Redactory Fee Form
--OPTIONAL redactory fee is due after AEQ positive review and author's proper revision.
--When specified compliance is not met, submission is removed from further consideration.
--Author is not obligated to revise or pay any redactory fees.
  1. Optional Table-Figure-Chart-Appendix
  2. Optional Excess-Page Charge
  3. Optional Open Access (OA)
  4. Optional Reapplication fee
  5. Optional Other - provide assistance
  6. Optional SIB - updating
  7. Optional SIB - Proceedings, Collection or Festschrift
Check for _______________   enclosed.  Make check, money order, 
in US $, drawn on a US bank, payable to Rapid Intellect - AEQ 
Canadian and Foreign Checks  need MICR 

Submission number _________________________________________________________

Manuscript's title ________________________________________________________

Author's name and address _________________________________________________



E-mail ____________________________________________________________________

You can use SWAP ($10 per issue) in lieu of cash payment. For example:
        -- to cover $53 redactory fee you will need 5 issues of The Catholic World
        -- to cover $99 redactory fee you will need 10 issues of The Catholic World
The amount is rounded to the nearest ten

1. Table-Figure-Chart-Appendix Fee
    FIRST OPTION $39_ x ___ = ____________________ published on journal's webpage;
        assessed at the rate of thirty nine dollars per each item, submitted as individual (JPEG or GIF) file
    SECOND OPTION $50_ x ___ = ____________________ published in AEQ print edition;
        assessed at the rate of fifty dollars per each item, submitted as individual (.doc format) file

2. Excess-Page Charge $53_ x ___ = ______________________________
    Fifty three dollars for each one thousand words or its portion over the 3000 limit   (e.g., 4216 words results in
    $106 charge: $53 for first 1000 words over the 3000 limit plus $53 for 216 words)

3. Open Access (OA)   HOW-TO-ESSAY   or   Zeitgeist Essay   $111_______________
    Other publishers charge hundreds of dollars.   See UC Berkeley Selective List of Open Access Fees
    Is Academic Exchange Quarterly an open-access publication?

4. Reapplication fee $99 __________________________ applies when author:
    -- intends to revise a rejected submission
    -- fails to revise properly but intends to resubmit
    -- changes content of the article and adds a new title
    -- exhausts
8 contacts limit - entry #12 We discourage...

5. Other - provide assistance $132 - $291__________________________
    The amount is based on complexity and time needed to complete task at hand as exemplified by reviewers' notes.

6. SIB updating published articles (substantive update) $99 _________________________ applies when author:
    -- changes one or more of the following: article’s title or abstract, author’s affiliation or academic title…..
    -- intends to revise a rejected update

7. SIB: proceedings, collection or festschrift -- the fee amount varies ________________

    5. There are no refunds so please consider your decision carefully.
    6. Payment of optional fee or subscription to the journal has no influence on the blind review process...
    7. To get a paid-in-full invoice, send by postal mail
a paid-in-full invoice form and SAE (self-addressed-envelope)

Postal mail address:
Academic Exchange Quarterly    PO Box 131    Stuyvesant Falls, NY 12174   USA