May 2002
Spring 2002     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 6, Issue 1
The scholarship of teaching and learning
Table of Contents
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Editorial: As teachers, we all do scholarship...  /  3
Exploring How Students Learn Organic Chemistry   /   4
	Linda C. Hodges, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 
	Lilia C. Harvey, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA 
High Touch  Classroom:
	Small Group Learning in Large Class Contexts 11
	Andrea Riesch Toepell, Brock University, Canada
	Nina D. Cole, Ryerson University, Canada
	Anna H. Lathrop, Brock University, Canada
Teaching as Contextualized Activity: The Actors Involved   /   16
	Galina Savukova, Columbia University, NY
Use of Student Journals to Increase Faculty and Learner Inquiry 
	and Reflection   /   21
	Marilyn Lockhart, Montana State University 
Pedagogy: A Matter of Sharing One’s Experiential Past 
	for Today’s Learning  27 
Scholarship in a University Assessment System   32a 32b 32c
	Barbara M. Moskal, Colorado School of Mines
	Barbara Old, Colorado School of Mines
	Ron L. Miller, Colorado School of Mines
This Is Just To Say  (methods of teaching poetry)   /   38
	John Gabriel, DePaul University, IL
Transitioning to Online Graduate Psychology Instruction    /   42
	Nancy A. Piotrowski, Capella University, MN 
	Bruce Fischer, Capella University, MN
	Linda Whitley Reed, Capella University, MN
	Steven V. Schneider, Capella University, MN
	Shelly Kleine, Capella University, MN
	Mary Bemker, Capella University, MN
Enhanced Informatics Instruction in Evidence-Based Medicine   49a 49b
	Anita Duhl Glicken, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
	Carol Kamin, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
	Gerald Merenstein, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been:
	Identity, Integrity and the Scholarship of Teaching   /   55
	Bruce Saulnier, Quinnipiac University, CT
Strategies for Increasing Student Participation in 
	Web-based Learning   61
	Iain R. Spears, University of Teesside, UK
	Matthew Portas, University of Teesside, UK
	Alison Pettigrew, University of Teesside, UK
Feminist Pedagogy:  Identifying Basic Principles   /   67
	Lynne M. Webb, University of Arkansas
	Myria W. Allen, University of Arkansas 
	Kandi L. Walker, University of Louisville, KY
Adjunct: The Search for an Effective Teaching Measure   /   73
	Gerard T. Seifert, St. Joseph's College, NY
Improving Student Attendance: 
	Does it Improve Student Learning?   76a 76b 76c
	Robert E. Ledman, Morehouse College, GA
	Felix Kamuche, Morehouse College, GA
Advising Diverse Graduate Student Populations: 
	The GLBT Graduate Student   /   81
	David P. Jones, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Teaching Online  and  Learn to Learn Online:  
	Two Sides of the Same Coin?   /   86
	Shalin Hai-Jew, Shoreline Community College, WA
Teaching Math Effectively to Elementary Students   /   91
	Karen Burke, St. Joseph’s College, NY
	Rita Dunn, St. John's University, NY
Development of a Web-based Student Satisfaction Survey   /   97
	William H. Wiist, Walden University, MN
Feminist Pedagogy and Daedalus Online   /   104
	Sara P. Pace, Texas Woman’s University
Student Beliefs about Learning: 
	New Zealand Students in Year 11   110a 110b
	Gavin T. L. Brown, University of Auckland, New Zealand  
CBI: Facilitating Students' Medication Dosage Calculation 
	and  Self-Efficacy   115
	Harriette A. LaVarre, Florida State University
	Anastasia Kitsantas, George Mason University, VA
Encouraging Online Bulletin Board Participation   /   120
	Del Siegle, University of Connecticut
Exploring Children’s Beliefs about Educational Risk 
	and Resilience   /   126
	Jayne A. Downey, University of Northern Colorado
Student teachers' confidence and anxiety in relation 
	to music education   132
	Deirdre Russell-Bowie, University of Western Sydney, Australia
	Dennis M. McInerney, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Constructs of Efficacy in Gifted Young Women   138
	Joy L. Navan, Murray State University, KY
Student Perceptions of Grades: A Systems Perspective   /   145
	Jane Strobino, Marywood University, PA
	Kimberlee Gravitz, Marywood University, PA
	Cathy Liddle, Marywood University, PA
Children as the textbook: I was knocked off my    /   151
	Karen A. Ford, James Madison University, VA
Stability of Pre-Service Science Teacher Attitudes on Science 
	Teachers, Courses, and Classroom Methods   /   157
	Marianne Bobbin Cinaglia, Rowan University, NJ
Improving Teachers of Minority Students' Attitudes 
	Towards and Knowledge of Standardized Tests   162
	Stephen G. Sireci, University of Massachusetts Amherst
	Brunilda DeLeon, University of Massachusetts Amherst
	Ernest Washington, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Find Out What It Means to Me Respect    /   168
	Alison Cook-Sather, Bryn Mawr College, PA 
Learning Style Difference Between Gifted and Nongifted 
	Sixth  and Seventh Grade Students   174
	William J. Heath, University of Houston, TX
	Theresa M. Monaco,University of Houston, TX
Verbal immediacy and androgyny: An examination 
	of student  perceptions of college instructors   /   180
	Chad C. Edwards, University of Kansas
	Autumn P. Edwards, University of Kansas
African-American Students’ Perceptions of School Success   /   186
	Terri A. Forsbach, Arkansas State University
	Karen L. Yanowitz, Arkansas State University
	Thomas Fiala, Arkansas State University
Student Questions in University Discussion Classes   /   192
	Helen Basturkmen, Auckland University, New Zealand 
Standards Movement - Viewpoints for Professional Reflection   /   197
	Donna W. Jorgensen, Rowan University, NJ
What is effective teaching?    200a 200b 200c 200d 200e 200f 200g 200h 200i  
	Kim Fries, Boston College, MA
Perceptions and Attitudes of School Personnel Towards 
	Educator Externships   /     206
	Bill McPherson, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
	Carolyn Rainey, Southeast Missouri State University
	Terry D. Roach, Arkansas State University-Fort Smith
	Harriet Rogers, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
	Nathalis Guy Wamba, New York University
Approaching Assessment through 
	Critical-Theory-Oriented Reflection Diaries (SRDs)   213
	Ngure wa Mwachofi, Ideas Unlimited International, FL
	Ari Katini Mwachofi, University of Arkansas

On-going topics
Classical  versus  Vulgate/Popular  English    /   218
	Melvin J. Hoffman, Buffalo State University College, NY
Authenticity in Chinese Folktale Picture Books   /   225
	Jiening Ruan, University of Oklahoma
Sentence Combing Plus (SC+):  Its Effects on Students' Writing 
	Quality and Strategy Use   231a 231b 231c 231d
	Abdolmehdi Riazi, Shiraz University, Iran
	Farzaneh Mir, Islamic Azad University of Abadan, Iran
Profile of Welfare Recipient Reading Behaviors   237a 237b 237c 237d
	Rhonda L. Harvey, University of Arkansas Fayetteville
	Jack B. De Vore, University of Arkansas Fayetteville
	George S. Denny, University of Arkansas Fayetteville
	Reneé L. Cambiano,  Northeastern State University, OK 
Teaching and Learning as Spiritual Exercises   /   241
	Heather Ann Ackley Bean, Azusa Pacific University, CA 

Issue Editor:  Dr. Ben Varner, University of Northern Colorado        
Illustrator: Kappa Waugh, Vassar College, NY
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