Publisher’s note: who gets grade D and F?

4561-0l  se16feb 10  -- PAabe 1B------lj RELIGION SECONDARY Embracing Diversity and Peace: Promoting Awareness about Islam in Public Schools
4559-0w  se31may 11  -- TXabe 8B-----jlw TECHNOLOGY-2 ASSESSMENT Examining Cell Phone Use in Academic Settings
4558-0l  se16feb 10  3- FCabe 2B------lj LANGUAGE-4 LANGUAGE Teachers’ Code-switching for Reiteration
4557-0w  se16feb 11  -- PAabp 1B------lw TECHNOLOGY-2 ASSESSMENT-1 Using Distance-Learning Technology to Evaluate Student Teacher Performance
4556-0w  se30dec 10  -- NYabe 1B-------w CURRICULUM LITERACY Reducing Senioritis through Learning Styles
4554-0w  o  -  - --  1- FCab- 2--------w TECHNOLOGY-2 LANGUAGE Establishing an intercultural learning environment using flickr: The College_Asia Project
4552-0w  se30dec 10  -- NYab- 1--------w CURRICULUM READING Meeting Students’ Individual Learning Styles in the Classroom: Reading is the Answer
4551-0w  se30dec 10  -- CTabp 1B-------w CURRICULUM LEADERSHIP Leading Change: Addressing Intercultural Stumbling Blocks
4549-0w  se30dec 10  -- PAabe 1B-------w NOVEL-1 STUDENT-2 Reading The Kite Runner in the American Classroom
4547-0w  se30dec 10  -- HIab- 1--------w SCIENCE-2 MID&SEC Reclaiming Science: Enacting Agency and Empowering Youth
4546-0w  se30dec 10  -- FCab- 1--------w NOVEL-1 CULTURE-1 Season of Migration for Cross-Cultural Reading  
4544-0w  se30dec 10  -- ORabp 1B-------w CURRICULUM SCHOLAR Architectural Principles for Curriculum Design
4542-0w  -  -  - --  -3 NCabe 2B-------w PBL SCIENCE-1 Creating Constructivist Environments Using PBL
4541-0w  se30dec 10  -- FCabe 1B-------w PBL SCHOLAR The Problem as a Provoker of  a Liminal Space  (Ireland)
4540-0l  se30dec 10  -- INabe 2-------jl GENDER LITERATURE Mapping Other Routes for Discussing Masculinities
4539-0w  se30dec 10  -- ILabe 1B-------w CURRICULUM MID&SEC Learning Democracy: Practicing Dewey Today
4537-0w  se30dec 10  3- FCabe 1B-------w ASSESSMENT-2 SCHOLAR Portfolio for Assessment of Prior Learning (APL)
4535-0w  -  -  - --  -- FC--- 2p------wl SECONDARY CURRICULUM Critical Mass Mentoring – developing a learning community: St Peter’s (Caboolture)
4534-0w  -  -  - --  2- PAab- 2--------w SCIENCE-2 ELEMENTARY Transformative Discourse in Elementary Science
4533-0w  se29dec 10  -- MNabe 1B-------w NOVEL-1 ETHICS Ethics Applied: Using the Novel in Ethics Courses
4530-0w  se23dec 10  -- HIabe 3B-------w SCIENCE-2 CULTURE-1 Teaching Science in a Language Immersion School
4523-0w  se29dec 10  -- MIabe 2B-------w READING-1 MID&SEC Taking Another Look at Struggling Adolescent Readers
4521-0w  -  -  - --  5- FCab- 2--------w PBL ACTION Enquiry and Action Learning in a VLE
4519-0j  se23dec 10  -- CAabp 1B-------j CONSULT-2 MID&SEC Subject Matter Faculty and Teacher Education
4518-0w  se23dec 10  4- FCabp 2B-------w STUDENT-2 GLOBAL Study Abroad and Student Engagement
4517-0w  se23dec 10  -- MDabe 1B-------w CULTURE-1 STUDENT-2  Effects of cultural discontinuities between students’ home/community and school on students’ functioning and achievement in school
4516-0w  se07dec 10  -- MIabe 1B-------w NOVEL-1 METHODOLOGY Teaching Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones 
4511-0w  R  r  o 10  -- KSabe 1B-------w NOVEL-1 SCHOLAR Writing Poetry about Fiction: Application in World Literature 
4510-0w  se07dec 11  -- OHabe 1B-------w CURRICULUM METHODOLOGY Postmodern Curricula in Modern Classrooms
4508-0w  se07dec 10  -- TNabe 2--------w PBL Web Your Soon to be “Second Life:” Opportunities and Caveats in a 3D Multicultural World
4507-0w  se07dec 10  -- ALabe 2B-------w CURRICULUM SELF Improving Co-op Programs through Self-Reflection 
4506-9z  se26oct 11  -- CTabe 1B------wz ELEARNING ART Engaging Learners in Art History Online Courses
4505-9z  se26oct 11  -- CAabe 2B------wz ONLINE SCHOLAR Embracing social informatics the wiki way: Uses for higher education
4504-9z  se26oct 10  -- TXabe 2B-------z ASSESSMENT-2 LANGUAGE The Utilization of Listening Strategies in the Development of Listening Comprehension among Adult Non-native English Speakers 
4500-9z  se06oct 10  -- MAabe 4B-------z COLLABORATION SECONDARY A Model of Collaborative Social Justice Education
4499-9z  se06nov 11  -- CAabe 2--------w COLLABORATION GRADUATE Teaching Collaboration through Person-Centered Planning
4498-9z  se15oct 10  -- OKabe 6B------wz COLLABORATION SECONDARY Suicide Prevention in Secondary Education
4495-9z  se15oct 11  4- ILabp 3B-------z ELEARNING SCHOLAR Role Play Simulation Promoting Research Integrity
4491-9z  -  -  - --  4- TXabe 1-------wz ONLINE SCHOLAR Online Learners, Choices, and Assignments
4485-9z  se26oct 10  -- NCabe 2B-------z COLLABORATION MID&SEC Collaborative Teacher Training 
4483-9z  se06nov 10  -- ARabe 1B------wz ONLINE TEACHER Teacher Educators Should Model Online Teaching Too
4481-9z  se06nov 10  5- NCabe 2B------wz SELF STUDENT-2 Academic Help Seeking Among College Students 
4479-9z  se26oct 10  -- CAabe 1B-------z MATH-2 SCHOLAR A Holistic Approach to Mathematics Education
4478-9z  se15oct 10  -- WYabe 1B-------z ONLINE STUDENT-2 Is Anybody There? Podcasting in Online Learning
4477-9z  -  -  - --  1- FCab- 2--------z ONLINE ASSESSMENT-1 How to Assess Online Discussions?
4472-0j  se06nov 10  -- PAab- 1--------j SERVICE LANGUAGE-3 Service Learning With English Language Learners
4471-0w  e-seven 10  -- MNabe 1B------lw NOVEL SCHOLAR A Land-Based Approach to Postcolonial Novels 
4464-0l  -  -  - --  1- GAabe 1B-------l STUDENT-1 SERVICE Project Pen Pal:  A Win-Win Service Learning Project for College Students and First-Grade Children
4463-9z  se06oct 11  1- NYabp 1B-------z MATH-2 ONLINE Learning Styles and Online Activities in Statistics Courses
4460-9z  se06oct 10  -- WIabe 1B-------z COLLABORATION STUDENT-1 Effective Collaboration on Equity Issues
4458-9z  se12sep 10  -- LAabe 1B-------z ASSESSMENT-2 STUDENT-1 Learning Style and Perception Based Teaching 
4452-9z  re12sep 10  -- OHabe 2--late--z COLLABORATION SCHOLAR 21st Century Skills: A High School and University Collaboration Schools  
4443-9z  se25jul 10  -- PAabe 1B-------z ONLINE LANGUAGE-3 Using the Internet in a Foreign Language Class
4440-0l  se06sep 10  -- OKabp 2B-------l STUDENT-1 LAW Evolution of Hate Speech in Higher Education  
4438-9z  -  -  - 10  -- ORabe 1B-------z MATH-2 SCHOLAR Holistic Learning in the Silicon Forest
4437-9j  se07jul 10  3- CAabe 2B-------j SCHOLAR READING-1 Academic Placement and Family Reading Values
4436-9j  se07jul 11  -- CAabe 2--------j TECHNOLOGY-1 VIRTUAL Creating a Scalable, Sustainable Higher Education Learning-Rich Classroom
4431-9z  se06sep 10  -- TXabe 5B-------z COLLABORATION MID&SEC Pre K Goes to College: An examination of a rural school districts collaborative efforts with a University educational preparation program
4430-0w  se06sep 10  -- ILabe 1B-------w TECHNOLOGY-2 SCHOLAR Out of the “Office” Tools for Presentation and Research
4429-9z  se06sep 10  1- FCabe 1B-------z ASSESSMENT-2 STUDENT Teachers Attitude towards Students Evaluation A Case Study of Gomal University NWFP Pakistan 
4428-9j  e-seven 11  -- NJabp 1B-------j HEALTH-3 GLOBAL A Qualitative Research Approach to Global Health
4423-9z  se30jun 10  -- FCabe 5B-------z ELEARNING METHODOLOGY Use Of Podcasting As An Innovative Asynchronous E-Learning Tool For Students (FC=Canada)
4422-9z  se25jul 10  -- FLabe 1B-------z ELEARNING METHODOLOGY Discussion Forum vs. Blogs in Online Courses
4421-9j  se30jun 10  -- abe 1B-------j SERVICE CULTURE-1 Service Learning Helps Immigrant Acculturate
4420-9j  se30jun 10  2- abe 1B---l---j MANAGEMENT SELF Predictors of Early Perceptions of Expected Grade
4417-9j  se25jun 11  4- abe 2B---l---j MANAGEMENT ETHICS Evaluating Ethics Interventions With The DIT-2
4413-9z  se08aug 10  -- MAabp 1B-------z ASSESSMENT-2 GRADUATE Using Group Investigation  for Assessment 
4409-9z  se08aug 10  1- abe 2B---l---z ELEARNING HEALTH-1 Validation of the Audience Response System
4406-9z  se08aug 10  1- abe 2--------z COLLABORATION MID&SEC A Collaborative Model for At-Risk Children
4403-9j  se17jun 10  -- abe 1B-------j CONSULT-2 DISTRIBUTED Eight Essentials for Online Group Projects
4397-0w  o  o  - --  -- abe 1B-------w SCIENCE-2 STUDENT-1 Four Cooperating Teachers’ Views of Mentoring
4393-9j  -  -  - --  3- abe 2--------j MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGY Teaching & Learning Experience Through Oral Exams 
4392-9z  se09may 10  -- abe 1--------z SELF LEADERSHIP Transactional vs. Transformative Teaching
4386-9z  rev     10  -- abe 1B-------z ASSESSMENT-2 SELF The effects of video self monitoring in speech
4384-0w  se00aug 10  -- NYabe 1--------w CURRICULUM COMMUNITY-1 Benefits of Homework Prescriptions for College Freshmen
4383-0w  se25jul 11  -- abe 1B--o----w CURRICULUM ADULT Developmental College Students and Academic Success
4382-9l  o  o  - 10  -- ab- 3-------lj DESIGN SCHOLAR Photoessay as a learning tool in the Global Marketing Subject
4380-9l  se09may 10  1- abe 3B------lw MID&SEC CURRICULUM Educational Reform at Taiwan: Beliefs about EFL teaching and learning
4378-9z  se08jun 10  -- abe 1--------z COLLABORATION SERVICE The Power Of Community Collaboration to Change the World
4372-9l  -  -  - --  33 abe 2B------lz CALL ONLINE Computer vs. Paper-based Instructional Materials
4371-9l  -  -  - --  22 abe 2B------lz LEADERSHIP ADMINISTRATION School Administration Candidates’ Dispositions
4367-9l  se30mar 10  -- abe 1B-------l GENDER LEADERSHIP Leadership Development for young women  
4366-9l  se30mar 10  -- abe 1B-------l LEADERSHIP CRITICAL Teaching critical leadership consciousness
4365-9l  se23mar 10  -- abe 3B-------l LEADERSHIP STUDENT Student Leadership Training in Kenya
4363-9l  se23mar 10  -- abe 6B-------l LEADERSHIP METHODOLOGY Leadership Learning Contextualized
4360-9l  se23mar 10  -- abe 2--------1 TECHNOLOGY-1 MID&SEC Technology Integration Experiences of K-12 Teachers
4359-9l  se30mar 10  -- abe 1--------l DESIGN WEB Free Web 2.0 technology as enhancer of the strategic value of the teacher in building a world-class education.
4353-9l  se23mar 10  -- abe 1B-------l DESIGN ART Analysis of a graphic design process
4352-9l  se23mar 10  -- abp 2B-------l LEADERSHIP CURRICULUM Reciprocal Leading: A New Leadership Focus
4351-9l  se23mar 10  -- abe 2B-------l LEADERSHIP CURRICULUM Enduring Understandings for Emerging Leaders
4348-9z  rev     10  -- ab- 1--------z MATH-2 MID&SEC Content and Diversity in Math Teacher Education
4347-9l  se23mar 10  -- abe 1B-------l LEADERSHIP SCHOLAR Teaching Global Leadership: Preparing Students to Lead in a Dynamic 21st Century World
4345-9l  se23mar 11  1- abe 3B---4405l ARTS-BASED MID&SEC Artists in Schools: Collaborating with Teachers
4344-9l  rev     11  1- abe 1B-o-4404l LEADERSHIP PBL A Problem-based Thesis for a Leadership EdD
4343-9l  se23mar 10  -- abe 1B---4403l SCHOLAR SECONDARY How do we know we have developed effective teachers?
4342-9l  se23mar 10  -- abe 1B---4402l DESIGN LANGUAGE Description as a tool for design
4339-9z  se09may 10  -- abe 2--------z SPECIAL READING Reading Comprehension Strategies for Students with LD: What Works?
4337-9l  se16mar 10  -- abe 2--------l STUDENT-2 HEALTH-1 Walking the Tightrope: Students’ Vulnerability to Stress
4335-9l  se16mar 10  -- abe 2B-------l TECHNOLOGY-1 PBL Gaming as a Context for the Development of Innovative Problem Based Learning Opportunities
4334-9l  se23mar 10  -- abe 2B-------l GENDER ART Ballet: An oppressive or a feminist art form?
4332-9z  se20apr 10  -- abe 1B-------z WRITING SCHOLAR Arguing for Sustainability: Strategies for Environmental Writing Pedagogy
4331-9z  se16mar 10  -- abp 2-------lz ASSESSMENT-2 LEADERSHIP High Stakes Testing: A Help or Hinderance
4330-9l  se23mar 10  -- ab- 1--------l LEADERSHIP SCHOLAR Cognitive Change: 21st Century Education Leaders 
4329-9z  se16mar 10  -- abe 2B------lz MID&SEC SELF The relationship among problem behavior, self-concept, academic self-concept... high school students
4328-0w  se20apr 10  -- abp 2B-------w CURRICULUM RELIGION Learning to love the past and understand the present examining the  Salem witchcraft trials of 1692...
