Academic Exchange Quarterly
Spring 2006, Volume 10, Issue 1
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Elementary and Secondary Education
Feature Editor:
Jennifer A. Borek, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English Education for Instruction and Curriculum Leadership, The University of Memphis
Significant challenges face educators as we enter the first decade of the 21st century. High-stakes testing and the standards movement present challenges to teachers, administrators, students, and parents as each group seeks ways to successfully navigate through the consequences of policy decisions in education. Curriculum issues capture our attention as we struggle with questions of authenticity, standards, interdisciplinary and integrated approaches to teaching and learning, and content specific curriculum. Policy decisions including the connection to teaching and learning to assessment and high-stakes testing and professional development present opportunities for active exploration for teachers and researchers. Literacy issues focusing on reading and writing across the curriculum and reading and writing workshop environments provide important K-12 opportunities to contribute to a vital professional conversation. To be most helpful, empirical studies should be clear in both methodology and style providing opportunities for study replication. Qualitative studies must be grounded in theoretical and methodological studies. All papers should be clearly presented.

Who May Submit:
Submissions are welcome from researchers, teacher action researchers, administrators and graduate students as well as others engaged directly in teaching at the elementary, middle, or secondary levels. Please identify your submission with keyword: SECONDARY

Submission deadline:
any time until the end of November 2005; see details for other deadline options like early, regular, and short.

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