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Spring 2012     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 16, Issue 1

Table of Contents
Editorial: Expanding the Language Teaching and Learning Knowledge Base 
	Dr. Anna Franca Plastina,Dipartimento di Linguistica, Università della Calabria, Italy 

An Analysis of Using Humor in the ESP Classroom  /  6 
	Anna Franca Plastina;  Università della Calabria - Rende, Italia
	Domenico Sturino; Università della Calabria - Rende, Italia
Developing meta-affective skills via chatbots  /  12
	Sandra Petroni, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy
Web 2.0 and Part-of-Speech annotation in ESL  /  18
	 Gloria Branca   ITIS “E.Fermi” – Fuscaldo (Cs) – Italy
Language Policy in Israel: Israeli versus Hebrew  /  24
	Nurit Dekel, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Social Media Use By Students With Disabilities  /  30
	Jennison Asuncion, Adaptech Research Network, Dawson College, Canada
	Jillian Budd, Adaptech Research Network, Dawson College, Canada
	Catherine S. Fichten, McGill University, and Jewish General Hospital, Canada
	Mai Nguyen, Adaptech Research Network, Dawson College, Canada
	Maria Barile, Adaptech Research Network, Dawson College, Canada
	Rhonda Amsel, McGill University, Canada
Mind the Gap:  Creating Mental Representations /  36
	Elizabeth Watson, Rider University, Lawrenceville NJ 
Enhancing Marketability of CS/MIS Students  /  41
	Naveed Saleem, University of Houston-Clear Lake
	Vance Etnyre, University of Houston-Clear Lake
	Mrinal Mugdh, University of Houston-Clear Lake
Middle Grades Algebra: Grade 7 vs. Grade 8  /  46
	Michael A. Gallo, Florida Institute of Technology, FL
	Kelli A. Smith, Brevard Community College, FL
IL Instruction in the Graduate Classroom  /  51
	Kelly Heider, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, PA
The Interdisciplinary Approach: Its Impact  /  57
	Deborah McCarthy,  Southeastern Louisiana University,  LA
	Paul Simoneaux,  Southeastern Louisiana University,  LA
	Flo Hill-Winstead,  Southeastern Louisiana University,  LA
Development of a Collaborative Writing Group   /  63
	Rachel Noll, Northern Kentucky University
	Helene Arbouet Harte, Northern Kentucky University
	Suzanne Wegener Soled, Northern Kentucky University
Teaching a Large-Scale Database Course  /  68
	David L. Buckner, Oklahoma State University, OK
	Patricia Lamphere Jordan, Oklahoma State University, OK
Curriculum Framework for Sustainability Education  /  74
	Bruno Borsari, Winona State University
Promoting Collaborative Leadership Development   /  79
	Ieva Stupans, University of New England, NSW, Australia
Immigrant Students’ Perspectives on Literacy  /  86
	Barbara Greybeck, Sam Houston State University, TX
A Brief Intervention for Reducing Procrastination  /  91
	Kamden K. Strunk, Oklahoma State University
	Jessica M. Spencer, ITT Technical Institute of Tulsa, OK
An Assessment Plan to Study Student Learning  /  97
	Carla Beeber, CUNY Kingsborough Community College,  NY
	Loretta Brancaccio-Taras, CUNY Kingsborough Community College,  NY
Oral Activities for Novice Language Learners  /  103
	Kristi Hislope, North Georgia College & State University, GA
A Library Unit for Sophomore PETE Majors  /  111
	Glenn Ellen Starr Stilling, Appalachian State University, NC
	Benjamin Sibley, Appalachian State University, NC
“Technogogy” and Faculty Development  /  121
	Bruce Kelley, The University of South Dakota
	Shane Miner, The University of South Dakota
	Faye Haggar, The University of South Dakota
Journal Writing Eases Mathematics Anxiety  /  127
	Armando I. Perez, Laredo Community College
Preventing Failure in Professional Development  /  133
	Edward J. Lazaros,  Ball State University
Teacher Efficacy and Elementary Social Studies   /  138
	Nancy Reese-Durham, North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC
Lessons Learned: Teaching Introductory Leadership  /  144
	Matthew G. Stockman, Oklahoma State University
	Penny Pennington Weeks, Oklahoma State University
	William G. Weeks,  Oklahoma State University
The Use of English Articles by Italian Learners  /  149 
	Daniela Rizzuti, University of Calabria – Cosenza, Italy
Self-Access & Reflection in an ESP Course  /  155
	Ken Lau, K. K., University of Hong Kong
Exophonic Writing: A New Paradigm in Translation  /  161
	Rossella Pugliese, Università della Calabria – Cosenza, Italia
Exploring the Role of Translation in SLA  /  167
	Emilia Di Martino, Università Suor Orsola Benincasa, Italia
	Bruna Di Sabato, Università Suor Orsola Benincasa, Italia

KEYWORD Subject/Topic Index   /   173-174

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