Expanding the Language Teaching and Learning Knowledge Base
Feature Editor: Vacant ... apply now. at least four months before the regular submission deadline i.e. eight months before publication date
Authors: even though there is no editor we continue accepting submissions. See Submission deadline below
This issue will examine practical and theoretical approaches to language. Manuscripts may focus on language in a number of ways. These include: second language acquisition, translation, language for specific purposes (LSP), language for science and technology (LST), teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), teacher development, classroom research, grammar, and applied linguistics. Also welcome are papers on language policy and planning, course and syllabus design, sociolinguistics, rhetoric and composition, semantics, pragmatics and lexical studies. This edition of the journal also hopes to include papers on languages other than English. Language also includes studies focusing on business, interpersonal, organizational and other forms of communication. Papers may be in the form of research reports, case studies, research in progress, or theoretical papers.

Who May Submit:
Educators and researchers from all fields related to language are invited to submit manuscripts. Please identify your submission with keyword: LANGUAGE-33

Submission deadline:
On-going submission requests with cut-off date set by issue publication month.
See Regular and Short submission deadline.

Submission Procedure:

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