4326-9j  se16feb 10  1- abe 1B------lj LITERACY ELEMENTARY Kindergarten Enrollment and First Grade Literacy 
4325-9l  se16feb 11  -- abe 1B--o----l STUDENT-2 LANGUAGE-3 Novice Language Teachers’ Beliefs and its Development
4324-9z  se16mar 11  -- abe 1B--o----z ASSESSMENT-2 SCHOLAR Innovative assessment for learning enhancement
4323-9z  -  -  - --  52 abe 1B--ll---z ASSESSMENT-2 SCHOLAR Which emotional intelligence? Implications for education
4321-9l  se16feb 10  -- ab- 1--------l DESIGN COLLABORATION Technologies Can Enable Collaborative Learning Environments
4319-9l  se16mar 10  -- abe 1B-------l NOVEL SCHOLAR Time, Art, and Audience in Tenant of Wildfell Hall
4318-9j  se31jan 10  -- abe 1B-------j SERVICE WRITING Service Learning in a Writing Course
4316-9l  se23mar 11  -- abe 3--------l STUDENT-2 SCHOLAR Academic Achievement:  Me-Thing, We-Thing or Platinum Card Membership?
4312-9w  se31jan 11  -- abe 1B-ll----w PBL SCIENCE Problem-Based Learning in Chemistry and Physics 
4311-9j  -  -  - --  11 abp 1B-------j MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT Connecting goal setting to outcome assessment rubrics
4310-9l  se16feb 10  -- abe 1--------l GENDER STUDENT Hegemonic Male Students and Rebellion
4309-9l  se16feb 10  -- abe 2--------l NOVEL SCHOLAR Finding Truth in Barnes’ History and Winterson’s Passion
4307-9w  se23dec 10  -- ab- 1--------w HISTORY METHODOLOGY Got Balls? Using Manipulatives in the History Classroom 
4305-9l  se16feb 10  -- abp 1--------l STUDENT-2 SECONDARY The opinion of university students toward direct writing assessments
4304-9w  se18dec 10  -- abe 1B------wl CULTURE-1 LANGUAGE The Lack of Diversity in Foreign Language Teaching 
4303-9w  se23dec 11  1- abe 4--ll----w READING STUDENT-2 The College Text Book Reading Attitude Survey
4302-9l  e-seven 10  -- abp 1B-------l NOVEL SCHOLAR Teaching Salman Rushdie’s Shame
4301-9l  se16feb 10  -- abe 1--------l TECHNOLOGY METHODOLOGY Picture This: Using Technology to Aid Students’ Visualization
4296-9w  se23dec 10  -- abe 3B-------w PBL SCIENCE Motivational Styles in Problem-Based Learning
4294-9w  se18dec 10  -- abe 2B-------l SECONDARY LANGUAGE Ensuring Academic Literacy for ELL Students 
4293-9w  -  -  - 10  -- ab- 2--------w PBL CURRICULUM Notions of curriculum in PBL: A meta ethnography
4290-9w  se23dec 10  -- abe 2B-------l SECONDARY STUDENT The Accountability of Teaching Rural Students:  Where Does It Begin?
4289-9l  se23dec 10  -- ab- 1--------l NOVEL SECONDARY Affective-Sociological Novel Instruction
4283-9w  se18dec 10  -- abe 1B-------w SPECIAL ELEARNING Strategies for Postsecondary Online Courses
4282-9w  -  -  - 10  5- ab- 2---l---wl READING CURRICULUM Differentiating Reading Instruction
4281-9w  rs -  - --  2- abe 5B-------w PBL CURRICULUM Designing PBL Teaching Problems  
4280-9w  se18dec 10  -- abp 7B-------w HEALTH-2 SERVICE Interprofessional Reflective Learning 
4279-9l  rs -  - --  -- a-- 1--------l ARTS-BASED SPECIAL DBAE for Students in Special Education Classrooms
4278-9w  rs -  - --  -1 ab- 1--------w PBL MATH What is Essential in Mathematics Education
4277-9w  se18dec 10  -- abp 3B-------w MATH SCHOLAR Math Methods Change Pre-Service Teacher’s Attitudes
4276-9w  rs -  - --  1- abe 2B-------w PBL SCIENCE The development of a hybrid PBL approach 
4275-9w  se18dec 10  -- abe 1B-------w PBL SCIENCE Taking Loggerhead Learning Online: A Problem Based Approach to Science Inquiry
4274-9w  se30nov 10  -- ab- 2--------w PBL SCIENCE Managing PBL in large lecture sections
4271-9w  e-seven 11  -- abp 1B--l----l READING LITERACY Literacy Lessons and Preservice Teachers: Belief Systems, Reflective Responses
4265-9w  e-seven 10  -- abp 1B-------w READING MID&SEC Responding to Identities in Reading Instruction
4264-9w  rs -  - --  ?- abp 2B-------w ELEARNING ADULT Elearning in Supplemental Educational Systems in Taiwan: Status & Challenges 
4262-9w  se30nov 10  -- abe 1B-------w PBL METHODOLOGY Learning from mistakes in facilitating PBL
4261-9w  se30nov 10  -- ab- 1--------w PBL ADMINISTRATION Change Processes in Higher Education – Developing a PBL curriculum
4259-9w  se18dec 10  -- abe 1B-------w MILITARY NON-THEMATIC Wholistic, Developmental Advising
4256-9w  se18dec 10  4- abe 2B-------w SELF ELEARNING A CSCL script to enhance self-regulation skills
4253-9w  -  -  - --  -1 abe 2B-------w HEALTH-2 ELEARNING A strategy for utilizing mentors for distance education
4251-9w  se30nov 10  -- abe 1B-------w CULTURE-1 CURRICULUM Trading language and knowledge – reflections on second language learning strateges in a new global space
4250-9w  se11sep 10  -- abe 2--------w PBL SCHOLAR Problem-based Learning in Teacher Education
4249-9w  se30nov 10  -- abe 2B-------w PBL SCIENCE Learning from Dealing with Real World Problems
4247-8z  se26oct 10  2- abe 3B--ll---z SELF WRITING At-Risk students SRL and Writing with ePortfolio 
4246-8z  se31jan 10  -- abe 2B------wj HEALTH-2SCHOLAR The New Methodology in Learning:  High-fidelity Simulation and Debriefing in Medical Education
4245-8z  rs -  - --  -- abe 2-------zw CULTURE-2 NOVEL Engaging Difference through Graphic Memoirs
4244-8z  -  -  - --  -1 abe 3-------wz SELF SECONDARY Exploring the Roles of Emotions, Self-Efficacy, and Secondary Control in Self-Regulation
4242-8z  se03nov 10  -- abe 1B-------w POLITICAL CURRICULUM Integrating Current Events into Politics Courses
4241-8z  se03nov 10  -- abe 2B-------z ONLINE LANGUAGE-1 It’s Fun to Write in English: ELLs Blog as a Start
4239-8z  se19oct 10  -- abp 2B-------w GENDER CURRICULUM Bringing Transgender Studies into Education 
4238-8z  se19oct 10  -- ab- 1--------w MATH CURRICULUM What is Essential in Mathematics Education
4235-8z  se26oct 10  -- abe 1B-------w SCHOLAR GENDER Pedagogical Practices Leading to Powerful Learning
4229-8z  se19oct 10  -- abe 2B-------z ONLINE STUDENT Attrition in Online and Campus Degree Programs
4226-8z  se03nov 10  -- abe 1B-------z LANGUAGE-1 BILINGUAL The Effectiveness of an English Word Stress Placement Intervention for Chinese English Learners
4224-8z  se03nov 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE TECHNOLOGY Better Discussions Online Than the Classroom 
4223-8z  se11sep 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE CULTURE-2 Students in Online Classes Reap Family Benefits
4221-8z  se19oct 10  4- abe 2B--l----z LANGUAGE-1 SCHOLAR L2 pragmatic norms: perceptions and subjectivity
4220-8z  se03nov 10  -- abp 2B-------z ONLINE STUDENT Making Sense of Student Feedback About Online Discussions in Face-to-Face Courses
4219-8z  se19oct 10  -- abe 2B-------z ONLINE ELEARNING Finding the Perfect Blend in Distance Education 
4218-8z  se19oct 10  -- abe 1B------zw ONLINE SECONDARY Facilitating Secondary-level Online Tutoring
4216-8z  se26oct 10  -- abe 1-------zw ONLINE WRITING Creating Space: Teaching Writing in a Digital Environment
4213-9l  se30nov 11  -- abe 4B-ll----l RESPECT STUDENT Youth Violence Intervention Using Dialogue
4211-8z  se03nov 10  -- ab- 1--------z ONLINE ELEARNING The “high-tech” chalkboard: reflections on the asymmetry of discourse when computers are used as teaching tools.
4209-9w  se31jan 10  -- abe 1B------wj CULTURE-1 LANGUAGE-1 Hidden Family Resources and ESL Development: A Sociocultural Interpretation  
4207-8z  e-seven 10  -- abp 1B-------z ASSESSMENT SCHOLAR Program Assessment: Guidelines and Suggestions
4206-8z  se11sep 10  -- abe 1--------z ONLINE ELEARNING Online Teaching Strategies and Learning Styles
4202-9w  se30nov 10  6- abe 2B-l-----w PBL SCIENCE Efficacy of SAS Curriculum Pathways
4201-8z  se28sep 10  -- abe 2--------z CONSULT CURRICULUM Career Stakeholders Promote Academic Performance
4200-8z  se26oct 10  -- abp 1--------z LANGUAGE-1 WRITING Sentence Options and Confident Student-writers
4199-8z  se03nov 10  3- abe 2B-l-----z MATH EFFICACY The Effect of Mathematics Self-Efficacy on Mathematics Achievement of High School Students
4198-9w  se30nov 10  1- ab- 2--l-----w PBL STUDENT Should facilitation of PBL be ring-fenced?
4197-8z  se03nov 10  -- abe 2B-------z ONLINE LANGUAGE-2 Use of Two Media in Online Learning of English 
4196-9w  se30nov 10  -- abe 2-------wl SCHOLAR NON-THEMATIC Teachers in transition: lessons from classrooms
4193-8z  se11sep 10  -- abe 1B-------z LANGUAGE-1 EFFICACY Let Linguistics Lift Your Writing Course
4192-8z  se26oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z ELEARNING WRITING Elearning Professional Writing 
4191-8z  se28sep 10  -- abe 2B-------z SCHOLAR WRITING Narrative as a structure for promoting scholarship
4189-8z  se11sep 10  -- abe 2B-------z SELF CRITICAL Strategies to Promote Self-Regulated Learning
4188-8z  se28sep 10  5- abe 2B-l-----z ONLINE TECHNOLOGY Using Screen Capture Tools for Online Instruction
4186-8z  se28sep 10  -- abp 1B-------z LANGUAGE-1 CURRICULUM Oppositional Discourses on Language Diversity
4183-9w  se22aug 10  1- abe 2B-l-----w LAW SCHOLARSHIP Strategies Staff Developers can Use to Teach the Law to Educators
4180-8z  rs -  - --  -- ab- 1--------z ONLINE ASSESSMENT To Hear or Not to Hear: The Effects of Audio Messages on Student Performance and Student Satisfaction in an Online Foundation Course
4177-8z  se22aug 10  -- abe 1B-------z LANGUAGE-1CULTURE-2 Ideologies of bilingualism in French Immersion schools 
4175-8z  se11sep 10  1- abp 2B-l-----z SCHOLAR LAW Academic Integrity with Style
4171-8z  se10aug 10  -- abe 1B-------z CULTURE-2 ONLINE Writing from Experience in the Digital Age  
4168-8j  se22aug 10  -- ab- 1--------z LANGUAGE-1 ONLINE L2 interaction in oral and electronic modes
4166-8z  se22aug 10  -- abe 2B-------z MULTIMEDIA ELEARNING E-mail Expectations: Exploration into the E-world
4165-8z  se10aug 10  -- abp 1B832----z ONLINE ELEARNING Assessing the Usability of Web Learning Tools
4161-8z  se10aug 10  -- abe 1B-------z SELF ELEARNING Self-Directedness and Distance Education 
4159-8z  -  -  - --  3- abe 1B-------z MATH SECONDARY Math Teachers as Counselors
4154-8z  se04jul 10  -- abe 1B-------z MATH GENDER Gender Gap of Mathematics and Science Students
4150-8j  -  -  o --  -- ab- 1--------j LANGUAGE-2 SECONDARY Pen pals in the l2 classroom
4149-8j  e-seven 10  -- abe 2B-------j SERVICE LANGUAGE-1 English Learners in Appalachia:  Meeting the Need
4148-8j  rev     10  33 abp 1B--l----j LANGUAGE-2 CULTURE Language pedagogy and intercultural competence
4147-8j  se04jul 10  1- ab- 2---l----j LANGUAGE-2 STUDENT Interaction with native & nonnative EFL teachers 
4143-8j  -  -  - --  1- ab- 1--------j LANGUAGE-2 LANGUAGE-1 The syllable structure: understanding Spanish speakers pronunciation of English as a L2
4137-8j  se25jul 10  4- abe 1B--l----j LANGUAGE-2 SCHOLARSHIP Comprehension of morphology –me in Modern Greek as L2
4136-8j  -  -  - --  -1 abe 3B-------j ACTION CURRICULUM Socially Just Higher Education Graduate Programs
4135-8j  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------j LANGUAGE-2 SCHOLARSHIP Dialogic Inquiry-Based Perspective in SLA 
4130-8j  se20jun 10  -- abp 1B-------j ACTION RESEARCH Action Research in PDS: Opportunity to learn
4126-8j  -  -  - --  33 ab- 2--------j SERVICE PSYCHOLOGY Service Learning in a Large Introductory Course
4125-8j  se04jul 10  2- ab- 2-lll----j LANGUAGE-2 LANGUAGE-1 Cooperative Learning in Developing Language Skills
4121-8j  se25jul 10  -- abe 1B-------j SERVICE CURRICULUM Critical engagement with academic service-learning at a South African university 
4120-8j  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------w MEDIA SCHOLARSHIP Beyond Literacy Ability. Another Observation on Media Literacy Education
4115-8j  e-seven 10  -- abe 2--------j LANGUAGE-2 SELF Chinese EFL Learners’ Beliefs  
4114-8j  e-seven 11  -- abe 1B--l----j LANGUAGE-2 SCHOLAR Action-based Language Empowerment (ABLE)
4113-8j  -  -  - --  -2 ab- 2--------j MEDIA PBL A Case for Engaging Students in Web-based Research
4110-8z  se04jul 10  -- abe 2B-------z SPECIAL CONSULT Drama, Computers, and Brain Injury Survivors 
4106-8j  -  -  - --  -- abe 2B-------j LANGUAGE-2 ELEARNING Negotiation of Meaning between Non-Native Speakers in Text-Based Chat and Video Conferencing
4105-8z  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------z CULTURE-2 SCHOLARSHIP “First-Rate Intelligence” in Springsteen and Fitzgerald
4104-8j  se20jun 10  -- abe 1B-------j ACTION MID&SEC How Teachers Use Data to Reform Interventions
4101-8j  se20jun 11  1- abe 1B709----j SERVICE BUSINESS Service-Learning and Business Education
4100-8j  -  -  - --  -1 ab- 1-lll----j MANAGEMENT BUSINESS Can Community Based Learning Activities Reinforce Soft Skills?
