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Spring 2017     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 21, Issue 1

162 PAGES,     10 ARTICLES + 76 page INDEX     19 AUTHORS,     31% ACCEPTANCE RATE
    Table of Contents

Guest Editorial:   Research in informal learning environments   /  2
	Cherie McCollough, PhD,  Texas A&M University 
Problem-based Inquiry in College Chemistry Lab  /  4
	Michael A. Panichas, Boston College, MA 
	Lynne A. O'Connell, Boston College, MA
                  Lillie R. Albert, Boston College, MA
Internet Gaming Disorder Analysis   /  12
	Christopher B. Davison, Ball State University, IN
	Sherif Attallah, Ball State University, IN 
	Evangelia Argyriou, Ball State University, IN
Valuing Math Applications: The Role of Context  /  19
	Susan Staats, University of Minnesota, MN
Investigating Changes in Science Perceptions   /  26
	Sarah Bargmann, Texas A&M University 
	Cherie A. McCollough, Texas A&M University
Creative Thinking through Aesthetic Learning   /  36
	Amy R. Vigilante,  University of Florida, Gainesville
Interdisciplinary Assessment in the 21st Century  /  46
	Susan M. Drake, Brock University, Canada 
	Joanne L. Reid, Brock University, Canada 
Advisement: MBA Accreditation Decision Criterion  /  55
	Lise Heroux, SUNY Plattsburgh, NY
	Greg N. Gregoriou, SUNY Plattsburgh, NY
	Nancy J. Church, SUNY Plattsburgh, NY
Guiding Students As They Learn to Lead  /  65
	Carolyn D. Roper, Purdue University Northwest, IN
Metaphors in English and Chinese  /  72
	Feifei Han, The University of Sydney, Australia
Social Justice and the Composition classroom  /  78
	Peggy Johnson, Saint Mary’s University, MN

Keyword  /  85
Twenty -Year  Author Index   /  86 -- 162
	  1997 - 2016 ,  Volumes 1-20,     3600+ authors

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