Mr. Beall a.k.a. Dr. Beall

This 5th example of author’s dissatisfaction differs from others in that author lists several complaints
       instead of one such as “cut-throat editorial policy.”

       At first, we were not sure who is Jeffrey Beall as this individual is known by different persona i.e. Mr. Beall and Dr. Beall:
       -- Mr. Beall is a cataloger at Auraria Library University of Colorado Denver or as Mr. Beall likes to be known
                         a metadata librarian (which nowadays is another name for cataloger)

       -- Dr. Beall (without evidence of doctoral degree completion) aspires to make a name for himself,
                         and delights to hear from his supporters.

  • Looks like Dr. Beall is ready for Nobel Prize. For additional accolades to Dr. Beall read Mr. Beall's own webpage and check the web for more of Dr. Beall… Evidently, for low-information crowd, it does not matter that Mr. Beall has not earned Doctoral degree.
  • For others Mr. Beall’s shortcomings are obvious.
    For example, Michael B. Eisen, PhD, Professor at University of California, Berkeley explains in Beall’s Litter:
           . . . any lingering doubt that Beall is a credible contributor to the discourse on science publishing
           was erased with an article he published last week. The piece is so ill-informed and angry . . .
           Beall is operating under the patently false notion . . . the self-delusion that leads Beall to think . . .
           what world is Beall living in . . . Beall manifests a poor understanding of how academia works
  • Read also Mr. Beall’s original writing “The Open-Access Movement is Not Really about Open Access”
    where he declares himself “I’m an academic crime fighter.”
  • We at Academic Exchange Quarterly are full of curiosity why UC Denver permits such an activity?


August 2014