4098-8z  se07jun 10  -- abe 3--------z SELF SCIENCE Students’ Motivational Traits in Science
4097-8j  se07jun 10  -- ab- 1---l----j MANAGEMENT CONSULT Management Education Partnership: A Case Study
4095-8j  se07jun 10  2- abp 1B--l----j MANAGEMENT CURRICULUM Teaching Future Teachers Democratic Discipline
4094-8j  se07jun 10  2- abe 3B--l----j MANAGEMENT STUDENT Early Antecedents to Management Students’ Expected Performance
4093-8j  -  -  - --  -- abe 1B-------j MANAGEMENT SOCSTUDY Teaching Future Teachers Democratic Discipline
4092-8z  -  -  - --  7- --- 4-lll----z ONLINE ASSESSMENT Measuring Best Practices in K-12 Online Teachers
4090-8j  -  -  - --  11 abe 3--------j SERVICE STUDENT Employment’s Impact on Value of Service Learning
4085-8j  se11may 10  -- abe 2--------j MANAGEMENT CURRICULUM Communication Skills in the Business Program
4082-8j  se07jun 11  -- abe 1B694----z MANAGEMENT CONSULT Affects of Volunteerism On Client Based Learning 
4081-8j  se07jun 10  -- abe 1B-------j LANGUAGE-2 SPECIAL The COBRA Model’s Application to ELL and LD students
4077-8j  se11may 10  -- abp 2B-------j CURRICULUM PSYCHOLOGY Psychology, Diversity and the College Curriculum
4073-8j  se11may 10  -- abe 1B-------j LANGUAGE-2 MEDIA You’ve Got MALL (Media Assisted Language Learning)
4071-8j  se11may 10  -- abe 2B-------j LANGUAGE-2 ADULT The Impact of Study Abroad Programs for Adult Learners: An Analysis of Qualitative Research Methods
4070-8z  se09apr 10  -- abe 1--------z ONLINE COLLABORATION A weblog in practice: the pedagogy of weblogs
4068-8j  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1-------jz ONLINE ELEARNING Discovering Online Teaching through Online Learning: A Self-Reflective Case Study
4065-8z  se29mar 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE WRITING Using Folksonomies for Scholarly Research
4061-8l  se09apr 10  -- abe 1B-------l STUDENT WRITING Student Motivation to Write for Publics Outside the College Classroom
4057-8l  se28apr 10  -- abe 2B-------l MATH SCHOLARSHIP Mathematics Anxiety Involving HBCU Students 
4054-8l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------l LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP Teacher Leadership in Educational Change: Perspectives from Habermas
4047-8l  e-seven 11  -- abe 2B-------l LEADERSHIP SELF A Self-Study on Preparing Future School Leaders 
4045-8l  se11may 10  -- abe 1--------l LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT Teacher Observation:  Pre-service Perceptions
4043-8j  se28apr 10  -- abe 2--------j SERVICE GENDER Service-Learning and Women’s Moral Development
4042-8l  se28apr 10  -- abe 3--------l LEADERSHIP CONSULT Scholarship of Engagement as Leadership Pedagogy
4040-8l  -  o  - 10  -- abe 1B-------l LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP Nurturing Leader Reflection with the Kiva
4037-8l  se29mar 10  -- abe 2B-------l ONLINE ELEARNING Teaching with Web 2.0 : FifteenWays to Integrate Blogging into the Online Classroom
4031-8z  se29mar 10  -- abe 1B-------z LANGUAGE-1 CULTURE Latino School Identity in the Face of Subtractive Schooling
4029-8j  se29mar 10  -- abe 3B------lj ELEARNING STUDENT The Use of iPods in Education: Empirical studies
4027-8z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------z ELEARNING SCHOLARSHIP A weblog in practice: The pedagogy of weblogs
4025-8l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2--------l STUDENT ELEARNING Reflection Through Interactive Online Learning
4024-8l  -  -  - --  22 abe 1B-------l RESPECT SCHOLARSHIP When Academic Cohorts Behave “Intelligently”
4020-8l  se28apr 10  -- abe 1B-------l LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT The missing link in leadership education
4019-8l  e-seven 10  -- ab- 2--------j STUDENT LAW The Evolution of Hate Speech in Higher Education  
4017-8j  se29mar 10  -- abe 2--------j LANGUAGE-2 LANGUAGE-1 Negotiated Interaction in a Chinese Language Classroom
4016-8z  se28apr 10  -- abe 4--------z CONSULT ASSESSMENT Collaborative Evaluation Project Renews Faculty
4013-8j  se11may 10  -- abe 1B-------j LANGUAGE-2 SELF Enhancing Motivation in the Second Language Classroom: The Link Between Self-Efficacy and Education
4010-8j  se28apr 10  -- abe 1B-------j ASSESSMENT SCHOLARSHIP Program Assessment:  Guidelines and Suggestions
4008-8l  se28apr 10  -- ab- 1--------l LEADERSHIP RESEARCH A Social Justice Framework
4005-8w  se17feb 11  -- abp 1B623---wj HEALTH-2 ADMINISTRATION Smoking Cessation for Healthcare Professionals: A Standard for Admission
4004-8w  se17feb 10  -- abe 3--------w ADULT ONLINE Brazilian Online Courses for Strengthening Citizenship Rights
4003-8w  se20feb 10  3- abe 2B608----w LANGUAGE-1 LANGUAGE-2 Pedagogical Use of Historical Corpora
4000-8w  -  -  - --  1- ab- 1-------wl WRITING ONLINE Declining Writing Skills as a Result of Online Education. A Comparison between the American Universities of the Late 20th Century and the Early Colonial Colleges
3999-8w  se17feb 10  -- ab- 1-------wl HEALTH-2 NURSING Inviting the Muse to Class
3990-8l  0  0  0 10  -- abe 2B------lj ELEARNING ONLINE Synchronous & Asynchronous Pedagogical Uses of DVC
3988-8w  se17feb 10  -- abe 1B-------w PBL ADULT Problem-Based Learning in Community Studies
3987-8w  se20feb 10  -- abe 2--------w CULTURE ASSESSMENT Identifying and Defining Dispositions in Teacher Education: Addressing cross-cultural skills
3986-8w  se17feb 10  -- abe 2B-------w PBL CURRICULUM PBL Pedagogies in Botswana’s Teacher Education
3984-8w  se17feb 10  -- ab- 1--------w PBL CURRICULUM PBL and Cognitive Load in Police Education
3982-8w  -  -  - --  4- ab- 1--------w READING PBL From “At-Risk” Students to Empowered Teachers
3975-8w  -  -  - --  3- abe 2--------w PBL ASSESSMENT PBL and academic achievement: a pilot study
3968-8w  -  -  - --  6- a-- 3--------w LANGUAGE-1 ELEARNING Examining the Impact of Technology Integration in English Language Arts Instructional Practices
3967-8w  se21feb 10  -- abe 1--------w NOVEL CULTURE Teaching Lord of the Flies in Jenin
3964-8w  -  -  R --  1- a-e 7B-------w HEALTH-2 SERVICE Developing an Interprofessional Service Learning Program to Cultivate Community Responsive Providers
3961-8w  se08feb 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE-1 WRITING The Intersection of Information Literacy and Second Language Writing Processes
3957-8w  se21feb 10  -- abe 1B-------w CULTURE NOVEL Cultural Studies and the Role of Literature in a Process-Driven Curriculum
3953-8w  -  -  - --  1w -b- 3-------wz ELEARNING COMMUNITY MEET: A Technology Incentive Project for e-Conferencing
3951-8w  se08feb 10  -- abe 1B-------w CULTURE STUDENT Considering Stereotype Threat Across Disciplines
3948-8w  e-seven 10  -- abp 5B-------w PBL HEALTH-2 Fourth-year Medical Students as PBL Tutors
3945-8l  -  -  - --  2- a-- 2--------l SPECIAL STUDENT Conduct Problems:  Interventions to Address Protective and Risk Factors 
3944-7z  se30oct 11  1- ab- 2-538----z SELF MATH The Interplay Between Self-Regulation, Parental Involvement, and Homework on Math and Science Achievement
3942-8j  se08feb 11  -- abe 1B602----j SERVICE SECONDARY Community Service Learning in Computer Science 
3941-7z  -  -  - --  -- abp 3B------8l MATH MULTIMEDIA Using Animated Agents for Postsecondary Mathematics 
3940-8l  se14dec 10  -- ab- 3--------l STUDENT CURRICULUM Professional Dispositions: Student Perspectives
3939-8w  se14dec 10  -- ab- 2--------w LANGUAGE-1 SECONDARY Perceptions of Language Learners in Mainstream Classrooms
3937-8w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2--------w GENDER SCHOLARSHIP Poststructuralism and the President’s Challenge 
3936-8l  se14oct 10  -- abe 1B-------l MID&SEC CURRICULUM Individuation: Meeting the Needs of All Learners 
3934-8l  se14oct 10  -- ab- 1--------l RESPECT ETHICS Fostering Respect in the Classroom
3932-7z  -  -  - --  1- ab- 2--------z ONLINE 3926-7z The Evolution of an Online Learning Community
3929-7z  -  -  - --  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE ELEARNING Active Learning in Online Classes
3928-7z  -  -  - 10  -- ab- 1--------z ONLINE ELEARNING A Driving Lesson for the “Information Superhighway”
3927-7z  se06Nov 10  2- abp 2B524----l SELF STUDENT Understanding the Antecedents of Academic Procrastination from a Self-Regulation Perspective
3926-7z  -  -  - 10  1- abp 2-507----z ONLINE 3932-7z The Evolution of an Online Learning Community
3925-7z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2--------z ONLINE LANGUAGE-1 Understanding Online Foreign Language Learning
3923-7z  se06Nov 10  3- ab- 2--------z ONLINE ELEARNING Factors Used to Determine Online Class Size
3922-7z  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------z GENDER SERVICE Serving with Just Us: A Historical Case Study Analysis to Identify Reflection Themes from a College Service-Learning Course
3920-8w  se14dec 11  -- abe 2B512----w READING CONSULT Learning Centers in the College Classroom
3914-8w  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------w CURRICULUM READING A Conceptual Model of Interactive Teaching 
3912-7z  -  -  - --  -- abe 1--------z ONLINE ELEARNING Using an Interactive Simulation in an On-Line Course
3910-7z  se30oct 11  -- abe 1B504----z GENDER SELF Theorizing the Trans
3905-7z  se30oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z GENDER CURRICULUM Heteronormativity in Contemporary French Schools
3901-8w  -  -  - --  1- ab- 1--------w CULTURE MID&SEC From Suburban to Urban: Transforming Pre-Service Educators
3898-7z  se14oct 10  -- ab- 1--------z ONLINE READING Can Reading Sabotage Online Learning?  
3896-7z  e-seven 10  -- abp 2B------wl SELF RESEARCH I Can Resist Everything Except Temptation
3895-7z  se23oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z GENDER LAW Queer Legal Theory and the Conflation of Sex and Gender in Single Sex Schooling
3892-7z  se23oct 10  -- abe 2B-------z GENDER SECONDARY Lesbian Mothers’ Bids for Normalcy in their Children’s Schools
3891-7z  se04oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE ELEARNING iPASS Project: An Online Tutoring System
3890-7z  se06Nov 10  -- abe 3B-------z CONSULT LEADERSHIP Leadership for Collaboration
3880-7z  se30oct 10  -- abe 1--------z GENDER HEALTH-2 College Students, Media, and HIV/AIDS Prevention
3877-8l  -  -  - --  -- a-- ---------l LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT Schools as Organizations Affected by the Liberal and Communitarian Thought
3876-7z  se30oct 10  3- abe 3B474----z MULTIMEDIA CBR Effective User Interface Design for Case-based Reasoning Retrieval Systems
3875-7z  se23oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE CURRICULUM Ten Standards to Guide Online Course Development
3874-7z  se30oct 10  2- abe 2B472----z GENDER LEADERSHIP Emerging Identities: The Role of Gender in the Perceived Identities of Leaders
3872-7z  se23oct 10  -- abp 1B------zw GENDER NOVEL Problems Queering Literature Surveys
3871-7z  se23oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z CONSULT ACTION It takes Two: Successful collaboration between a Teacher and a Professor 
3869-7z  se25aug 10  -- abe 2--------z GENDER STUDENT Expanding pedagogy: walking out of silence
3867-7z  se23oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z MULTIMEDIA METHODOLOGY Second Life from an instructional design perspective
3865-7z  se23oct 10  -- abe 1-------zw GENDER NOVEL Lying Down to Die: Breaking the mould
3861-7z  se25aug 10  -- abe 6B-------z ONLINE ASSESSMENT Online Learning Vs. Classroom Based Instruction
3860-8w  se14dec 10  -2 abp 2B460----w READING SPECIAL A Comparison of Reading Programs for LD Students
3858-7z  se23jul 10  -- abe 1--------z ONLINE ELEARNING Advantages and Disadvantages of the E-Learning Environment
3857-7z  e-seven 10  -- abe 1--------z GENDER STUDENT “Guys, Ask Your Girlfriends….” Exclusion and Erasure in the Classroom
3853-7z  se14oct 10  -- abe 1B------jz CONSULT HEALTH-2 Doing ethnography in the classroom
3850-7z  se17nov 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE LEADERSHIP Communicating Leadership in Online Learning
3846-7j  se23jul 10  -- abe 1B-------j MEDIA SCHOLARSHIP (Dis)Functional Media Literacy: Critiquing the Media Critique
3842-7j  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B500----j ACTION LANGUAGE From drill to performance: twofold shifts in design
3839-7j  se23jul 10  -- abe 2-415----w SERVICE RESEARCH Beginning Teachers’ Service-Learning Preparation 
3835-7j  -  -  - --  -- a-- ---------j MEDIA CURRICULUM Re-Imagining Media Education 
3833-7j  se22jun 10  -- abe 2--------j HEALTH-1 CURRICULUM Interdisciplinary Health Grant Unexpectedly Ends?
3832-7j  se23jul 10  -- abp 2-473----z SERVICE GENDER Service-Learning and Women’s Moral Development   
3829-7j  se23jul 10  -- abe 1B-------j SECONDARY CURRICULUM The Writers’ Workshop: Students with Disabilities in the English Classroom
3828-7j  se23jul 10  -- abe 1B-------j MEDIA SCHOLARSHIP Learning in 3-D Virtual Worlds: Rethinking Media Literacy
3827-7z  se22jun 10  -- abe 2B-------z MULTIMEDIA SCHOLARSHIP Multimedia Technologies and Familiar Spaces
3826-7j  -  -  - --  1- abp 1B-------j SECONDARY SCIENCE Designing Cost Effective Online Lab Experiments for Secondary Science Teachers
3825-7z  se22jun 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE SCHOLARSHIP Timing: The Ethics of the Online Classroom
3823-7j  se22jun 10  -- abp 1B-------j ASSESSMENT SCHOLARSHIP The Effects of Meditation on Academic Achievement: A Review and Critique of the Literature with Recommendations
3821-7j  se22jun 10  -- ab- 1--------j RESEARCH READING Pre-Service Teachers Relearning Basic Phonics
3816-7j  se22jun 10  3- abp 2-ooo----j ASSESSMENT CULTURE Latino Voices on High-Stakes Testing
3812-7z  se25aug 10  -- ab- 1--------z ONLINE CURRICULUM Online Teacher Certification Graduates’ Use of Technology in their Classrooms
3811-7j  se26may 10  -- abe 2B-------j SPECIAL CULTURE Cultural and Ethical Issues in Special Education 
3810-7z  se26may 10  2- abp 2B375----z ONLINE CURRICULUM Technology Use in Taiwanese Elementary Schools
3808-7z  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------z SCHOLARSHIP ONLINE Improving Learning in Multicultural Courses
3807-7j  se29apr 10  -- abe 2--------j ASSESSMENT LANGUAGE Maintaining Motivation to Learn
3806-7j  e-seven 10  3- abe 2B369----j ASSESSMENT ONLINE Online Assessment Products and Assessment Systems
3805-7j  se28may 10  -- abe 2B-------j CULTURE CURRICULUM The Integration of Folk Art into the Art Curricula with Implication for Teacher Education
3804-7z  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE STUDENT Building for Learning in a Virtual Environment  
3803-7j  se26may 10  -- ab- 1--------j SERVICE HEALTH Service-Learning + New Students = Challenges
3802-7j  -  -  - --  9- ab- 1--------j GENDER LEADERSHIP The Administrative Position of Female Academics in Turkish Universities and Their Geographical (Spatial) Distribution
3796-7l  -  -  - --  6- abe 1B------lz MATH SPECIAL Secondary Math Inclusion of Students with LD 
3794-7j  se22jun 10  -- abe 3-------jw LANGUAGE CULTURE Literacy, Language, and Culture 
3793-7l  se13apr 10  -- abe 1B333----z LEADERSHIP CURRICULUM The Curriculum-In-Use, The Curriculum We Need:  Teacher Education...
