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Spring 2005     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 9, Issue 1

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Table of Contents
Service-Learning  /  5        
Teaching the Novel and Short Fiction  /  6

Keeping the “Learning” in Service-Learning  /  7
	Jacqueline Thomas, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Teaching Citizenship through Service-Learning  /  11
	Susan R. Madsen, Utah Valley State College
	Ovilla Turnbull, Utah Valley State College
Caveats for Teaching the Novel  /  16
	Michael D. Gose, Pepperdine University, CA
Organic Education and its Place in the City  /  20
	Dana Zaskoda, Teachers College, Columbia University
Reflective Writing in Preservice Content Courses  /  27
	Sherrie J. Serros, Western Kentucky University
Closing the Digital Divide with Service-Learning  /  31
	Sally R. Beisser, Ph.D. Drake University, IA
	Stuart W. Shulman, Ph.D. Drake University, IA
	Teresa B. Larson, M.S.  Drake University, IA
Assessing Writing in a Physical Therapy Unit  /  36
	Diana Cardenas, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Teaching Multiple Approaches to a Single Novel  /  41
	James B. Kelley, Mississippi State University – Meridian
Attitude Change Through Service Learning   /  46
	Gloria Lodato Wilson, Hofstra University, NY
Environmental Health and Service Learning  /  50
	Kelly Tuohig, University of Utah
	Dale Stephenson, University of Utah
	Dean Lillquist, University of Utah
	Justin Bird, University of Utah
	Stephen Alder, University of Utah
	Marc Babitz, University of Utah
Dyslexia: the ethics of assessment  /  54
	Sean MacBlain, Stranmillis University College, Belfast
	Kate Hassard, Stranmillis University College, Belfast
	Fiona MacBlain, College of Saint Mark & Saint John, England 
Teaching Short Fiction: A Fairy Tale Beginning  /  58
	Margaret H. Davis, Spring Hill College,  AL.
Spark’s Symposium: A Postmodernist Critique  /  62
	Preeti Bhatt, Sant Jayacharya College, India
Using the ‘Hometown’ Novel in Composition 101  /  67
	David C. MacWilliams, Adams State College
Doing Diversity through Service Learning  /  70
	Linda Good, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Service Learning and Faculty Involvement   /  75
	Peter A. Maresco, Sacred Heart University, CT
Entertaining Monsters: Teaching the Gothic Novel   /  80
	Carl H. Sederholm, Brigham Young University
Using Linked Courses to Scale Institutional Walls  /  84	
	Deborah B. Normand, Louisiana State University
	Marybeth Lima, Louisiana State University
	Carol O’Neil, Louisiana State University
Novel Expectations to Novel Evaluations   /  89
	Laura Rotunno, Penn State Altoona
For the Sake of Those Led, Teachers Must Rest  /  93
	Jerry L. Brinson, Regent University, VA
	Bruce E. Winston, Regent University, VA
What a Load of Garbage! A Data Analysis Exercise  /  97
	Deborah Court , Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Theatrical Pedagogy and Interactive Service   /  101
	Jillian Campana, University of Montana
Service-Learning Feedback to Teacher Candidates  /  105
	Anne Larson, California State University, Los Angeles
Service-Learning Improves College Performance  /  110
	Renee L. Michael, Rockhurst University, MO
Thinking Outside the Book: Comparing Life and Lit  /  115
	Colin Irvine,  Augsburg College
Mapping the Novel   /  120
	Toni Wein, California State University, Fresno
Self-Advocacy for Students with Disabilities  /  124
	Melinda R. Pierson, California State University, Fullerton
	Francisco Cortez, Francis E. Willard Int. School, Santa Ana, CA
	Amber M. Shea, Citrus Hills Int. School, Corona, CA
Introducing Service-Learning to Dietetic Students  /  128 
	Beth Fontenot, McNeese State University 
	Carol E. O’Neil, Louisiana State University
Forecasting University Enrollment  /  133
	Ilan Alon, Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College, FL
