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Spring 2007     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 11, Issue 1

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	Teaching the Novel and Short Fiction /  4 

Constructivism in Foreign Language Learning  /  5
  	Yuko Prefume, Baylor University, TX
Problem-based Learning in the Study of Literature   /  10
	Tamara Yohannes, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 
Student Language Narratives and Discrimination   /  15
	Susan Latta, Indiana State University
Students' Perceptions about Japanese Teacher Talk  /  20
	Hiroshi Matsumoto, Soka University of America, CA
Narrative Space and the Location of Meaning  /  26
	Martin Mühlheim, University of Zurich, Switzerland
	Martin Heusser, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Reconciling Language Teaching and Legal Concepts  /  31 
	Elsa Liebenberg, Law Faculty, University of Nice, France
Reconceptualizing textbooks in culture teaching  /  36
	Denise Santos, University of Reading, UK
Teaching Malory’s Morte Darthur with Chronicles  /  41
	Alexander L. Kaufman, Auburn University Montgomery
Comprehension Requests in Writing Conferences  /  46
	Margaret A. Artman, Western Oregon University
Interrogating Suburbia in The Virgin Suicides  /  51
	Lisa A. Kirby,  North Carolina Wesleyan College
Married Women’s Address Forms Variation in China  /  56
	Miao Yang, Shantou University Medical College, China
Outcomes from Cross-Cultural Service-Learning  /  61
	Rebecca Heideman Pisano, University of California, Los Angeles
	Val D. Rust, University of California, Los Angeles
“Killers and Diers”: White Noise, Violence, Genre  /  66
	Michelle E. Moore, The College of DuPage, IL
Peer Evaluations and the Language Classroom  /  71
	Minerva Santos, Hostos Community College, NY
Academic Service-learning in Teacher Education  /  77
	Sarah D. Bair, Dickinson College
Student Drawing and Academic Language Processing   /  82 
	Alpana Bhattacharya,  Queens College,  NY 
Mindful Learning and Second Language Acquisition   /  87
	Tony Houston, University of Missouri-Rolla
	Paaige K. Turner, Saint Louis University
Short Stories in Teaching Foreign Language Skills  /  93
	Nurten Birlik, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
	Deniz Salli-Copur, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Second Language Literacy Through Literature  /   98
	Irene C. Pompetti-Szul, New York University
Public Dialogue Series as Service-Learning   /  103
	Katheryn C. Maguire, Cleveland State University, OH
	Eric Fretz, University of Denver, CO
Sentence Diagramming: No Unanimity among Users  /  108
	Melvin J. Hoffman, Buffalo State University College, NY
Content-Based ESL Instruction and Curriculum  /  114
	Clara Lee Brown, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Foucault Informs Kate Chopin’s Short Fiction  /  120
	Paula Anca Farca, Oklahoma State University
Teaching Cultural Diversity in Faust through WAC   /  124
	Stephanie E. Libbon, Kent State University, OH 
Interdisciplinary curriculum design  /  130
	Allen F. Repko, University of Texas Arlington
Mindfulness and Communicative Language Teaching   /  138
	Tony Houston, University of Missouri-Rolla
	Paaige K. Turner, Saint Louis University
Reconsidering information literacy   /  143
	Ishmael Doku, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Motivation and Self-regulation in Mathematics  /  149
	Baris Ozturk, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
	Safure Bulut, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
	Yusuf Koc, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Teachers’ Self-efficacy and Self-regulation  /  155
	Héfer Bembenutty, Queens College, NY
Efficacy of Student’s Self-Assessment   /  162
	Thelon Byrd, Bowie State University, MD
	Rochelle Matthews-Somerville, Bowie State University, MD
Preparing all Teachers for Collaboration  /  167
	Vicki A. McGinley, West Chester University, PA
	Gail Bollin, West Chester University, PA
Weaving Conversation Analysis into Language Class  /  172
	Jian-E Peng, Shantou University Medical College, China
Autoethnography as Research Methodology?  /  177
	Mary M. Reda, College of Staten Island, NY
Children’s reading attitudes in L1 and FL  /  183 
	Yuko Goto Butler, University of Pennsylvania
Using Teen Chick Lit Novels to Teach Marketing  /  188
	Peter A. Maresco, Sacred Heart University
Service Learning: Model for Community Evaluation  /  193  table 
	Paula J. Pedersen, University of Minnesota-Duluth
	Sandy Woolum, University of Minnesota-Duluth
	Blair Gagne,  Duluth Area Family YMCA
Predicting Academic Success in Undergraduates  /  201 
	Mary E. Pritchard, Boise State University
	Gregory S. Wilson, University of Evansville
How Do We Communicate With Part-Time Faculty?  /  207
	Sherry Wien, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ
Bridging Disciplines Through Service-learning  /  212
	Charla J.Lautar, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL
	Elaine T. Jurkowski, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL
Teaching (Not Preaching) Masterworks in Drama  /  218
	Carolyn D. Roark, Baylor University, TX
Homer’s Odyssey as Serious Classroom Entertainment  /  223
	Kimberly K. Bell, Sam Houston State University, TX
Media Richness & Individual Perceptions of Teams  /  228
	Paul H. Jacques, Western Carolina University, NC
	John Garger, Metronome Computer Services, NY
	Cynthia S. Deale, Western Carolina University, NC
	Barbara Jo White, Western Carolina University, NC
Uncovering content and designing for performance  /  233
	Jennifer Eddy, Queens College, City University of New York

Keyword Subject Index  /  238-239

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11 April 2007