3791-7l  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B334----j ADJUNCT SCHOLARSHIP Working with English Department Adjuncts
3789-7l  -  -  - --  1- ab- 2--------l STUDENT HEALTH Students’ Evaluation of a Communication-Intensive, Service-Learning Project in a Dietetics Course
3788-7l  se13apr 10  -- abe 1B-------l MATH SELF Dimensions of Self-Confidence and Pedagogy in Mathematics
3786-7l  se29apr 11  -- ab- 2-338----l LEADERSHIP CURRICULUM Help Wanted: Recognizing the Value of Teacher Leaders in Urban Schools
3784-7l  se17mar 10  -- abe 3B-------l STUDENT SECONDARY Students’ Resilience and Learning Environments
3779-7l  se29apr 11  -- ab- 2-328----l MATH SECONDARY Understanding Perceptions and Emotions of Students Who Struggle in Mathematics
3778-7l  se29apr 11  -- ab- 1-330----l STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP An Ecological Understanding of Candidates’ Cognitive Visions of Teaching
3777-7l  se13apr 10  -- abe 2--------l MATH SECONDARY Including Software in Math Instruction 
3773-7l  se02apr 10  -- abe 1B-------j STUDENT LANGUAGE The Role of Attributions in Learner Motivation
3770-7j  se26may 10  -- abe 1--------j MANAGEMENT CULTURE Developing Bicultural Competencies
3768-7l  se10apr 10  1- abp 1B322----l LEADERSHIP CURRICULUM Using the Theory Abstract to Teach Leadership
3760-7l  se02apr 10  -- abe 1--------l LEADERSHIP CURRICULUM Redesign of an outcome-based leadership program
3758-7l  se02apr 10  -- abe 1B-------l LEADERSHIP ELEMENTARY Principal Leadership that Makes a Difference
3757-7j  -  -  o 10  -- abp 1B-------j SERVICE SCIENCE Developing Curiosity in Science with Service
3756-7w  se26feb 10  -- abe 5-------wl LANGUAGE CURRICULUM Are schools failing EAL students with dyslexia
3754-7l  se10apr 11  -- abp 2B307----l LEADERSHIP STUDENT Preparing Leaders for the Ivory Tower or the Real World?
3753-7l  se10apr 10  -- abe 2B-------l LEADERSHIP CULTURE A Study of Principal Selection in Modern China
3751-7l  se02apr 09  -- abe 1B-------l ADJUNCT METHODOLOGY How can the use of part time instructors be beneficial to institutions of higher learning?
3750-7l  se17mar 10  1- abe 1B296----l MATH METHODOLOGY A Spirited Mathematics Methods Course
3748-7j  se26may 10  -- abe 1B-------j SERVICE LANGUAGE Service Learning in an Academic ESL Setting
3746-7l  se02apr 10  -- abe 1B-------l CURRICULUM LANGUAGE Teaching Verb Tenses to ESL Graduate Students
3742-7z  se02apr 09  -- abe 6B-------z MULTIMEDIA SOCSTU Multimedia in Social Studies Class: Does it Work?
3740-7l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1-------lz STUDENT ONLINE Higher Education and the Internet
3739-7l  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------l LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT Education FOR Leadership: Using Guidelines
3738-7l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1-------lj METHODOLOGY RESEARCH Teachers as reflective practitioners using multiple Intelligences –based instruction
3737-7l  -  -  - --  -- a-- 2--------l CULTURE CURRICULUM British Studies and Cultural Studies: Incommensurable Disciplines?
3736-7j  -  -  - --  3- ab- 2--------j SECONDARY SPECIAL  Preschool Teacher’s Perceptions of Learning Center Adaptations Used by  Children With Developmental 
3734-8w  -  -  - --  3- ab- 2--------w MATH STUDENT Concept mapping and students attitudes in mathematics
3733-7j  se29jan 10  -- abe 2-------lj LANGUAGE SECONDARY Teachers’ Beliefs about Second Language Learning
3732-7j  se02apr 10  -- abe 1B------lj CURRICULUM CULTURE European Union University Education
3728-7l  e-seven 10  -- abe 4B-------l STUDENT ASSESSMENT A Multi-level Analysis of Student Achievement
3724-7l  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------l STUDENT SECONDARY “We’re not Sheep”: Student Geography Attitudes
3723-7l  se03mar 10  1- abe 1B-------j SERVICE MULTIMEDIA The International Experience project—An exploration of international and domestic service learning
3722-7l  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------l CURRICULUM CONSULT Natural Differentiation: Coupling Inquiry and Cooperative Learning
3721-7j  se03mar 10  -- abe 1--------j MEDIA MULTIMEDIA Teachers’ Attitudes about Media Education 
3719-7l  se03mar 10  1- abe 2B280----l STUDENT SPECIAL Why do the Gifted Underachieve? A Look Into Intrinsic Motivation as a Tool for Change
3718-7l  se29jan 09  -- abe 1B-------l LANGUAGE CULTURE Talking Turkey
3716-7l  se03mar 10  -- abe 3B-------j SERVICE LEADERSHIP Transitioning to Collaborative Service-Learning
3714-7z  se05feb 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE ELEARNING Supporting Communication and Interaction with E-Learning Platform Features
3712-7w  -  -  - --  -- a-e 1--------w LANGUAGE METHODOLOGY Teaching Verb Tenses to ESL Graduate Students
3707-7w  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------w NOVEL CRITICAL Theories and (Legal) Practice for Teaching Novels
3701-7w  se27dec 10  -- ab- 1--------w NOVEL LANGUAGE Poe and Beyond
3700-7w  -  -  - --  -- a-e 1B-------w LANGUAGE WRITING Insights from L2, for Writing Teachers in L1
3699-7j  se05feb 10  -- abe 1B-------w MATH CURRICULUM Mathematics across the curriculum: Challenging the consensus model in school mathematics
3695-7w  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------w LANGUAGE METHODOLOGY Tonal Awareness and the Use of Phonological Information Learning to Read Chinese Characters
3694-7w  -  -  - --  -- a-- 2--------w LANGUAGE CULTURE Cross-Cultural Encounters in the EFL Classroom: A Comparative Account
3692-7w  se29jan 10  -- abe 1B-------w NOVEL WRITING Postmodern Pragmatism: Toward the Postmodern Classroom
3691-7j  se05feb 10  3- abe 1B256----w MATH SCIENCE Mathematics Plus Science Equals Success
3690-7l  e-seven 10  -- abp 2B-------l STUDENT BUSINESS Business Students Must Have Cultural Adaptability
3682-7j  se29jan 10  -- ab- 2--------w LANGUAGE SECONDARY (Lack of) Motivation in US Foreign Language Classrooms
3681-7j  se05feb 10  -- abe 3B-------j SECONDARY STUDENT Parental Engagement in the Schools
3678-7l  se17mar 12  -- a-p 1B243----j LEADERSHIP PBL Leadership Development: Problem-Based Learning
3677-7w  -  -  - --  3- ab- 1--------w LANGUAGE SCHOLAR The Rhetoric of RA introductions in Arabic
3676-7w  se29jan 10  -- ab- 2--------w LANGUAGE METHODOLOGY Manipulating Grammar Using a Holistic Approach
3675-7l  -  r  o 10  -- ab- 1--------l SERVICE CURRICULUM Service Learning Models for the Capstone Course
3670-7j  -  -  - --  1- a-- 2--------j HEALTH CURRICULUM EHAS Program: exitoso project in Telecommunications or in Telemedicine?
3669-7j  se02apr 10  -- abe 2B-------w MATH HEALTH Journal Writing and Mathematics Anxiety
3668-7w  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------w NOVEL LANGUAGE Teaching Musical Fiction as a Foreign Language
3667-7l  -  -  - --  -- a-- ---------l ADJUNCT NOVEL “Respect for Persons” in the Academy: Kantian Ethics and the Adjunct Issue
3666-7l  se29jan 10  -- ab- 1--------l SERVICE STUDENT The Ethics of Accommodation and Authenticity in Service-Learning
3665-7z  se03mar 10  -- abp 1B------jz SELF HEALTH Goal Setting & Self-Monitoring Training of Children & Adolescents to Increase Physical Activity and Weight Management
3664-7w  se20nov 10  1- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE HEALTH Foreign language anxiety 
3663-7z  -  -  - --  -- a-p -B-------z SELF CURRICULUM Improving the Self Efficacy and Persistence of Alternatively Certified Novice Teachers
3662-7l  se03mar 10  -- abe 1B-------l CURRICULUM HISTORY Creating a Simulation: Planning and Implementation
3656-7w  se20nov 10  -- abe 1--------w LANGUAGE TECHNOLOGY Collect Lexical Data with Images and Search Tasks
3649-7j  se03mar 10  -- abe 3--------j HEALTH STUDENT Perceived Versus Actual Health Knowledge of Undergraduates 
3648-7j  se03mar 10  3- ab- 3-201----j ASSESSMENT SECONDARY Risk and School Transition in Early Adolescence
3647-7j  -  -  - --  -- ab- 3--------j TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL Use of Technology and Curriculum-Based Measurements to Enhance the Writing Process for Students with Mild Disabilities
3645-7j  se27dec 10  -- abe 1B-------j RESEARCH HEALTH Ethics and Qualitative Research in Education
3643-7l  se05feb 10  -- abe 1B-------l STUDENT HEALTH Minority Student Achievement and School Stressors
3635-7w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1------w-j METHODOLOGY LANGUAGE A Methods Approach to Nonstandard Discourse
3632-7l  se26dec 11  -- ab- 1-177----l SERVICE STUDENT Exploring African American College Student Development through Service-Learning
3628-7l  -  -  - 10  -- ab- 1--------l ADJUNCT Administrative Support for Outside Site Instructors 
3623-7j  se27dec 10  -- abe 1B-------j CRITICAL NOVEL Teaching Business Majors to Read Chaucer
3622-7j  se20nov 10  -- abe 4B-------j GENDER Student Sexual Orientation Harassment
3621-7w  se09nov 10  1- abe 3B152----w MATH To what Extent Does a Mathematics Methods Course Change Pre-Service Teacher’s Beliefs About Mathematics?
3620-7w  -  -  - --  -- abe 2B-------w SERVICE Evaluating Service-Learning Using Phenomenology
3618-6z  se02oct 10  -- abp 2B-------z SELF Dialogic and monologic forms of instructional discourse and the development of  cultural models in  self-regulated learning
3613-6z  se02oct 10  -- abe 5B-------z SELF Collaborative Self-Directed Learning for the Classroom 
3610-6z  revi    10  -- abe 1B-------z POLITICAL Teaching Politics Across Disciplines 
3607-6z  -  -  - --  2- abe 2B-------z SELF Personality, Motivation, Learning Strategies, and Scholastic Aptitude in the Academic Achievement of College Students
3606-6z  se02oct 10  -- abe 1--------z POLITICAL ASSESSMENT Addressing the Knowledge Gap in a Gen Ed Course
3605-6z  se02oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE Building an Online Course Supplement—Lessons Learned
3603-6z  e-seven 10  -- abe 2--------z SELF Exclusionary School Discipline and Self-Regulation 
3599-6z  se09nov 10  -- abe 1B-------z POLITICAL In Defense of Dissent: A Consideration on the Challenges of Teaching Democratic Citizenship
3598-6z  e-seven 10  -- abp 2B182----z SELF Evidence-based Approaches for Self-Regulated Learning
3596-6z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2--------z CONSULT Teaching philosophy: moving from f2f to online classrooms
3594-6z  se09nov 10  -- abe 1B-211---z ONLINE NOVEL Web Hybrid vs. Online Learning in Composition
3592-6z  se18sep 10  -- abe 1B-------z PBL Problem-Based Learning for Small Town Renewal
3590-6z  -  -  - --  -- a-- 3--------z ONLINE Teacher Immediacy: Comparisons Across “Live” and Online Classrooms
3587-7l  se26dec 10  3- abe 3-129----l EFFICACY A Test of a Model to Predict Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy
3586-6z  se02oct 10  -- abp 1B-------z SELF How Learning Theories Can Help Teachers Develop Self-Regulated Learners
3583-6z  se26oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z SELF NOVEL Multicultural literature and reading motivation	
3581-7l  se26dec 10  -- abe 3B-------l STUDENT LAW Collaborative learning: Critical factors for student satisfaction in the Criminal Justice classroom
3580-6z  -  -  - --  1- abe 1B-------z POLITICAL A Political Science Treasure Hunt
3571-7w  se26dec 09  -- abe 1B-------w MATH Implications of the ACT content and process survey
3570-6z  se09nov 10  -- abe 3--------z SCIENCE Practitioner Research in Professional Development
3568-6z  -  -  - --  8- ab- 2--------z CONSULT Towards a New Teacher Education (Teacher Education in South Africa)
3566-7w  se20nov 09  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE A History of Justification for the Communicative Language Teaching Approach
3558-7w  se20nov 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Online interactions in second language classrooms
3556-6z  se02oct 10  -- abe zB-------z ONLINE Online Learning: A Cognitive Perspective
3554-6z  se03nov 11  2- ab- 1-111----z SELF Critical Reflection Through Writing in Mathematics
3550-6z  se18sep 10  -- abe 3B-------z ONLINE Student Learning and Distance Education
3547-6z  se02oct 10  -- abp 2--------z SELF COMMUNITY The Attendance-Performance Effect and Implications of Self-Regulated Learning for Student Success
3545-6z  e-seven 10  -- abe 2B-------z PBL Effectiveness of the PBL on Academic Performance
3543-7j  se26aug 10  -- abe 2--------j MEDIA Will Accreditation Turn Us All into Mr. Holland?
3542-6z  se02oct 10  -- abe 1--------z ONLINE MEDIA Virtual Classroom Discourse
3541-7w  se26dec 11  -- abe 2-107----w SERVICE HEALTH The Impact of a Service-Learning Course on Medical Students:  Self-Reflections
3538-6z  se26aug 10  -- abe 1--------z NON-THEMATIC Profiling the Malignant Professor
3536-7j  se20nov 10  -- abe 1B-------j MEDIA Quantifying Media Literacy
3534a6z  se31jul 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE “Behind the Scenes” in Online Education: The Role of Faculty Support Staff in Online Education Programs
3532-7w  se31jul 11  -- abe 2B088----w MATH Single-sex education and attributions in Math
3531-7w  eiseven 11  -- abe 4B124----w SERVICE Developing a Service Learning Scholars Program
3530-7j  r  -  o 10  -- ab- 2--------j ASSESSMENT Effect of Social Constructivist Learning on Student Achievement in Pre-service Teacher Education
3526-6z  -  -  - --  1- ab- 3--------z PBL Problem Based Learning: Connecting Dialogues 
3523-6j  -  -  - --  4- --- 2--------j TECHNOLOGY The digital frontier: policy issues and recommendations for laptop computers in science learning
3521-7l  se31jul 10  3- abe 3-078---zl WRITING Effects of a Job Shadowing Experience on Writing
3520-6z  se18aug 10  -- abe 2B-------z SELF Self-Regulation and the Brain-Mind Cycle of Reflection
3517-6z  se14jul 10  -- ab- 1--------z SELF Self-Regulated Reading Comprehension in College
3516-6z  -  -  - --  10 ab- 2--------z ONLINE Blending online instruction with traditional instruction in the programming language course: A case study
3514-6z  -  -  - --  10 ab- 2--------z ONLINE An Online Basic English Support Material
3512-6j  se16jun 10  -- abp 1B-------j SPECIAL Serving Students with Disabilities in the Community College Setting
3510-7w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2--------w LANGUAGE Learning Business Spanish with the Use of a Collaborative Exercise
3509-6z  se31jul 09  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE Online Hospitality: A Commentary 
3508-6j  se14jul 10  5- abp 5-087----j MEDIA Pilot Evaluation of Beyond Blame:  Challenging Violence in the Media 
3506-6j  se14jul 09  -- abe 3B-------j ASSESSMENT Assessing functioning knowledge
3505-6j  se31jul 10  -- abe 2B-------j MEDIA Simplicity in Media Literacy Teacher Development
3503-6j  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------j RESEARCH Dilemmas of the Literature review for A.I. and P.I. Investigators
3497-7w  -  -  - 09  -- ab- 3--------w LANGUAGE Improving Writing Skills in the Online Classroom
3496-6z  R  o  o 09  -- ab- 3--------z ONLINE Strategies for Retention of Online Students
3492-7w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------w NOVEL Classroom Crapshoot
3489-6j  se16jun 10  -- abe 3B-------j HEALTH Partnerships to Evaluate Campus Health Programs 
3488-6z  -  -  - --  -- a-- ---------z LEADERSHIP Leadership As A Trait Approach
3487-7w  se18sep 10  -- abe 1B-------w SERVICE Does service-learning (engaged learning) impact graduation rates?
