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Summer 2003     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 7, Issue 2

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(1) Service-Learning     (2) Teaching the Novel and Short Fiction  

Why Teachers Should Also Write  /  2392-3l EDITORS' CHOICE
	Kate Kiefer, Colorado State University
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	Teachers should also write (7/15/2003) 
Deadline Reporting: Terrorism on September 11  /  2427-3l
	Linda Kay, Concordia University, Canada
Teaching Multiculturalism Post-9/11  /  2412-3l
	Christopher Todd Malone, Northeastern State University, OK
Diversity Research as Service Learning  /  2410-3l
	Karen L. Suyemoto, University of Massachusetts Boston
	Peter Nien-chu Kiang, University of Massachusetts Boston
Teaching Between the Genres  /  2406-3l
	Michael Cocchiarale, Widener University, PA
Communication as Critical Inquiry in Service-Learning  /  2403-3l
	Spoma Jovanovic, University of North Carolina
Using technology to enhance service-learning reflections  / 2390-3l
	Kathleen M. Nokes, Hunter College, CUNY
	Donna M. Nickitas, Hunter College, CUNY
	Robin Keida, Hunter College, CUNY
	Susan Neville, Hunter College, CUNY
Coaching a High School Science Olympiad Team  /  2388-3j
	Scott Robinson, SUNY Brockport
Beginning Teachers and Service-Learning: Lessons Learned  /  2387-3l
	Michelle Ray Cepello, California State University, Chico
	Teresa M. Davis, California State University, Chico
	Laurel Hill-Ward, California State University, Chico
Teaching K. A. Porter’s “That Tree”  /  2385-3l
	Elena Ortells Montón, University Jaume I of Castelló, Spain
Visual Literacy After 9/11  /  2384-3l
	Alison Russell, Xavier University, OH
Emergency Room Mode —A Service-Learning Case  /  2383pm
	Lee Wilberschied, University of Cincinnati, OH
	Lisa Bauer, University of Cincinnati, OH
	Carla Gerdes, University of Cincinnati, OH
Pathways to Intergenerational Understanding  /  2382-3l
	Marylin Osborne Wakefield, James Madison University, VA
	Carolyn Bartick Ericson, George Mason University, VA
Technology Professional Development: A Case Study  /  2378-3j
	Dolores T. Burton, New York Institute of Technology
Mentoring as Service-Learning for Undergraduates  /  2376-3l
	Mary Louise Cashel, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
	Clair Goodman, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
	Jane Swanson, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Service-Learning in Preservice Teacher Education  /  2375-3l
	Jeffrey B. Anderson, Seattle University, WA
	Joseph A. Erickson, Augsburg College, MN
Enriching Economics Education Though Service-Learning  /  2374-3l
	Saundra L. Wetig, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Generating Social Capital in Schools through Service-Learning  / 2367-3l
	Christopher J. Koliba, University of Vermont
Developing Just Citizens in Australia  /  2365-3l
	Jude Butcher, Australian Catholic University
	Peter Howard, Australian Catholic University
	Elizabeth Labone, Australian Catholic University
	Mark McFadden, Australian Catholic University and Charles Sturt University
	Peter W Sheehan, Australian Catholic University
Reflecting on the Good Life: An Intergenerational Dialogue  /  2364-3l
	Alberto Hernández-Lemus, Colorado College
Bridging the Gap for Pre-service Teachers  /  2358-3l
	Tami Abourezk, California State University, Northridge
	Debra L. Patterson, California State University, Northridge
Is Service Learning Making the Grade?  /  2357-3l
	Jennifer L. Romack, California State University, Northridge
Middlemarch: Martyrs to Circumstances  /  2350-3l
	Nursel Icoz, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
The Wellspring:  Historical Writing Project  /  2349-3l
	Megan McCarthy, Onekama Middle School, MI
Writing the Self through Service, a Dietetic Ethics  /  2347-3l
	Benjamin G. Lanier-Nabors, Louisiana State University
Frankenstein Meets Maslow  /  2345-3l
	Deborah Bice, Kent State University Ashtabula, OH
	Tamra Courey, Kent State University Ashtabula, OH
Novel Pedagogies  /  2342-3l
	Ruth Ann Smalley, The College of Saint Rose, NY
At War, with Shakespeare--Student Development  /  2337-3l
	Thomas J. Derrick, Indiana State University
Increasing Awareness and Understanding of Students with Disabilities  /  2336-3l
	Darra Pace, Hofstra University, NY
A Conceptual Study of Visual Training Methods  /  2329-3l
	Chong-Tek Aik, Walden University, MN
Foreign Language Anxiety and Student Attrition  /  2332-3l
	Phillip Bailey, University of Central Arkansas
	Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Howard University, Washington, DC
