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Academic Exchange Quarterly print edition
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has authors and readers in 50+ countries

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Top ten schools (as of Summer 2014)
Number of articles authored by its faculty
in Academic Exchange Quarterly
          45 articles -- Oklahoma State University
          42 articles -- Ball State University
          30 articles -- University of Houston
          25 articles -- California State University, Fullerton
          24 articles -- California State University, Northridge
          21 articles -- George Mason University
                21 articles -- Kent State University
                21 articles -- Sam Houston State University
                21 articles -- Southern Illinois University
          20 articles -- Texas Woman’s University
                20 articles -- University of Colorado
          19 articles -- University of Massachusetts
          18 articles -- Montana State University
                18 articles -- Louisiana State University
          17 articles -- Pennsylvania State University
Top ten countries (as of Summer 2014)
Number of institutions publishing articles
in Academic Exchange Quarterly
         867 institutions -- The United States
           41 institutions -- Canada
           25 institutions -- United Kingdom
           23 institutions -- Australia
           15 institutions -- China & Hong Kong
           13 institutions -- Taiwan
           12 institutions -- Spain
            9 institutions -- New Zealand
             8 institutions -- Israel
                   8 institutions -- Japan
             7 institutions -- Italy
Submission Guidelines:
Offer useful information for K-16 teachers and librarians. Focus on how to do things/activity or how to do it better. Illustrate their usefulness in the classroom. Tell the reader that you are well versed and/or accomplished said things and so can they.

Explain step-by-step since article’s aim is to show reader how to do something in a way they can easily understand. Avoid using overly technical terms. Instead offer links, in References or Endnotes, to additional sources – prefer one created by teachers i.e. academic articles or portals. End on a positive note, reinforcing the promise of the lead.

Who May Submit:
Submissions are welcome from K-16 educators, including graduate students.
Identify your submission with two keywords: (1) HOW-TO & (2) topic specific KEYWORD selected from 100+ ongoing submissions.

Submission deadline:
Submission published in every issue with cut-off date set by Issue "short submission deadline."
Read Submission & Publication timeline

Submission Procedure - similar to AEQ traditional scholarly article:
However, be sure to identify your submission with two KEYWORDS as explained above.

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