3484-7w  se31jul 10  -- abp 1B-------w LANGUAGE De-Bunking the Myth of the Enlightened Teacher vs. the Resistant Student Writer: A Case for Critical Revision
3477-00  -  -  - --  -- --- ---------- ooooooooo -----------------
3476-6z  -  -  - --  -- a-- 3-000----z ELEARNING Attitude and Behavior Study in Web-based Language Learning
3473-6j  se16jun 10  1- abe 1-985----j ASSESSMENT Differentiation and Universal Design for Learning Toward Assessment Gains in Math for Students with Mild Disabilities
3470-6j  se28may 10  -- abe 1B-------j EFFICACY Where Have All The Mentors Gone?
3463-6j  se28may 10  -- abp 1B-------j TECHNOLOGY Improving Critical Writing Outcomes by Going Hybrid
3457-6j  se30apr 10  -- abe 2B-------j RESEARCH Action Research: Inclusive Teacher Preparation
3456-6j  -  -  - 11  -- abe 3B-------j MATH Analogy-Enhanced Instruction in Mathematics 
3442-6l  revi    10  1- abe 1B-------l CURRICULUM Diversity learning: An interdisciplinary endeavor
3439-6z  -  o  o 10  -- ab- 1--------z PBL The Design Process: A Creative Approach to Problem Solving
3438-6l  se02apr 09  -- abe 1--------l METHODOLOGY The Red Ball: Teaching Methodologies to Undergraduates
3437-6l  se23mar 10  -- abp 1B-------l ALTERNATIVE Animating Library Instruction
3434-6l  -  -  - --  -- ab- ---------l METHODOLOGY Methodological Competencies of Teachers: A Study of Nigeria (Teaching methodologies in the humanities and sciences)
3431-6l  se23mar 10  -- abe 2B-------l LEADERSHIP Coaching School Leaders: New Role for Professors
3429-6j  -  -  - 09  -- a-e 3B-------j HEALTH Integrating Health Services with Learning and Teaching 
3427-6l  se04mar 09  -- abp 2B-------l CURRICULUM Interdisciplinary Teaching in Anthropology and History
3426-6l  -  -  - --  -- ab- ---------l METHODOLOGY Playing with the Toolkit: Taking methods from classroom to the field
3425-6l  se04mar 10  -- abe 2--------l METHODOLOGY Standards vs. Academic Freedom
3424-6z  se04mar 09  -- abe 2B-------z ONLINE Building Community Through Online Interaction
3419-6j  se05may 10  -- abe 1--------j RELIGION Classrooms as epistemic communities: revisiting the evolution-intelligent design controversy
3418-7w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------w SERVICE The Civic Engagement Model of Service-learning: Are All of the Voices at the Table?
3416-6j  se05may 10  -- abe 1-981----j COMMUNITY Service-learning: A fit for Community Colleges?
3415-7w  se27may 10  -- abe 2B-------w SERVICE Student Leader Perceptions and Service Participation 
3412-6l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------l STUDENT Minority Voices in Service Learning Programs
3410-6l  se23mar 10  -- abe 1--------l LEADERSHIP Leadership Prescription Paradigms
3408-6l  se02apr 10  -- abe 4--------l STUDENT Student Perceptions of Campus Police Services
3405-7w  -  -  - --  -- abe 2B-------w CULTURE Issues in Contact Zone Pedagogy
3404-6j  se05may 10  -- abe 1B-------j HEALTH University Counseling Center Client Presenting Concerns
3403-6z  -  -  - --  -- abe 3B-------z GENDER A Service-learning Assignment to Promote Social Justice 
3400-6l  se23mar 10  -- abe 2B-------l STUDENT Math Sophistication and Differentiated Emotion 
3399-6j  -  -  - --  -- a-e -B-------j TECHNOLOGY Cultural Diversity in Instructional Design for Technology-Based Education
3397-6l  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------l METHODOLOGY Writing, Method and Hermeneutics: Towards a Post-foundational View of Writing ...
3395-6l  -  -  - --  2- a-- 1--------l STUDENT Speaking Assignment Options: Manuscript Speech Versus Reasoned Response
3391-6l  se12feb 10  -- abe 1--------l STUDENT Inquiry, Reflection, and Pedagogical Sense Making
3388-7w  se06jul 11  -- abe 1--------w LANGUAGE We Speak What We Eat: My Big Fat Greek Language
3387-6j  se04mar 10  -- abe 1B-------j SCIENCE Critical Thinking in Science Education
3375-6z  -  o  o 10  -- ab- 2--------l CRITICAL Service-Learning, Critical Thinking & Reflection
3369-6w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1-------wl LANGUAGE Writing and the Second Language Curriculum
3368-6l  se12feb 10  -- abe 1B-------l CURRICULUM The Borderless Classroom
3363-6w  se29jan 10  -- abe 2B-------w SERVICE Teaching Grant Writing with Service-Learning
3359-6w  se29jan 10  -- abe 2B-------w SERVICE Education and Service: Partners in Leadership
3353-6j  se30apr 10  1- abe 5B843----j SECONDARY A Collaborative Arts Program: Impact on Student Achievement and Teacher Art Infusion 
3352-6w  se29jan 10  -- abe 1B-------w SERVICE Reflection and relationships in interpersonal communication: An example of a service-learning project
3344-6w  se29jan 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Using Language Experiences for the Written language Development of Students with Severe Learning Disabilities
3342-6w  se29jan 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Phenomenology and the Use of Drama in an EFL Immersion Classroom
3339-6w  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------w ONLINE The Online Learner: Characteristics and Pedagogical Implications
3338-6w  se11mar 10  -- abe 2--------z ONLINE Error Knowledge and Instructional Design: Implementing a “Negative” Rationality Model in Online Learning Environments 
3337-6w  se11mar 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Language and Myths of the GULAG
3336-6j  se27feb 10  -- abe 1-----???w LANGUAGE Reported Discourse in advertisements and Its implications for EFL Teaching
3334-6j  se11mar 10  -- abe 1--------j RESEARCH A School-based Education Research In-service
3323-6w  se12feb 10  -- abe 1--------w SERVICE Service Learning for Information Professionals
3320-6j  -  -  - 10  -- abe 1--------j ASSESSMENT Teaching socializing through self assessment 
3318-6w  -  o  o 10  -- ab- 2--------j SERVICE Protecting Students: The Psychological and Emotional Impact of Action Research
3313-6w  se28dec 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Misperceptions of Attitudes toward Language Study
3311-6l  se11mar 10  -- abp 2B-------l STUDENT Beliefs about Mathematics Associated with Achievement
3310-6z  e-seven 10  -- abe 3--------w ONLINE Time Management Strategies for Online Teaching
3306-6l  se11mar 10  -- abp 1B-------l ALTERNATIVE Using Pedagogical Theories in the Context of Library Instruction
3305-6w  se27feb 10  -- abe 2B-------w SERVICE Theorizing Service Learning Benefits for Communities
3300-6l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2--------j STUDENT Connecting with Students Through Empathy: A Dialogue
3299-6w  se28dec 10  -- abp 1B815----w SERVICE Encountering New Lands: Teaching Service Learning Writing
3293-6z  se19nov 10  -- abp 2--------z SELF Fostering Self-regulation in Distributed Learning
3292-6z  se28dec 10  -- abe 2B-------z CONSULT Cooperative learning in the online classroom: The impact of students’ experience on their perceptions
3291-6w  se06nov 10  -- abe 1--------w LANGUAGE Language and Culture in Loving Pedro Infante  
3290-6w  se19nov 10  -- abe 2--------w LANGUAGE Universal Constraints and the Multilingual Child
3288-6w  se06nov 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Training in Medical Translation
3285-6l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2-------zl SELF A Dialogue on Empathy in Education and Therapy
3283-5z  se15oct 11  -- abp 1-752---wz SCHOLAR Science Teaching Crisis: Outsourcing a Solution
3282-6j  se06nov 10  -- abe 1--------j EFFICACY Teacher efficacy in use of learning strategies
3281-6w  se06nov 10  -- abp 1B-------w SERVICE Learning Service-Learning: One instructor’s experience guiding a university-based project
3279-6w  se06nov 09  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Facilitating Spanish Grammar with Classroom Performance System (CPS)
3276-6w  se06nov 10  -- abe 1--------w LANGUAGE Designing an Instructional Website on Language
3275-6l  se23oct 10  -- abe 1-729----z CULTURE Teaching Culture in Foreign Language Instruction
3274-6l  se17sep 11  -- abe 2B719----l INFOLIT Role of Reading Ability in Research Courses
3271-6w  se06nov 10  -- abe 1B-------w SECONDARY Using Young Adult Literature to Counsel Children
3269-5z  se15oct 10  -- ab- 1--------z CONSULT Jumpstart and Community-University Partnerships 
3266-6w  se06nov 12  3- abp 1B713----w SERVICE Preservice Students as Servant-Leaders: Using Backwards Planning as a Development Tool to Design Service-Learning Lesson Plans
3265-6l  se19nov 11  8- abp 1-711----l MANAGEMENT The paradox of thrift: a closer look from an introductory perspective
3264-5z  se15oct 10  4- abp 1B700----z SELF SRL Tools in a Sports Skill Training Program
3261-6w  se30oct 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Critical Thinking for Academic Success
3258-5z  -  o  o 10  -- ab- 2-------zw EFFICACY  Developing Efficacy with the NYC Teaching Fellows
3257-5z  se15oct 10  -- abe 2B-------z EFFICACY Teacher Efficacy via Inquiry, Support and Collaboration
3256-5z  se15oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z MANAGEMENT Management Education and Development 
3254-6w  se30oct 10  -- abp 1--------w ADULT Adult Learners and Peer Evaluation of Content Knowledge
3253-5z  -  -  - --  -- abe 1B-------l SELF Engineering College Student Academic Achievement
3249-5z  se15oct 10  -- abe 3B-------z SELF Low Self-Regulated Students in PBL
3247-5z  se23oct 10  -- abe 1--------z EFFICACY Teacher and Teaching Characteristics
3246-5z  -  -  - 10  -- ab- 1--------z ONLINE Online Algebra for Urban Students
3244-5z  se23oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z INFOLIT Literacy and Service: An Infused learning experience
3242-5z  se03oct 09  -- abe 2B-------z ONLINE Impact of Source Credibility on Online Community
3241-5z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------z ONLINE A Market Analysis of Online Education
3240-5z  se15oct 10  -- abe 2B-------z SELF Self-regulated learning assessment in young children
3238-5z  se03oct 10  -- abe 2B-------z ONLINE Designing Accessible Online Learning Environments
3231-5z  se15oct 10  -- abe 2B-------z SELF Self-Regulation Teaching Models
3229-5z  se03oct 10  -- abe 1B-------z SELF Adult Learners’ Self-Regulated Learning in Online Environments: A Qualitative Investigation
3227-5z  se15oct 10  -- abp 1B-------z EFFICACY Writing Pedagogy and the Paragraph
3225-6z  se06nov 10  -- abe 2-732----z PBL The Problem with Problems in Computational Science and Engineering Problem-Based Learning: The SQS Approach
3224-6w  -  -  - 10  -- ab- 1--------w LANGUAGE Standard American English in the EFL Classroom
3223-5z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------z EFFICACY Teachers’ Self-efficacy for Writing
3222-6w  se30oct 10  -- abe 1B-------w LANGUAGE Teaching Italian in Japan: A Semiotic Approach
3220-5z  seAug28 09  -- abe 1B-------z INFOLIT National History Day Research: Libraries Collaborating for Information Literacy
3218-5z  -  o  - 10  -- ab- 2--------z MANAGEMENT Strategic Planning and Online Learning
3217-6l  se06nov 10  -- abe 2B-------l STUDENT Student perspectives on literacy and its teaching
3215-5z  N  r  o 10  -- ab- 1--------z GENDER Non-Homophobic/Non-Heterosexist Teacher Education
3213-6l  se17sep 10  -- abp 1--------l METHODOLOGY Integrating College Course Reading Materials
3212-5z  seAug28 10  -- abe 1B-------z INFOLIT Small Steps for Information Literacy Instruction 
3211-6w  se30oct 10  -- abe 1--------w ENVIRONMENT The Five Senses Approach to Outdoor Experiential Learning
3209-5z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------z GENDER Queering Educational Research in the Academy
3206-5z  se11mar 10  -- abe 2B-------l STUDENT Engaging Students in Multicultural Education
3201-5z  -  -  - --  -- abe 1--------z SELF Instructional Promotion of Task Understanding
3199-5z  -  -  - --  3- a-- 1--------z EFFICACY A multi-method study on self-efficacy in a secondary school context:  Discussion on teacher efficacy ...
3198-5z  se18sep 10  -- abe 2--------z EFFICACY College Instructors’ Efficacy Beliefs
3194-5z  seSep12 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE Using video conferencing in an off campus course
3192-5z  R  r  o 10  -- ab- 2-xxx----z INFOLIT Parties for Partnership: Promoting IL to Faculty
3190-6w  R  r  o 10  -- ab- 1-xxx----w NOVEL Teaching the Postmodern in The Book of Daniel
3188-5z  seSep12 10  -- abe 2B-------z ONLINE Online Enhanced Courses: Multicultural Factors
3184-5z  seAug13 10  -- ab- 3-xxx---zw ONLINE Why Do Students Leave Online Courses? Attrition in Community College Distance Learning Courses
3177-5z  seSep12 10  -- abe 1B-------z EFFICACY Teacher Efficacy, the Pre-service Teaching Experience and Student Achievement
3175-5z  seAug13 10  -- abe 1B-------z SELF Self-directed Learning from the Political Lens
3174-6w  se17sep 10  -- abp 2--------w SERVICE Positive Youth Development 
3172-5z  seAug13 10  -- abp 1B-------z SCHOLARSHIP Setting the Stage for Learning 
3171-5z  -  -  - --  -- abe 1--------z CONSULT Producing Results for the NCLB Act in Middle Schools    
3170-5z  seAug13 10  -- abp 2B-------z CONSULT Reading and Learning as a Community-Wide Initiative:  A Middle School/College Exchange
3168-5z  -  -  - --  1- ab- 3--------z SELF Regulating Learning with Student Constructed Study Guides
3167-5z  -  -  - --  1- ab- 2--------z SELF The Interplay Between Self-Regulation, Parental Involvement, and Homework on Math and Science Achievement
3162-6w  seAug06 10  -- a-e 1--------w PLAIGIARISM A Practical Approach to Avoiding Plagiarism
3161-6z  se17sep 10  -- abe 1B-------z PBL PBL as the co-production of learning and teaching
3158-6j  o  r  o 09  -- abe 1B-------j TECHNOLOGY Empowering Interactive Bulletin Board Communications 
3155-5z  seAug11 09  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE Could Trump U help e-learning advocates?
