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Articles in Academic Exchange Quarterly consistently have been evaluated as highly
effective practical examples of college teaching and learning. This approval is
reflected in the number of readers as reported by recent subscriber/reader review.
  • Current readership: 24,500+
  • Current readership estimate is based on
    • 32.04 readers per library subscriber copy
      32.04 readers per copy obtained by a weighted average of the survey respondents
    • 02.85 readers per individual subscriber copy
    • single sold copies not included
  • Type of school
    • 42% college
    • 40% university
    • 13% community college
    • 05% other
  • About our readers
    • 43% assistant professors
    • 19% associate professors
    • 17% instructors
    • 13% professors
    • 04% students (uncertain whether graduate or undergraduate)
    • 04% other
  • Subscriber average age: 46
  • Subscriber gender
    • 53% female
    • 42% male
    • 05% other (left blank)
  • Household average income $68,000
  • 92% of subscribers live in the USA
Published articles have the following audience
  1. print/paper version, all published articles, 10s of 1000s potential readers.
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    Academic Exchange Quarterly is ending online/digital versions with Winter 2007 issue,
    due to the following six reasons.
      Online/digital versions...
    1. ... diluted author's copyright
    2. ... enabled production and distribution of pirated AEQ copies
    3. ... eroded content accuracy of published articles
    4. ... jeopardized archival permanence of published articles
    5. unauthorized web-based free versions of the AEQ articles cannibalized print/paper issue sales
    6. institutional online database subscriptions cannibalized print subscriptions...

    To remedy the above problems, AEQ has revised journal's copyright...
    Academic Exchange Quarterly print/paper edition, after ten years of publishing,
    is valued by educators coast-to-coast and worldwide - 48 countries

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This report contains raw data and provides indicators of subscriber/reader, not precise measures.
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