Teaching the Naturalist Novel: Emile Zola  /  139
	Matthew Hilton-Watson, University of Michigan-Flint
Service-Learning in Mongolia  /  145
	Ronald K. Frank, Pace University
	Joseph Tse-Hei Lee, Pace University
Information Skills and the Special Needs Student  /  150
	Susan E. Russell, University of Oklahoma
Service Learning and Teacher Education  /  155
	C. Sheldon Woods, Northern Illinois University
	Greg Conderman, Northern Illinois University
Persuasion and Transcendence in To the Lighthouse  /  161
	Amy A. Childers, North Georgia College and State University
Mathematics Training for Service-Learning  /  166 table
	Angelo Segalla, California State University, Long Beach
	Marina Krause, California State University, Long Beach
	Hilda Sramek, California State University, Long Beach
Teaching Lombreglia’s  Men Under Water  /  170
	Tara Moore, University of Delaware
Characteristics of Effectiveness:  An Empirical Study  /  174 table
	Felix U. Kamuche,   Morehouse College, GA
The Creative Writing Learning Community Webpage  /  180
	Bonnie J. Robinson, North Georgia College & State University
Audre Lorde: Contextualizing Strategies  /  188
	David L. Gugin, American University of Sharjah
Critical Thinking, Reflective Writing: learning?  /  192
	Jhony Jaimes, Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida-Venezuela
Relevance of Service-Learning in College Courses  /  197
	Sally Cahill Tannenbaum, California State University, Fresno
	Richard D. Berrett, California State University, Fresno
Service, Learning, and Social Justice  /  202
	V. G. Carlan, The University of Texas & Texas Southmost College
	Renee Rubin, The University of Texas & Texas Southmost College
From Serving Families to Community Awareness  /  207
	Sarah Lam, California State University, Fresno
Digesting the Eighteenth-Century Novel  /  212
	William Wandless, Jacksonville State University
Case Study: The Color Purple on the Whiteboard  /  217
	Rob Baum, Monash University, Australia
Service Learning and Science:  A Successful Model  /  222
	Anna K. Scott, University of Georgia
	J. Steve Oliver, University of Georgia
	David A. Knauft, University of Georgia
Co-teaching and School Reform: A Case Study  /  229
	Karyn Saxon, Boston College
Service-Learning and Civic Education  /  234
	Tara N. Fayter, Richard Stockton College of NJ
Service-Learning in Doctoral Training & Education  /  238
	Kecia M. Thomas, University of Georgia
	Tracy Lambert, University of Georgia
Accountability and the Education of the Disabled  /  243
	Colleen Reardon, Dominican University, IL
Side of Service-learning  /  248
	Toni S. Whitfield, James Madison University, VA
Facing and Complicating the Isms  /  253
	Ann M. Tandy-Treiber, University of Wisconsin-Superior
Impact of Reflection and Training on S-L Outcomes  /  257 table
	Tina Kluetmeier, Temple University, PA
	Daryl Gordon, Temple University, PA
	Linda Hofschire, RMC Research, PA
Professionalizing Community-based Research   /  263 table
	Kevin J. Kecskes, Portland State University
	Katrine E. Barber, Portland State University
	Patrick Edwards, Portland State University
English Literature and Arab Students  /  269
	Layla Al Maleh, Kuwait University
Transformative International Service-Learning   /  275
	Richard Kiely, The University of Georgia
Benefits of Writing with Students  /  282
	Brian K. Payne, Old Dominion University, VA 
	Elizabeth Monk-Turner, Old Dominion University, VA
Experiencing Diversity Through Service Learning  /  287
	Jacqueline M. Mullany,   Indiana University Northwest
Service learning and the induction of  teachers  /  292
	Virginia Kennedy, California State University, Northridge
Relating Students’ Social and Achievement Goals  /  297
	Daniel L. McCollum, University of Houston – Clear Lake
Keyword  Subject Index  /  302 - 303

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