3152-5z  o  n  o 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE Asynchronous Content Design for Online Learning
3149-6w  se17sep 10  -- abe 2--------w SERVICE Sport, Community, and Praxis: Service-Learning as Intentional Pedagogy in the Sociocultural Analyses of Sport
3148-5z  seAug11 10  -- abe 1B-------z ONLINE Preassessing Students for Online Learning Competency
3147-5j  seAug06 10  1- abp 2B648----w SPECIAL Functional Communication Training for a Student with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
3145-5z  seAug06 10  1- abe 2-650----z EFFICACY Possible Selves Theory and Why New Teachers Leave
3144-5z  seJul11 10  -- ab- 1-xxx----z INFOLIT Information Literacy: the U. Maryland Model
3143-6w  se17sep 10  2- abp 1B640----w LANGUAGE Logographic reading: Reading environmental print for visual and cognitive anchors
3142-5z  seAug06 09  -- abe 1B-------z SELF Self-Regulating on the Rails
3141-5z  seAug06 10  1- abp 2B641----z CONSULT A Methodology in Student Team Formation
3139-6w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------w NOVEL McLuhan’s Warning, Frye’s Strategy, Emerson’s Dream
3136-5z  seSep04 10  -- abe 1B-------z CONSULT Instructional Collaboration in Teaching Hybrid Courses 
3132-5j  R  o  r 10  -- ab- 1-xxx----j MATH Equity for All: A Study of Mathematics Anxiety and Changes in At-Risk Students
3131-5j  seJun29 10  -- abp 1B------jz CRITICAL The Simulation Approach: Problem-Centered Teams to Foster Critical Thinking Skills
3130-5j  -  -  - 09  -- abe 1--------j TECHNOLOGY Tech, Libraries, and Middle School Boys’ Reading
3129-5j  seJul11 09  -- abe 1B-------z INFOLIT Online Instruction for Information Literacy
3128-5j  -  -  - --  -- --e 1--------j BILINGUAL Code-Mixing in Irish Literary Texts
3126-5j  -  -  - --  6- abe 2B-------j BILINGUAL Cognitive factors in children’s L1 and L2 reading
3121-5j  seJun14 10  -- abe 2B-------j TECHNOLOGY Learning Unbound: Using MOOs for Classroom Collaboration
3120-5j  seAug28 10  -- abe 1B-------j COMMUNITY Embracing Community College Students' Diversity
3118-5j  seJun20 10  -- abe 2--------j MATH TESOL Considerations in U.S. Math Materials
3117-5j  seJul05 10  -- ab- 3-xxx----j COMMUNITY Basic and Advanced Science and Technology Academies of Research
3116-6w  e-seven 10  -- abe 2B-------w LANGUAGE Complex Noun Phrases in Technical Writing
3114-5j  e-seven 11  -- abp 2B610----j MATH Preventing Math-Anxious Teaching
3113-5j  seJun14 10  -- ab- 2--------j MATH Should We Integrate Mathematics and Science?
3109-5j  seJun14 10  -- abe 4--------j MATH What do Mathematics Teachers Ask Students to Do in Lessons: TIMSS Data Analysis
3097-5j  x  x  o 11  1- abe 1B604---jz CURRICULUM Global Context for General or Liberal Education
3096-5z  e-seven 09  -- abe 1B-------z GENDER Gender Differences in Students’ Social Goal Pursuit
3091-5j  seMay30 10  -- abe 2B-------j RESEARCH Increasing Secondary Computer Science Enrollment 
3090-5j  seMay31 09  -- abe 1B-------j CURRICULUM Oil and Gas Accounting: Taking a broader view (paper reviews 
3089-5j  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------j MATH Teaching Mathematics for Understanding  
3086-6w  seJun04 10  -- abe 1B-------w ENVIRONMENT Experience This! A First Person Account of the Experiential Approach to Teaching Environmental Issues
3084-6w  seJun20 10  -- abe 2B-------w SERVICE Service Learning: Uncovering the Jewish Community
3081-5j  seMay13 10  -- abe 1--------j TECHNOLOGY Deep Viewing of a Virtual Classroom
3079-5j  -  -  - 10  -- abe 3--------w SERVICE The curriculum: confronting neglect and abuse
3077-5j  seMay13 11  -- abe 3-550----j MATH Diversity and Introductory Science Based Courses
3072-5j  seMay05 10  -- abe 1B-------j MATH Mentoring Diverse Math Teachers in Primary Grades
3065-5j  -  -  - --  -- --- 2--------j COMMUNITY The Importance of the Transfer Function
3062-5j  0  o  o 10  -- abp 1B-------j HEALTH The Teacher’s Tool Box Modes of Bioethical Instruction in the College Classroom 
3061-5j  seMay18 09  -- abe 3--------j BILINGUAL ELLs’ mental state and morphosyntactic complexity
3056-5j  e-seven 10  -- abe 3B510----l zwrotCENTER A Multimedia College/High School Writing Center
3053-5j  e-seven 10  -- abe 5B-------j MEDIA Student Perceptions of WebQuests: A Factor Analysis
3052-5j  seMar17 10  -- abe 4-------lj STUDENT Resistance to Multicultural Education: The Look and Feel
3051-5j  seApr24 10  -- abe 3B------jz CENTER Writing Center as TESL Practicum 
3050-5j  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2-------lj CENTER The Writing Center as Nexus for ESL Support 
3044-5j  -  -  - --  -- abe 3-------lj ALTERNATIVE Active Library Instruction for the “First-Year Experience “
3043-5j  seMar25 10  -- abe 1-------jz CENTER A Writing Center Model for Faculty Outreach: Collaboration
3038-5l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1-------lj STUDENT Motivation and Acquisition of Learning Strategies in Psychology Classrooms
3037-5l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1-------lj STUDENT Students’ Gendered Perspectives are Shackled to Cinder Blocks
3036-5l  0  R  y 10  -- ab- 1-xxx----j ASSESSMENT Effective Assessment of Alternative Discourse 
3030-5l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2--------j SCHOLARSHIP Improving Clinical Experiences of Lateral Entry and Non-teaching Licensure Students through Service Learning -HEALTH
3029-5j  -  -  - 10  -- ab- 1--------j HEALTH Reaching Out To Outreach
3028-5l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------l CENTER On Responding to Diverse Discourse Communities
3025-5l  seApr24 10  -- abe 2B------lj STUDENT Preservice Teachers’ Motivations and Views on Grades
3022-5j  seMay13 10  -- abe 1B-------j BILINGUAL Elementary Views on Language and Success
3019-5l  e-seven 10  -- abp 1B-------l ALTERNATIVE Stop IAKT Syndrome: Shift Your Live Search Demos to Students
3018-5j  -  -  - --  9- ab- 1--------j MATH An Introduction to Regression Using NBA Statistics
3013-5j  o  o  x 10  -- abe 1--------j MEDIA A Condensed History of the Pedagogical Banter about Media Education
3010-5l  e-seven 10  -- abe 2B-------l STUDENT Self-Directed Learning in the ESL Classroom
3009-5l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------l CENTER The Reality of a Writing Center
3008-5l  -  -  - --  3- ab- 1-------lj STUDENT Exploring Motivations for Pursuing Math Careers
3007-5z  e-seven 10  -- abe 1--------z INFOLIT Information Literacy: Correcting Assumptions
3002-5l  e-seven 09  -- abe 1B-------l ALTERNATIVE Library Instruction for the Audience
3001-5l  -  -  - 10  -- ab- 1--------l LEADERSHIP Peer Support in an Online Context
3000-5j  o  o  x 10  -- abe 1--------j RESEARCH Developing & Managing Meaning-Rich and Domain-Specific, Learning Environments
2999-5j  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------j COMMUNITY Studio Arts Mentorship
2996-5l  r  r  o 10  -- abX 1--------l LEADERSHIP Antonio Gramsci on the Change Process
2993-5l  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------l HISTORY Interdisciplinary History Teaching
2991-5l  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------j EFFICACY Concept Mapping to Encourage Meaningful Learning
2990-5l  o  N  o 10  -- abX 1------ljz LANGUAGE An Interesting Approach to Teaching Instruction Paragraphs
2983-5l  seFeb20 10  2- abp 1B453----l STUDENT (see 2984-5l) Charting Students' Perceptions of Teacher Effectiveness 
2979-5w  seFeb02 10  -- abp 1B451----w SERVICE Civic Learning
2978-5l  e-seven 11  -- abe 1B452----l HISTORY Writing a history research paper
2976-5l  -  -  - --  4- --- 1--------l SCHOLARSHIP Using Multiple Intelligences to Bring a Boring Subject to Life...
2974-5j  e-seven 10  -- abe 1--------j ASSESSMENT Gathering evidence of information literacy impact on student learning 
2973-pm  -  -  - --  -- abX 1-------jz NON-THEMATIC On Doing Quality Conference Presentations - Commentary 
2972-5l  seMar14 09  -- abp 1B468----j HISTORY Team-Teaching and a Comparative History of War
2971-5l  R  o  o 10  -- abX 2------ljz SCHOLARSHIP Researching What We Teach, Teaching What We Research
2969-5l  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------l HISTORY Toward an Interactive Classroom
2967-5l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------l READING The Precarious Role of Leveled Texts
2963-5j  seJan14 10  -- abp 1B-------j MATH Attitudes Towards Math of Beginning College Students 
2961-5l  N  r  o 10  -- ab- 1--------l LEADERSHIP Community Leadership Development Model
2958-5l  revi    10  -- abe 1B------wl SERVICE Art Education and Service-Learning Peace Project
2957-5w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2-------wl SERVICE The Effect of Participation in Service Learning on Student Academic Success
2955-5j  e-seven 09  -- abe 1--------j COMMUNITY Connecting Technical and General Education
2950-5l  o  o  o 00  -- GAR 1-------wl LANGUAGE Teaching Ukrainian to Foreign Students
2942-5w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 4--------w SPECIAL Emotional needs of secondary dyslexic pupils
2941-5l  seFeb12 10  -- abp 1--------l CENTER Multi-culturalism and the Writing Center
2936-5w  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1-------wl SPECIAL Poverty Effects and Children with Special Needs
2935-5z  N  -  o 10  -- ab- 1--------z CULTURE Some Issues Regarding Academic Publication in the Humanities
2933-5w  -  -  - 10  -- ab- 1--------w SERVICE Keeping the “Learning” in Service-Learning 
2925-5w  N  n  o 09  -- ab- 1-------wl LANGUAGE Teaching Adjectives – Techniques and Activities 
2920-5w  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------w NOVEL Teaching House Made of Dawn in Lower Level Courses
2919-5w  seDec01 10  -- abe 1--------l CRITICAL Critical Thinking in Science Education
2918-5w  e-seven 10  -- abe 4--------w ONLINE Newly qualified teachers: can ICT help
2916-5z  e-seven 10  -- abe 2--------z ONLINE A Comparison of Traditional and Online Classrooms
2915-5w  revi    10  -- abe 1--------l LANGUAGE Critical Incidents and Coping Strategies
2909-5w  seDec01 10  -- abe 1--------w LANGUAGE Does Poetry Enhance Language Learning?
2907-5w  seDec21 09  -- abe 1B-408---l ADJUNCT Adjuncts-Dead-end Employees
2906-5w  revised 10  -- GAR 2-------wl LANGUAGE School. Dialogue. Culture.
2904-5w  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------w NOVEL Teaching The Last Man in Context
2901-4z  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------z INFOLIT Pedagogy Theories in the Contexts of Library Instruction
2897-5l  e-seven 10  -- abe 1--------l ALTERNATIVE From library mechanics to intellectual concepts
2896-4z  R  r  o 10  -- ab- 1--------l CULTURE Teaching Canadian Literature: A Cultural/Historical Approach
2895-4z  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1B------zl CULTURE Feminist Pedagogy and the Teaching of Literature: A Twenty-First Century Room of One's Own
2891-5w  -  -  - --  3- ab- 2--------w SERVICE The Effect of Participation in Service Learning on Student Academic Success
2890-4z  seDec02 10  -- abe 1------w05 CULTURE Identity Construction: An Organizational Theme for Multicultural Literature Courses 
2888-4j  -  -  - --  -- a-- 3-------jl RESEARCH Skin Color: Influences on Female African American Adolescents’ Self-Image
2884-4z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2-------zw ONLINE Two Peas in a Pod? A Comparison of Face-to-Face and Web Based Classrooms
2883-4z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2-------zw INFOLIT Parties for Partnership: Promoting IL to Faculty 
2882-5w  e-seven 09  -- abe 1B-------w FICTION Author and Audience:  Face to face 
2876-4z  seOct18 10  -- abe 1B-------z CALL Teaching the Japanese Language Online
2864-4z  R  n  n 10  -- abe 4--------z INFOLIT Faculty/librarian Infolit Collaborations 
2862-4z  seSep10 09  -- abe 1B-------z INFOLIT What Faculty Should Know About Information Literacy
2852-4z  e-seven 09  -- abe 1B-------z INFOLIT Faculty Collaboration and Library Instruction at St. Paul’s School
2845-4z  e-seven 10  -- abe 3B-------z ONLINE e-Learning Conceptions: Technologies or Pedagogies? 
2842-4z  rev     10  -- abe 2--------z INFOLIT Know Your Audience: Implications for Instruction
2837-5w  n  R  n 09  -- ab- 3-------wl RESEARCH Effects of testwiseness training on performance in objective tests
2836-4j  seSep06 10  -- abe 1B309---jw ASSESSMENT Assessment and Collaboration in the First Year 
2833-4z  02DEC13 10  -- abe 1--------w ADULT Correspondence Study and the Adult Learner
2823-5w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2--------w SPECIAL The Efficacy of Gentle Teaching in the acquisition of daily living...
2809-4j  N  r  - 10  -- abp 2B-------j COMMUNITY Community College Students Need Online Services
2804-4j  N  n  - 10  -- abe 1B-------j COMMUNITY Technology in the Community College Classroom
2803-4z  02DEC13 10  -- abe 2B-------z ONLINE Intercultural Virtual Team Learning
2800-4j  e-seven 09  -- abe 2B-------j ASSESSMENT A Mission-Based Framework for Student Outcomes
2796-4j  R  r  o 10  -- ab- 2--------j STUDENT The Value Measurement of Personal Writing in Education 
2793-5w  seAug10 09  -- abe 1B-------w SERVICE Service-Learning Through Tax Education Program
2786-4z  e-seven 10  2- abp 1B291----z ONLINE Enhancing Your Face-to-Face Course with Blackboard
2785-4j  seAug06 09  -- abe 2-292--l05 ASSESSMENT No Bullying Policy and Prevention Program Study
2784-5w  e-seven 10  -- abe 1B-------w SERVICE Service-Learning as a Reciprocal Exchange
2783-4z  revi    10  -- abe 1--------z EFFICACY Supervisory Practice: A qualitative study
2778-4j  e-seven 10  -- abp 1B242----l INFOLIT Bibliographic Instruction to Information Literacy
2777-4j  -  -  - --  -- ab- 3--------j RESEARCH Shaking and baking: A recipe for invention (ESL teachers)
2769-4j  -  -  - --  4- --- 1--------j COMMUNITY Pathways’& Partners – the Road to Success
2767-4j  seJun09 10  -- abe 1--------j HEALTH Better writing for public health
2766-4j  seJul19 10  -- abp 1B-------j COMMUNITY Women as Community College Athletic Directors
2765-4j  seJul19 10  -- abe 2B-------j COMMUNITY Community College Leadership and Information Technology
2763-4j  seJul19 10  -- abe 1--------j COMMUNITY The In-house Two-year College Legal Counselor
2759-4j  seJun09 10  -- abe 1--------j STUDENT Social-Emotional Behavior and Information Literacy
2758-4z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1-------zw NOVEL Realities of Teaching and Teaching the Novel
2757-4z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1-------zw NOVEL Dialogue, Great Issues and Teaching the Novel
2756-5j  02DEC13 09  -- abe 1B-------j RELIGION Teaching in the Minefield
2755-4z  02DEC13 10  -- abe 1--------w NOVEL Legal Fiction: Reading (and Teaching) Pamela
2754-4j  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1-------jz COMMUNITY Information Literacy Standards and Library Instruction
2751-5w  02DEC13 09  -- abp 1B------wl SPECIAL Can We Afford to Lose at Risk Gifted Students?
