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Spring 2016     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 20, Issue 1

    Table of Contents

 Editorial   /  3

A Synergistic Planning Process for Course Design    /  5
	Laura Baker, Westfield State University, MA
	Terri M. Griffin, Westfield State University, MA
	 See  Appendix A:  Graphic Representation of Course Planning Process
Building new teachers’ dispositions and aptitudes   /  19
	Virginia Kennedy, California State University, Northridge
	Vanessa Goodwin, California State University, Northridge
Institutionalizing Mentoring in Community Colleges  /  28
	Robin Phelps-Ward, Clemson University, SC
	Amanda O. Latz, Ball State University, IN
Intercultural approaches to language learning  /  35
	Christine E. Poteau, Alvernia University, PA
Compliment in English and Chinese  /  42
	Feifei Han, University of Sydney, Australia
Promoting Effective Teaching   /  48
	Samuel Cotton, Ball Statue University
	Edward J. Lazaros, Ball State University
	Christopher B. Davison, Ball State University
	Erica Brewer, Ball State University
“Pearls of Wisdom” for Beginning Teachers  /  54
	Denise McDonald, University of Houston – Clear Lake
Peer Assessment in Education: Who Am I Interview  /  60
	Scott Robinson, University of Hawaii at Manoa
	Carli Ing, University of Hawaii at Manoa
	Jacqueline Meggs, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Mathematics Teachers and Problematic Problems  /  67
	Jose N. Contreras, Ball State University, IN
iPads in an Algebra Writing Assignment  /  73
	Susan Staats, University of Minnesota 
	Alison Link, University of Minnesota
	Douglas Robertson, University of Minnesota
	Alfonso Sintjago, University of Minnesota
A Model for First Responder-Academic Collaboration   /  80
	Gandzhina Dustova, Ball State University   
	Christopher B. Davison, Ball State University 
	David Hua, Ball State University
	Ronald Huffman, Henry County Office of Emergency Mgt
Learning Leadership Skills in College  /  90
	Richard F. Bowman, Winona State University
Integrating Service-Learning into  a Public Health curriculum  /  96
	J. Belliard, Loma Linda University, CA
	D. Gaede, Loma Linda University, CA
	R. Mataya, Loma Linda University, CA
	B. Jamison, La Sierra University, CA
Bridging the Gap between theory and practice in Design   /  103
 	Abimbola O. Asojo, University of Minnesota
Promoting a Positive Classroom Environment  /  109
	Catherine Dallman, Ball State University, IN
	Edward J. Lazaros, Ball State University, IN
Scholastic Achievement through Self-leadership   /  115
	John Garger, Metronome Computer Services, NY
	Paul H. Jacques, Rhode Island College, RI
Reframing Leadership: Leadership by Everyone  /  121
	Richard F. Bowman, Winona State University, MN
Creating a Critical Health Curriculum in Haiti  /  127
	Shewanee Howard-Baptiste,  University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
	Charlene E. Schmidt,  University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
	Betty McNulty,  University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
	Jamie Harvey,  University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
The Efficacy of Clickers using Enhanced Controls  /  134
	Kenneth M. Cramer, University of Windsor, Canada
	Craig Ross, University of Windsor, Canada
	Emily Orr, University of Windsor, Canada
	Ann Marcoccia, University of Windsor, Canada
Walk with Me: A Qualitative Research Journey  /  140
	Sharon L. Moore, Athabasca University,  Canada
	Katherine J. Janzen, Mount Royal University, Canada

KEYWORD  /  150
Editors' Choice an open access publication     Zeitgeist Essay - challenging issues that arise in classes     How-to-essay      Sound Instruction Series

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