	Christine E. Daley, Muscogee County School District, GA
Effect of Language Program on Behavior  /  2330-3l
	Gregory J. Benner, University of Washington—Tacoma
	Paul Mooney, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Profile Of Learning Through Service: Assessment  /  2328-3l
	Carol G. Weatherford, Clemson University, SC
	Emma M. Owens, Clemson University, SC
	David E. Weatherford, Jr., Clemson University, SC
	William Fisk, Clemson University, SC
Analyzing Student Journals in a Service-Learning Course  /  2326-3l
	Robert S. Weisskirch, California State University, Monterey Bay
Learning Preferences/Instruction in General Chemistry  /  2323-3l
	John Goodwin, Coastal Carolina University, SC
	Doug Smith, Coastal Carolina University, SC
Teaching Statistics Courses: Some Important Considerations  /  2322-3l
	Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Howard University, Washington, DC
	Nancy L. Leech, University of Colorado at Denver
Values Gaps Among Faculty And Administrators  /  2320-3l
	Jeff Totten, Southeastern Louisiana University
	Laurie Desiderato, Bemidji State University, MN
	Robert Ley, Bemidji State University, MN
	Marilyn Meisenheimer, Bemidji State University, MN
Night Train's Dark Lesson  /2316-3l
	Robert Johnson,  Midwestern State University, TX
Undergraduate Research as Community Service  /  2314-3w
	Lori J. Vogelgesang, University of California Los Angeles 
	Kathy O’Byrne, University of California Los Angeles
Opera as an Intervention  for Rural Public School Children  /  2310-3w
	Pearl Yeadon McGinnis, Southwest Missouri State University
	Debra McDowell, Southwest Missouri State University
Service-Learning: Empowering Students with Special Needs  /  2309-3w
	Silva Karayan, California Lutheran University
	Paul Gathercoal, California Lutheran University
Didactics and Entertainment on Eighteenth Century Hungarian Stage  /  2307-3w
	Julia Demeter, Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary
On The Road To Education For Democracy  /  2304-3w
	Adam S. Weinberg, Colgate University, NY
Service-Learning for Understanding Human Exceptionality  /  2303-3w
	Jack Mayhew, Weber State University, UT
Community Collaboration To Support Reentry Adult Women  /  2298-3w 
	Marilyn Lockhart, Montana State University
Adopt a School  /  2295-3w
	Beth McMahon, Lock Haven University, PA
Fostering a Sense of Justice through International Service-Learning  /  2292-3w
	Kathia Monard-Weissman, Institute for Global Education and Service-Learning, PA
Role-Playing a Legend in Virtual Reality  /  2288-2z
	Xun Ge, The University of Oklahoma
	Jack Lee, formerly of Wufeng Institute of Technology, Taiwan
	Kelly A. Yamashiro, formerly of Wufeng Institute of Technology, Taiwan
Excellent Teachers: Exploring Constructions Of Teaching  /  2275-3l
	Author: R.J. Vallance, University of Notre Dame, Australia
What educators should know about HIV  /  2272-3w
	Neena Khanna, University of Kentucky
	Sonja Feist-Price, University of Kentucky
Sign Language of the Netherlands and Deaf Culture  /  2267-2z
	Beppie van den Bogaerde, Hogeschool van Utrecht, Netherlands 
	Marjan Stuifzand, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands
Appropriating Literature in Foreign Language Classrooms  /  2261-3l
	Miguel Mantero, The University of Alabama
Analysis of Literature Seminar Web Sites  /  2247-2z 
	Peter Yang, Case Western Reserve University, OH
	Jesse Hauk Shera, Case Western Reserve University, OH
Learning-Style Perceptual Preferences of Bruneian Students  /  2244-2z
	Pengiran Rahmah Pengiran-Jadid, Universiti Brunei, Brunei
Renaming the World: Freeman’s Revolt of Mother  /  2228-3l
	Ngwarsungu Chiwengo, Creighton University, NE
The Government’s Efforts to Improve Reading of Young Children  /  2225-3l
	Lea Lee, Old Dominion University, VA 
	Abha Gupta, Old Dominion University, VA
Applying Film Theory in Teaching Fiction  /  2221-3l
	Tammy Ostrander, College of St. Scholastica, MN
Teaching the Novel in Context  /  2204-3l
	Brett C. McInelly, Brigham Young University, UT
The Unteaching of Literature  /  2164-pm
	William A. Glasser former Senior Fulbright Lecturer

Service Learning: Implementation and Evaluation in a Pharmacy Curriculum  /  2405-3l
	Cynthia W. Coffey,  Mercer University,  GA
	Susan W. Miller,  Mercer University,  GA
 	Candace Barnett,  Mercer University,  GA
 	Vicky Turberville-Vega,  Mercer University,  GA
The Mind as a Novel Metaphor  /  2436-3l
	John K. Davis, California State University, Dominguez Hills
Teaching Mindfully: Learning and Teaching through Story-telling
	Heather Ann Ackley Bean,  Azusa Pacific University, CA

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