2743-4j  seMay13 10  -- abp 1B------jz ADJUNCT The isolated adjunct
2742-4z  e-seven 10  -- abe 3B-------z ONLINE Classroom, Hybrid and Distance Learning
2741-4z  e-seven 09  -- abe 4B-------z CULTURE Teaching Media Culture with Computer Games
2739-4j  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------j RESEARCH Creating Sustainable Language Opportunities Via Egalitarianism
2732-4w  seApr10 09  -- abe 1--------z INFOLIT ????? Information Literacy Instruction and General Education Skills: Where We Are 
2730-4l  -  -  - --  -- abe 2B-------l MATH Another Way to Teach Quadratic Inequalities
2729-4j  e-seven 10  -- abe 1--------z NON-THEMATIC How Should Journalists Cover the War? 
2726-4l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2--------l MATH Another Way to Teach Quadratic Inequalities
2723-4j  X  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------j ELEMENTARY Is Early Reading Empowerment A Viable Alternative to Reading Recovery?
2722-4j  -  -  - --  -- abe 1B------jz HISTORY Teaching Art History through the Social Historical Method
2714-4l  -  -  - --  10 a-- 3--------l MATH Keystone Method: A Learning Paradigm in Mathematics
2703-4l  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------l COMMUNITY Occupational Aspirations of Community College Students
2702-4z  -  -  - --  -- a-- 2--------z ONLINE Supportive Action for Online Higher-Education Learners
2697-5w  e-seven 10  -- abe 4-196----w SERVICE Discipline-Based Service-learning in Computer Science – the Urban Technology Project 
2696-4l  -  -  - --  5- a-- 2-------lj RESEARCH Effects of Professional Status, Subject Discipline and Computer Access 
2693-4l  seMar15 10  -- abe 1--------l ROTC Philosophy, Military Academies, and Character Development 
2688-4l  e-seven 10  -- abe 2--------l MATH Sputnik Illuminates the Mathematics Segregation of Black Students
2685-4l  -  -  - 10  -- ab- 1-------lj STUDENT Peers Respond to Peer Revision
2683-4j  X  -  - --  -- abe 1-------jz ADJUNCT Adjunct Instructors: Here Because we Want to be
2682-4j  e-seven 10  -- abe 1--------j SECONDARY The Functional Mission of the Innovative and Ritualistic Schools
2680-4l  seMar16 10  -- abp 1-------lj NON-THEMATIC A Cautious Alliance: Jewish Studies and Online Learning 
2678-4l  X  -  - --  -- ab- 1-------wj MEDIA From Phillis Wheatley to Allen Iverson: Media Representations of the Black Body
2677-4l  seFeb09 10  -- abe 2--------l COMMUNITY Faculty Helping Underrepresented High School Students with Dual Enrollment
2676-4l  seMar21 10  -- abe 1--------l COMMUNITY Asian Students at Urban Community College
2672-pm  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------z CULTURE The benefits of teaching art history through Social Historical Method (Frederick Antal)
2670-4l  seFeb12 08  -- abe 2--------l COMMUNITY The Historical Growth of the American Community College
2667-4w  e-seven 10  -- abe 2-------wj STUDENT Students’ Likes versus Teachers’ Perception of those Likes
2666-4l  e-seven 10  -- abe 1--------l ROTC Incorporating the Seven Army Values into Army ROTC
2661-4l  seFeb12 12  -- abe 1--------l COMMUNITY The Impact of the State Budget Cuts to the Los Angeles Community Colleges
2660-4j  N  o  o 10  -- abe 1--------z ONLINE Information Technology And Distance Learners Perception
2655-4j  revised 10  3C ab- 2-return-j READING RC Strategy, Proficiency, Gender, and Reading 
2652-4j  seFeb16 09  -- abe 1--------j SECONDARY The Critical Thinking Imperative: Inclusionary recommendations
2647-4z  seJan09 10  -- abe 1--------z CULTURE Multicultural, Multilevel, and Multigenre Learning
2641-pm  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1-------wl STUDENT National student's perception of international students
2636-4w  N  -  - 09  -- ab- 1--------w STUDENT When learning about technology becomes technologically determined
2631-4w  e-seven 10  -- abe 2--------w STUDENT The Internet, Email and college students 
2627-4w  e-seven 09  -- abe 1-------wj MEDIA Film Studies and Distance Learning 
2625-4w  e-seven 10  1- abe 1-069r--wj MEDIA Media Literacy is Elementary
2620-4w  e-seven 09  -- abp 1--------z CULTURE Teaching Multicultural Literature (Novels) in Honors Classroom
2618-4l  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1--------l RESEARCH Relationship Between Student Characteristics and Academic Achievement in Distance Education and Application on Students
2617-4w  Xe-seve 10  -- abe 1-------wl WRITING Difference as Innovation:  Self-Reflexivity in the Composition Classroom
2613-4l  e-seven 12  -- abe 1--------l COMMUNITY Factors Affecting Students’ Degree Aspirations in higher education: An analysis of the 
2608-4l  -  -  - --  -- --- 1--------l MATH Strategies for Teaching Early Childhood and Elementary Mathematics
2607-4l  seFeb12 12  -- abe 2--------l COMMUNITY Theories of Retention and Persistence and Community College Students 
2606-4l  seFeb12 12  -- abe 2--------l COMMUNITY The Continuing Evolution of the Community Colleges
2605-4l  revi    12  -- ab- 3--------l COMMUNITY The Negative Community Colleges Commandments
2604-4l  revi    12  -- ab- 3--------l COMMUNITY The Positive Community College Commandments
2600-3z  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1--------o LANGUAGE The Treatment of Spoken Errors in the Spanish Classroom
2592-3z  seNov08 10  -- ab- 1-------4z CULTURE Literature and Culture by Distance Learning 
2580-4w  0  -  - --  1- a-- 1-------wl NON-THEMATIC Institutional Change and Quality Control: Multiple-Point Professional Development Opportunities
2579-4w  seOct21 11  -- ab- 1-------wl SCIENCE Lessons From the Front: Applying Secondary Teaching Methods in Mathematics and Science to Higher Education
2578-3z  seDec12 10  -- abe 3--------w WEB The Horse and the Cart in Web-Based Instruction: Prevalence and Efficacy
2573-3z  seOct18 10  -- a-e 1-------zw TECHNOLOGY Computers in Education – Delusion or Technophobia?
2570-4w  -  -  - --  ?- ab- 2-------zw TECHNOLOGY Developing Online Curriculum Through Collaborative Partnerships
2563-4w  seDec09 10  -- ab- 1--------w RELIGION Teaching the Dance of World Religions
2554-4w  -  -  - --  -- abp 1--------w MEDIA And Now, a Word From Our Sponsors . . .
2546-3z  seOct22 09  -- abe 1--------z ENVIRONMENT Of Beasts and People (H.G Wells’ novel, The Island of Doctor Moreau)
2545-3z  seSep10 10  -- abe 1-----SP-z WRITING Accidental Death in the Writing Classroom
2536-3z  e-seven 10  -- abe 1--------l ONLINE Teaching Writing in Online and Hybrid Environments: A Comparative Study
2533-4w  seOct01 10  -- ab- 1--------w CULTURE Fostering  Moral  Growth Through Archetypes-
2532-3z  -  -  - --  -- --- 1--------z CENTER Exploratory Case Study/Ethnography of Writing Center Methodology
2528-3z  revised 10  -- ab- 1-------zw ONLINE One Course, One Website---of Course?  
2526-3z  -  -  - --  -- --- 1-------zw ADJUNCT Labor Politics and Literary Pedagogy: A Case Study of a Campus Tragedy
2518-3z  -  -  - --  -- --- 1--------z CENTER Writing Center Administration: Understanding How It Works
2509-3z  n  r  r 09  -- ab- 1-------zw CULTURE Six design principles for the creation of contact zones
2508-3z  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1-------zw ONLINE Copyright Legislation and Distance Education
2503-3z  seJul18 09  -- abe 1--------z ONLINE Off and Online: Focus Groups
2502-3z  0  -  - 10  -- abe 1-------zw STUDENT Ideas From History
2499-3z  eseven  10  -- abe 1-------zw ADJUNCT Adjunct Instructors:  Insiders and Outsiders/Advocates
2495-3z  seJul06 08  -- abe 1-------zw TECHNOLOGY Digital Audio in the Classroom
2492-4w  seJul08 10  -- ab- 1-------zw SECONDARY  The way to make  norms in post-socialist school
2485-3z  irJul09 10  -- abe 1--------z SERVICE Successful Mix:  Service Learning, Collaborative writing projects and Technology 
2484-3j  -  -  - --  -- abe 2-------jz CONSULT 7-9 The Development of Collaborative Teaming
2481-3j  seAug04 10  -- ab- 5-937r---w CONSULT Shifting from Consultation to Collaboration 
2475-3j  e-seven 10  -- abe 1-----s--j CONSULT Ideal Work Arrangements: Collaborative or Individual?  
2469-3j  -  -  - --  -- ab- 3--------j MANY Jun7 Information Literacy for Cooperative Extension 
2467-3j  0  -  - 10  -- ab- 3-----s--j MANY Leveraging Collaboration for Psychology Information Literacy 
2463-3z  -  -  - --  -- abe 1-------jz WRITING ??? Teaching Conflict through Multiple Rhetorical Stances
2453-3j  revised 10  -- ab- 2-887----z CONSULT STOP Professional Development School: An Invested Collaborative Partnership
2443-3z  seJun07 10  -- ab- 4-----s-jz WEB Cooperative Course Offerings : A Three-University Experience 
2442-3j  -  -  - --  -- a-- 2-------jz CULTURE May18 Cultural Background as an Influence on a Person’s Interpretation of Literature...
2441-3j  R  N  o 09  -- a-e 1--------j ASSESSMENT Jun9 Limited English Proficiency Students and “No Child Left Behind”
2440-4w  o  o  o 10  -- abe 1-797----w MANAGEMENT 2515-4w The Post-industrial Firm: Nuance and Problems
2437-4w  seJun10 10  -- abe 1-797----w MANAGEMENT The Segmentation View of the Firm
2435-3l  Y  0  - 11  -- ab- 1-------jz WRITING  author contact AEQ Writing the SARS story or  Laughter is the best medicine
2429-3j  seMay17 10  -- abe 1--------j MANY Instructing Instructors:  Teaching Faculty About an LRC
2428-3j  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1-------jz ONLINE copy Invitational Engagement: Developing Facilitative Competencies for Asynchronous Discussions
2419-3j  seJun30 10  -- -b- 1--------j ASSESSMENT Nurturing and Reflective Educational Leaders: Servants with Moral Imperatives
2414-3l  -  -  - --  -- a-- 2-------lj SERVICE Apr14 Rapport-Building, Organizational Functioning, and Community Engagement: Themes in Community-Based Training
2411-3j  seApr10 08  -- abe 1--------l WRITING MAY6th The Meaning of Life (revised the course to help students work coop
2407-3l  e-seven 10  -- abe 1--------l SERVICE MAY6th Service-Learning Projects: A Bridge to Inquiry Learning
2404-3z  seApr25 08  -- abe 1--------z SCHOLARSHIP Teachers on the Horns of a Dilemma 
2399-pm  -  -  - 10  3- ab- 2-------jz LANGUAGE Apr5 Language learning and understanding of cultural symbols
2395-3l  R  r  - 12  -- ab- 1--------l WRITING Apr8 Incomplete Modernity and Incomplete Subjectivity? 
