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	Catalysts for Curricular Change   /  4
	Teaching the Novel and Short Fiction  /  6

 Teaching Homer's Iliad through the Movie 300  /  7
	Kimberly K. Bell, Sam Houston State University, TX
	E-mail:  eng_kkb@shsu.edu
 Making Art Work  /  12
	Patricia M. Ellis, Villa Julie College, MD
	Amanda G. Hostalka, Villa Julie College, MD
	Amanda (Mimi) Bory, Villa Julie College, MD
	E-mail:   f-ellis@mail.vjc.edu  
Cultural Portraits for Beginning Ethnographers  /  17
	Cathy Kaufman, Professor Indiana University of Pennsylvania
	E-mail:  ckaufman@iup.edu 
Problem Based Learning in College Economics  /  22
	Thomas M. Smith, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL
	Jason Ravitz, Buck Institute for Education, CA
	E-mail:   tomsmith@uic.edu
Changing Our Students' Perception about Reading  /  29
	Neva Cramer, Louisiana State University, LA
	Evan Ortlieb, Valdosta State University, GA
	Earl Cheek, Jr., Louisiana State University, LA
	E-mail:  E.ortlieb@gmail.com
Does Time of Instruction Affect Student Learning?   /  34
	Felix U. Kamuche,   Morehouse College, GA
	E-mail:  fkamuche@morehouse.edu
Generation Text and Social Technologies  /  39
	Derek Greenfield, Shaw University, NC
	E-mail:  dgreenfield@shawu.edu
Occupying Divided Spaces: Two Gangster Writers   /  46
	Katherine M. Schmidt, Western Oregon University
	E-mail:   writingcenter@wou.edu
Ian McEwan’s Saturday: The Pre/Post-Modern Novel  /  51
	Sue Sorensen, Canadian Mennonite University
	E-mail:   ssorensen@cmu.ca
Learning Styles of Elementary Teacher Candidates  /  56
	Ruth R. Kennedy, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
	E-mail:   rkennedy@bloomu.edu
Chinese students’ attitudes toward code-switching  /  63
	Shufen Huang, Texas A&M University, Texas
	Zohreh Eslami, Texas A&M University, Texas
	E-mail:   shufen.hhuang@gmail.com
Interdisciplinary Health Care Attitudes  /  68
	Crystal Lynn Duncan Lane,  Virginia Tech, VA
	Dorothea Handron, East Carolina University, NC
	E-mail:   silverwaters@vt.edu
The Status Quo of Latino Children’s Literature  /  73
	Laura Chris Green, Texas A & M University – Commerce, TX
	E-mail:   Chris_Green@tamu-commerce.edu
The Canon Issue in Ishmael Reed’s Mumbo Jumbo  /  78
	Randy Laist, University of Connecticut
	Jerry Phillips, University of Connecticut
	E-mail:   rlaist2000@yahoo.com
Teaching the Novel in Context  /  83
	Pam Whitfield, Rochester Community and Technical College, MN
	E-mail:  whitfieldpam@yahoo.com
Teachable Qualities of the Novel Beloved  /  88
	Jaclyn Naster, Basehor-Linwood High School, KS
	E-mail:   jnaster@usd458.org
Motivating Teenage Readers with Popular Magazines  /  93
	Immaculée Harushimana, Lehman College, City University of New York, NY
	E-mail:   Immaculee.Harushimana@Lehman.CUNY.edu
Promoting Environmental Awareness  /  100
	 Nancy Otterness, Boise State University
	 P. Elison-Bowers, Boise State University
	Uwe Reischl, Boise State University
	E-mail:   pelison@boisestate.edu
How Should We Screen for Reading Problems  /  105
	Evelyn S. Johnson, Boise State University, ID
	Michael Humphrey, Boise State University, ID
	Rebecca McLenna, Boise State University, ID
	E-mail:   evelynjohnson@boisestate.edu
Analyzing Fiction with Character Analysis Poems  /  110
	G. Douglas Meyers, University of Texas at El Paso
	E-mail:   dmeyers@utep.edu
Creating Interprofessional Student Teams  /  115
	Andrea White, The Medical University of South Carolina 
	Donna Kern, The Medical University of South Carolina 
	Amy Blue, The Medical University of South Carolina 
	Scotty Buff, The Medical University of South Carolina 
	Mary Hewett, The Medical University of South Carolina 
	Marilyn King, The Medical University of South Carolina 
	Sarah Shrader, The Medical University of South Carolina
	Emily Warren,   South Carolina Lowcountry AHEC
	E-mail:   whiteand@musc.edu
Mapping Class on Coketown: Two Views of Hard Times  /  121
	Brian C. Cooney, Gonzaga University
	E-mail:   cooney@gonzaga.edu
Echoes of Acrimony: Decades of Grammar Disputes  /  126
	Melvin J. Hoffman, Buffalo State College of NY
	E-mail:   mjhoff@roadrunner.com
Reading Strategy Awareness of Student Teachers   /  131
