Academic Exchange Quarterly encourages graduate students
to position themselves as emerging scholars.
You are welcome to submit a class paper and/or thesis/dissertation abridgement.
See specific Call for Manuscripts by KEYWORD
  1. as long as it is co-authored by your professor
  2. this journal believes that student's professor ought to get credit
  3. student's professor will determine who is article's first author
  4. though, student can remain contact author
  5. make sure professor's name is included in Manuscript Authentication & Copyright Agreement.
  6. make sure professor's name, academic affiliation, and e-mail address are included in submitted article
  7. follow Procedure, Requirements, Deadline & Editorial Policy
  8. observe, the class paper or thesis/dissertation becomes a building block for the scholarly article - which must involve a significant review of the current literature and should increase understanding and/or knowledge in the subject domain
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