2393-3j  R  0  - 07  -- abe 1-------jz NON-THEMATIC Teaching Humanism in the Void
2391-3j  revised 10  -- abe 1--------j CONSULT Welcome to Our Dialogue... Collaboration in University Libraries
2386-3l  e-seven 10  -- abe 6--------l SERVICE MAY6th Service learning and Literacy: Our Collective Approach 
2381-3l  -  -  - --  -- --- 1x-------l NOVEL Mar10 Austen and the Anthropological Turn 
2372-3j  R  R  R 10  -- --- 1--------j CONSULT The Cobb Education Consortium, A Seamless Web at Work in Cobb County GA
2371-3j  -  -  - --  -- abp 1-------jz SCHOLARSHIP Mar7 The Integration of Research and Education in Higher Education: A Focus on Teacher-Classroom Research
2370-3j  -  -  - --  -- a-- 1-------jz SCIENCE ??? Helping Students Succeed in Introductory Science Classes
2356-3l  -  -  - --  -- a-- ---------l SERVICE Parallels Between the Great Educational Philosophers and Service-Learning
2355-3j  e-seven 10  -- abe 1--------j CONSULT Mar25 Don’t Hesitate—Collaborate! An Analysis of Collaborative Learning in the College English Classroom
2351-3l  -  -  - --  -- --- 1-------lj SECONDARY Public v. Private Schooling : A Comparison
2348-3l  -  -  - --  -- --- 1--------l NOVEL The Individual Life of Words: Poetry for the Fiction Writer
2344-3j  -  -  - --  -- ab- 1x-------j ADJUNCT Feb1The Three-Fifths Compromise Revisited
2339-3l  N  n  o 08  -- abe 1-------jz NON-THEMATIC Interviewing Successfully for Academic Positions
2334-3l  e-seven 06  -- abe 1-686---jz NON-THEMATIC Teaching While Understanding Values and Ethics
2333-3l  e-seven 10  -- abe 1-------lj SECONDARY Teaching Poetry To High School Bilingual Students
2331-3l  sentMar 10  -- abf 1--------j NONTHEMATIC Reaching to Teach the Soul of Social Work 
2324-4w  sentFeb 11  -- abe 3--------w MANAGEMENT Preparation for Management AND Leadership - an Increasingly Important Challenge for Education and Development
2308-3w  R  N  n 10  -- -b- 1-------wl NON-THEMATIC Report on the Recent Research of Old Hungarian Drama and Theatre
2306-3w  R  N  o 10  -- abe 1-------wl RELIGION About an Unknown Dialogue 
2305-3w  newment 10  -- abe 1-------lj NON-THEMATIC  A Transylvanian Macbeth-production-1812. (Practical Training of Acting & Education of the Audience) 
2296-3w  e-seven 09  -- abe 1-------jz NONTHEMATIC Psychology and Drama Pedagogy
2291-3w  N  n  - 05  -- ab- 2-------wl NON-THEMATIC Deductive and Inductive Reasoning Among Teachers 
2289-3w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2x-------w NON-THEMATIC (Nov14) The Ecology of Reflection 
2281-2z  -  -  - --  -- --- 1--------z CULTURE (Nov 5) Reforming the Organic Intellectual: Learning and Changing with Students in the Writing Center
2281-3w  -  -  - --  -- a-e 2x-------w WEB (1111159) Teaching with Style in the Online Classroom
2279-2z  N  o  o 09  -- ab- 1--------z CULTURE The Teaching of Literature and Culture
2276-3l  N  -  - --  -- a-- 1-------wl ADULT The Decision to Continue Education
2274-3l  mentDec 09  -- ab- 1-------lj NON-THEMATIC Indian classroom and the “play-ball” program: ruminations on a transactional space
2271-3w  -  -  - --  -- ab- 2x------zw CULTURE (oct22) Interdisciplinary Knowledge Production:  Literature, Culture, and International Relations
2266-2z  -  -  - 10  1- abe 1x-------z NON-THEMATIC (541018) Benefits of a Campus Newspaper
2263-3l  sentDec 10  -- a-- 1x-------l NON-THEMATIC Truth, Beauty, and the Good: Our Role in the Quest 
2259-2z  -  -  - --  o- ab- 2x-------z CULTURE (Oct 9) Interdisciplinary Knowledge Production: Literature, Culture, and International Relations
2257-pm  -  -  - 10  -- --- 1-------3z ENVIRONMENT (see note) Teaching Environmental Literature - Broadening the Path
2256-2z  -  -  - --  -- --- 1x-----3wl CULTURE (Oct 8) De-Mystifying the “Verbal Marvel”
2253-3z  -  -  - --  -- --- 1x------3z (oct 3) ENVIRONMENT Teaching Environmental Literature: Broadening the Path
2251-2z  -  -  - --  ?- ab- 1x-------z CULTURE (Sep 28) Reading a Novel in a Foreign Language 
2248-2z  R  R  - 07  o- a-- 1--------z CULTURE (045) Local and Transnational Origins of Nationalism
2246-3j  N  R  - 11  -- -b- 2x-------j CONSULT (oct 4) Are We There Yet? A Dialogue of Collaboration
2245-2z  -  -  - --  12 --- 6x------wl SECONDARY (214108106) Relationship(s) Among the Perceptual Preferences of Secondary School Students, And Their Gender, Attitude, and Achievement in Functions Using a Graphing Calculator
2239-2z  e-seven 10  o- -b- 1x-------w NON-THEMATIC (110745)Hip Hop Culture in Today’s Junior-Senior High Schools
2230-2z  e-seven 09  o- abe 1x-------z INFO-LIT (111045) Adapting an Information Literacy Course for Distance Learners
2226-3w  -  -  - --  o- ab- 2x-------w LANGUAGE 9-13(00106)Preparing Bilingual Special Education Teachers What Teacher Education Programs Need to Address
2224-2z  R  0  - 11  o- abe 1x544---zw ASSESSMENT Recorded-Voice Formative Assessment for Creative Writing Students: A Case Study
2222-3l  -  -  - --  o- ab- 1x-------l WRITING (14-636) Teaching Writing During the Cincinnati Riots: Blundering and Race
2217-3w  revi    10  o- abe 1--------w WEB (45)(2168) Student Reactions to Online Course Design
2216-3w  e-seven 09  o- abe 2x-------w WEB (0451005x)The Relationship of Web Site Usage to Course Performance
2213-2z  seApr15 11  -- ab- 1x-752--jz CULTURE  Contemporary Film and Music as English Department Curriculum
2209-pm  sentOct o9  4y abp 1-581---lj CULTURE Mar1 Teaching and Learning: Strategies Used by an Algebra Teacher and  English Language Learners
2208-2z  -  -  - --  o- a-- 1x-----zwl NON-THEMATIC Aug 20th (53) Framing Artful Speech: Focusing Persuasive Discourse with Fine Arts Imagery
2201-3w  e-seven 10  o- abe 1x-------w LANGUAGE (045) Rationalizing TESP in the Twentieth Century
2200-2z  -  -  - --  o- abe 1x-------w WEB Aug 1st Evolution and Interactivity in a Journalism Literature Course
2198-2z  sentAug 10  o- abp 1xooo---zw NON-THEMATIC Power Politics in the Classroom  
2196-2z  e-seven 09  o- abe 1x-------z CULTURE (0980927x) Geronimo Translator
2195-2z  sentSep 09  o- abe 1xooo----w WEB (45) Implementing the Constructivist Approach to Teaching First-Semester Computer Course at an Urban Community College (#2114-2w) 
2193-3w  e-seven 10  o- abe 1xooo----w WEB 9-13(045) Electronic Full-Text Journal Articles: Convenience or Compromise
2189-2l  sentJul 07  -- abe 1x------zw NON-THEMATIC (222) 7-20The Student-Structured Class
2187-2l  sentSep 09  -- abe 1xooo----z FICTION  (45)SF: Not Just For Breakfast Anymore!
2184-2l  ment    10  -- abe 1x467----z NON-THEMATIC Education for Social Justice: Lessons from 9/11
2183-3l  sentDec 12  -- ab- 1-642----l NOVEL MAR13 Geographical Differences: Teaching The Scarlet Letter in Taiwan
2181-2l  -  -  - --  -- --- 1x-----jzw NON-THEMATIC (expand) AE Extra Students as mentors: Another teaching tool
2180-3w  sentSep 11  o- abe 1x-------w LANGUAGE TESOL (53?45) in Context: An Elaborated Schema Perspective
2175-2j  e-seven 12  1e --- 1x498---zw NON-THEMATIC (45) Future Teachers= Attitudes Toward Gay and Lesbian Parenting
2173-2j  sentJun 08  o- ab- 1xooo---jz NON-THEMATIC Sept 5th A Pedagogic Oath:  What Should be Expected of Teachers?
2172-2j  sentJun ??  o- --- 1xooo---jz NON-THEMATIC (see note???) 7-20 Out From Ms. Gradgrind’s Shadow:  The Mis-education of a Humanist
2169-2j  -  -  - --  o- --- 1x-------- Summer 2003--- wait???----- (106) The Impact of the Business Model on Rhetoric and Composition Programs
2168-3w  revi--- 10  1e abe 2x473----w WEB (2217)(45)The Effects of Automated Assessments on Students’ Learning
2167-3w  revi--- 13  o- ab- 1x-------w LANGUAGE Sept 5th Aug 30th Personalizing your lessons: Motivation—theory and practice
2163-2j 09  1e ab- 1x428--jzw NON-THEMATIC  (53)Teaching with Technology: Who, What, and How? 
2162-pm  N  n  o --  o- --- 1-------jz NON-THEMATIC zob2155-45 by 7-15 Frank Marshall Davis, Lhomme Engage: Contextualizing Voice in the Chicago Black Renaissance
2161-3l 10  o- ab- 1x-------j WRITING (45 by June 27)  Nothing Personal: Writing (About) Trauma
2159-2j  revi--- 09  1e abp 3x445---zw HEALTH Pioneering a New Approach to Education and Care: One Organization’s Experience
2155-pm  N  o  o --  o- --- 1-------jz NON-THEMATIC  zob2162- 45 by 7-15 The African Diaspora in 19th Century Hawai'i:  Colonialism and Erasure
2147-2j  N  R  M --  2- --- 1x-------j HEALTH 5-31(18+106=124) The Impact of computers on Senior Citizens
2145-2l  O  R  - 09  o- --- 1-------lj STUDENT Student Journals 5-10
2142-3l 10  o-- ab- x1-393-jl NON-THEMATIC (45+53 by June 27) Examining the Role of Creative Writing in the Postmodern Composition Classroom
2140-2j  sentMay 10  1-p ab- x5-417--j HEALTH-I wait E-learning in Health Promotion- A Qualitative Inquiry
2136-2j sentMay  09  o/ok a--x11----jz SPECIAL-ED Sept 5th The Dynamic Duo IEPs Supplemented by LSI Profiles
2134-2j  revi    10  o--- ab- 3-461--w NON-THEMATIC Person to Person Learning: A Form of Creativity in Education
2117--- -  -  -  --  -/--  -- -- 3---- SCHOLARSHIP (red 3800) Showcasing the Experience of Practitioners with Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning
2114-2w sentFeb  10  o/ok ab- x2----lj SCHOLARSHIP The Use of Concrete Activity Learning and Blackboard in an Introductory Computer Information Systems Course
2101-2j mentor   10  3/ok  ok xk 11-wl NON-THEMATIC (red by 1000) A Modified Goal Mediational Model in Korean Elementary School Mathematics Class
2084-2w O  o  -  --  3/-- --- x------j HEALTH  5-31 Partnering Healthy Communities: Interdisciplinary Service-Learning Model
2080-2w R  N  -  --  o/ok ab- x-----jz SCHOLARSHIP 5-14(rf 33)(re 300, rem run head etc) Teaching and Learning using The Conceptual Adherence Theory
2073-2l R1 r  r 08  o/ok  ok  xk  1---- SPECIAL-ED 5-14 (rf 33)(rf first sent 1-2-02) Attitudes Toward Integration
2046-1j -  -  - --  2/ok  ok  xk  3---- LANGUAGE (red 1400) Improving Expository-Text Comprehension (the role of Graphic Organizers)
2040-1w sentNov 10  o/ok  ok  ok  2---- ONLINE-IN (no address ?)Thinking "In the Box": Videotaped Instruction 
2036-1w R  O  o 09  o/ok  ok  --  11--l ONLINE-IN  6-20 no original and address(FALL or WINTER) Humanizing Synchronous Instruction
2034-1w sentNov 10  o/ok  ok  ok  1---- ONLINE-IN Student Evaluation in Online Learning
2024-2l sentJun 09  o/ok  ok  xk  1---- SPECIAL-ED 5-14 How are gifted and talented learners affected by standardized tests? Descriptive Word: gifted 
2021-1j -  -  - --  1/--  ok  xk  1---- LANGUAGE  (red 4000) A Critical Pedagogy of Second Language Writing
2012-1j R1 r  - 10  o/ok  ok  xk  1---- LANGUAGE  Lessons in Language, Learning and Literacy: Teaching Terry
2000-1j sentApr 10  1/--  ok  xk  1---- LANGUAGE 5-14 (opening problems - here is inline text) English Through the Internet
1098-1- revised 1w  10  o/ok  ok  ok  ONLINE-IN In Their Own Voices: Developmental Student Perceptions of Online Learning
1095-1- sentMay 1j  04  o/ok  --  --  LANGUAGE 5-14 Learning  With  Your  Students
1086-1- sentMay 1j  10  o/ok  ok  ok  ONLINE-IN 5-14 (33+53) Virtual Teaching: Creating E-Programs for EFL/ESL Learners (orig LANGUAGE - n)
1073-1- N mento 1l  09  o/ok  ok  ok  STUDENT After the Same Rainbow's End...A Personal Journey' 
1072-1- sentApr 1l  05  o/ok  ok  ok  STUDENT 5-14 Effects of Male Role Models on Children's Self-Perceptions of Reading Skill
1063-1- sentOct 1l  --  o/ok  ok  --  STUDENT 5-14 I'm Your Teacher, not Your Mammy: White Students' Perceptions of African American Women Faculty
1057-1- ment    1l  10  o/ok  ok  ok  STUDENT Typing is (not) a virtue: A Vygotskian perspective of the comprehensive examination experience 
1056-11 sentFeb 1l  10  o/ok  ok  --  STUDENT Biracial in America
1039-1- R1 r  r 1l  --  -/--  ok  ok  STUDENT Adopt-a-Smoker: Experiential Learning in a Health Educator Preparation Program
1037-1- sentApr 1l  10  o/ok  ok  ok  STUDENT 5-14 (33+53)(red 2000)The Complete Student: Implications of a Three-dimensional View of Students for College Teaching
1029-2- sentApr 1l  13  1/ok  ok  ok  LANGUAGE 5-14(66+212) Beliefs About Language Learning: Learners of Less Commonly Taught Languages  (eliminate some of the tables)
1028-11 revised 1w  12  o/ok  ok  ok  removed-author failed to respond SPECIAL-ED A Need for Self-Advocacy Programs for Middle School Students 
1022-1- sentfeb 1l  13  o/ok  ok  ok  STUDENT 5-14(33+318) Bilingual Kindergarten Students' Perceptions about Parent Involvement
1020-1- sentfeb 1l  12  5/ok  ok  --  STUDENT  5-14(33+106) Introducing Presentational Software into the Communication Classroom: An Exploratory Study of Variables Related to Instructional and Student Competency with Microsoft PowerPoint
1018-1- sentfeb 1l  11  2/ok  ok  ok  STUDENT 5-14(33+106) Attitudes and Attitude Change in an After-school Activity System
1017-1- xxxised 1l  03  o/ok  ok  ok  STUDENT Changing Perceptions During and After Student Teaching
1013-1- sentfeb 1l  16  o/ok  ok  ok  STUDENT 5-14(33+371)An Ethnographic Study of a Half-Hispanic and Half-Caucasion Girl in an Affluent Public Elementary School in Los Angeles in the Year 2000
1010-1- sentApr 1w  04  o/ok  ok  ok  ONLINE-IN Thoughts on what has worked and what hasn't for me as an online student 
1008-2- sentfeb 1l  15  4/--  ok  --  STUDENT 5-14(66+106)The Higher Education Inventory and College Students' Academic Coping
1007-1- sentfeb 1l  17  6/ok  ok  ok  STUDENT 5-14(33+318)Changes in the Psychological Centrality of Academics from 1972-1992  (shorten by 50%)
1005-3- sentfeb 1l  10  3/--  ok  --  STUDENT 5-14(99)"Amazing" & "Exciting" or "Sad" & "Lonely": Third Grader's Perceptions, Artistic and Written Responses to Nontraditional & Traditional Instruction
888-22 Y  --                      09  SERVICE 6-20 (1z, old-pz) (red by 700) Construction Of A University Service-Learning Project Involving Advanced Placement Biology: Lessons In Molecular Biology (Limb). 
880-90 revised     12  ONLINE-IN (p-je)The Reality of Distance Learning... as seen by Graduate Students!
871-20 sent July   03  ONLINE-IN (p-je) Constructing Worlds Without Limits: Some Precautionary Statements Pertaining to Computer-Assisted Instruction in Distance Learning
845-10 sent July   11  CRITICAL (pz) Promoting Active Learning in a College Critical Thinking Class
843-1x revi        09  STUDENT (SPRING issue)(red-1917; p-lato) Community College Students: Perceptions and Paradoxes  (APPENDIX on the web)         
833-10 sentOct     07  MATH (pz) Probability, Population, Sample, Confidence Level, and Confidence Interval: Real World Examples Shown in the "Trial of the Century"(Teaching statistics for social science students) 
822-10 sentOct     03  COLLEGE (pje) The untenured department chairperson
815-10 sent June   06  CC (pla) My Unending Journey Towards Becoming a Community College Educator
811-10 sent April  06  ONLINE-IN (pz) Maximizing Your Use of Technology
804-20 sent June   10  CSTCC (pla) Electronic-Age Video Sage   
621-10 revised  1j 10  LANGUAGE Teaching Reading In English As A Second Language
603-10 xxxised     10  LANGUAGE (pub-zi & 1j) Text Summarization in Teaching English
322-10 mentRC  1l  18  3/ok  ok  STUDENT Student Teachers Perceived Challenges during their Elementary Classroom Placement 
311-10 sentApr 1j  06  o/ok  ok  LITERACY 5-14(33)Thirst for learning: literacy plus awareness and science librarian's enthusiasm in outreaching. 
306-30 sentApr 1l  11  o/ok  ok  NON-THEMATIC  5-14(99+106) An Investigation of Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences in a High School Environment in Tennessee
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