	Susan Szabo, Ed.D., Texas A&M University – Commerce
	Becky Barton Sinclair, Ph.D., Texas A&M University – Commerce
	Merry Boggs, Ph.D., Texas A&M University – Commerce
	E-mail:   Susan_Szabo@TAMU-Commerce.edu
Learning to Read a Novel in a Foreign Language   /  136
	David Coberly, University of South Carolina Upstate
	E-mail:   dcoberly@uscupstate.edu
Family History in the Multicultural Classroom  /  143
	Molly Crumpton Winter, California State University, Stanislaus
	E-mail:   mcrumpton@csustan.edu
Blackboard Unites Service-Learning Partnerships  /  148
	Barbara J. Kruger, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL
	William D. Ahrens, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL
	Deborah Miller, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL
	Erin Soles, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL
	Linda Connelly, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL
	Tony Turrin, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL
	E-mail:   bkruger@unf.edu
Reality TV Shows and Problem-Based Learning  /  153
	Jacqueline Bach, Louisiana State University
	E-mail:  jbach@lsu.edu
Problem-Based Learning and Scientific Literacy  /  158
	Melissa Cook, Indiana Wesleyan University
	Thalia M. Mulvihill, Ball State University 
	E-mail:  Melissa.Cook@indwes.edu
Collaborative Learning-Centered Partnership  /  163
	Brenda L. Freshman, California State University, Long Beach, CA
	Louis G. Rubino, California State University, Northridge, CA 
	Yolanda Reid Chassiakos, California State University, Northridge, CA
	E-mail:   louis.g.rubino@csun.edu  
Gender Differences in CAM Usage in Undergraduates  /  169
	Mary E. Pritchard, Boise State University
	Patt Elison-Bowers, Boise State University
	Phares Book, Boise State University
	Bobbie Birdsall, Boise State University
	E-mail:   marypritchard@boisestate.edu
	Bobbie Birdsall, Boise State University
The Whale in the World  /  174
	Robert T. Tally Jr., Texas State University
	E-mail:   robert.tally@txstate.edu
Syllable Recognition in Tri-syllabic Words   /  178
	Alpana Bhattacharya, Queens College, City University of New York
	E-mail:   alpana.bhattacharya@qc.cuny.edu
Arts-Based Learning and Healthcare Leadership   /  183
	Sherry Fontaine, Park University, MO
	E-mail:  sherry.fontaine@park.edu  
Info Imaging or Definition-Sentence Writing?  /  188
	Pamela Vesely, Western Carolina University, NC
	Nancy Gryder, RAE Educational Services, NC
	E-mail:   pvesely@email.wcu.edu
The Value of Internationalizing TESOL Internships  /  194
	Lynn Henrichsen, Brigham Young University, UT
	Diane Strong-Krause, Brigham Young University, UT
	Maryruth Farnsworth, Brigham Young University, UT
	Laura Steeby Robins, Brigham Young University, UT
	E-mail:   Lynn_Henrichsen@byu.edu
Gender Differences in Motivation and Self-concept  /  199
	Mine Isiksal, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
	E-mail:  misiksal@metu.edu.tr
Assessing the Uses and Value of PBL in Geography   /  205
	Eric Pawson, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
	Eric Fournier, Samford University, Al
	Martin Haigh, Oxford Brookes University
	Osvaldo Muniz, Texas State University, TX
	Susan Vajoczki, McMaster University, Ont
	E-mail:  eric.pawson@canterbury.ac.nz
Multimedia Classroom for Integrative Learning  /  211
	Michael E. Farmer, the University of Michigan-Flint
	Stephen W. Turner, the University of Michigan-Flint
	E-mail:  farmerme@umflint.edu
Cooperative learning in the online classroom   /  217
	Amany Saleh, Arkansas State University
	Marcia Lamkin, University of North Florida
	E-mail:   asaleh@astate.edu
International Interdisciplinary Service-Learning  /  224
	Cheryl Hilgenberg, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois
	Ray Boehmer, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois
	E-mail:  chilgenberg@millikin.edu  
Linking Self-Direction and Student Learning   /  229
	Ellen H. Ratcliff, Southeastern Louisiana University, Louisiana
	E-mail:  mratcliff@selu.edu
Everybody Reads: Engaging the Humanities  /  234>
	Ann Marie Fallon, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon
	E-mail:  amfallon@pdx.edu

	Keyword Subject Index  /  241-242 
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