigan
	Katie Marzolf, University of Michigan
The Relationship of Math Anxiety and Gender  /  130 
	Martha Tapia, Berry College
	George E. Marsh II, The University of Alabama
Philosophy and Ethics Education for Cadets  /  135
	Michael W. Brough, United States Military Academy
Urban Community College Transfers to a University  /  139
	Frankie Santos Laanan, Ph.D., Iowa State University
	Soko S. Starobin, M.Ed., University of North Texas
Does a Military Academy Promote Student Learning?  /  148
	Tim Turner, Australian Defence Force Academy
Teachers Learning Mathematics to Modify Pedagogy  /  153
	Janet Sharp, Montana State University-Bozeman
	Chris Ohana, Western Washington University
The West Point BattleBots Project and Competition  /  158
	Brian Gollsneider,  United States Military Academy
	Bret Van Poppel,  United States Military Academy
	Peter Hanlon, United States Military Academy
How Do You Develop Character?  /  163
	Roger Scott, United States Air Force Academy Preparatory School
Enrollment Patterns Of Community College Students  /  167
	Jaime Lester, University of Southern California
	Linda Serra Hagedorn, University of Southern California
Two Cultures in Military Education  /  173
	Alan Farrell, Virginia Military Institute
Teaching Law at West Point  /  178
	David Wallace, U.S. Military Academy
	Mark Welton, U.S. Military Academy
Early Ethics Education at  USNA  /  183
	Aine Donovan, Dartmouth College, NH
 Meeting the Needs of Students and Parents  /  187 
	Michael J. Bossé,  Morgan State University, MD 
Mathematics and Computer-Aided Learning   /  194
	Mohammad Issack Santally, University of Mauritius
	Romeenah Boojawon, Manilall Doctor State Secondary School
	Alain Senteni, University of Mauritius
Strategy Activation in Learning English Words  /  199
	Abdolmehdi Riazi, Shiraz University
	Abdolreza Alvari, Shiraz University
Teaching Analytical Frameworks  /  204
	Ladislaus M. Semali, Penn State University
Using Bibliotherapy to Overcome Math Anxiety  /  209
	Joseph M. Furner, Florida Atlantic University
Building Math Confidence for a High-tech World  /  214
	Joseph M. Furner,  Florida Atlantic University
	Barbara T. Berman,  Contra Costa County Office of Education, CA
Addressing the Needs of Lone-parent Pupils  /  221
	Sean MacBlain, Stranmillis University College, Belfast
	Martin S. MacBlain, Brislington School, Bristol, England
Contextual Images in Mathematics Problem Solving  /  226
	Ron Zambo, Arizona State University West
	Debby Zambo, Arizona State University West
Exploring Errors in College Mathematics Courses  /  231
	Lisa Clement, San Diego State University
Action Research on Student Portfolios  /  236
	Jennifer A. Borek, Ph.D., The University of Memphis
	Jerry O. Chappell, Frayser High School
Deixis and EFL Reading Comprehension  /  241
	Minoo Varzegar,  Rutgers University, New Jersey
	Ali Afkhami, Tehran University, Iran
	Mona Khabiri, Tehran University, Iran
Modified Monopoly: Experiencing Social Class Inequality  /  249
	Morten G. Ender, United States Military Academy
Peer Teaching for Life-Long Learning Skills  /  254
	Frances Miley, University of New South Wales 
Classroom Controversy: Christianity and Gay Rights  /  259
	Paul J. Levesque, California State University Fullerton
Academics and Professional Military Education  /  264 
	Janeen Klinger, Command and Staff College
Down-To-Earth Religious Education  /  269
	Mary E. Kremer,  Dominican University, IL
Moral Values for Public Education  /  274
	Daniel C. Elliott, Azusa Pacific University, CA
Christian Hercules - A new research method  /  279
	Nagy Julia, Miskolc University, Hungary

Teaching Mindfully: Encountering Student Spiritualities  /  284
Keyword Subject Index  /  285
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