Earn one: three options for annual subscription
1. Open Call for Articles
2. Feature Editors
3. Reviewers
2 Feature Editors, see step THREE
3 Reviewers, qualify for subscription

1 Open Call for Articles
Dear colleagues, share Academic Exchange Quarterly with your associates... 
as a token of our appreciation, we will offer you an annual subscription to this journal.  

Here's the way it works:
a.  distribute the announcement below to your fellow department members or other colleagues 
    across the country or your favorite listserve/association who may be interested in publishing
b.  send us your name and full postal address
c.  your annual subscription will start as follows:
	-- First copy when two submissions  are received, submission number given
	-- Second copy when five submissions are received, submission number given
	-- Third copy  when seven submissions are received, submission number given,
	   and at least one published article
	-- Fourth copy  when ten submissions are received, submission number given,
	   and at least two published articles
	-- Next year subscription and so on, pending evidence that at least four 
	   articles were published in the previous year. 

Thanks for helping to promote quality learning and teaching...
Academic Exchange Quarterly 
Independent peer-reviewed print journal
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Open Call For Articles
Contributors are welcome to submit manuscripts, via postal mail, on any academic topic to Academic Exchange Quarterly independent peer-reviewed print journal. For more information see http://rapidintellect.com/AEQweb/rufen1.htm or send SASE to: Academic Exchange Quarterly P.O. Box 131 Stuyvesant Falls, NY 12174 USA Be sure to mention my name: ____________________________________________________