Free subscription to
Academic Exchange Quarterly

for libraries and academic departments
in less developed countries
with no discretionary subscription funds in the USA.

Please ask the head of your library or department to send a brief statement explaining why you wish to have a subscription to Academic Exchange Quarterly. This statement should be on official letterhead stationery.
Send it to:
Rapid Intellect - AEQ
P.O. Box 131
Stuyvesant Falls, NY 12174 USA

Before approval is given, however, your library/department must send us the following:
  1. An example of a Call for Papers posted to your college Intranet or local distribution list.
  2. An announcement that a print copy of Academic Exchange Quarterly will be available at the college library or department.
Once approval is given, your library/department will receive a free subscription to Academic Exchange Quarterly. Each journal copy will be sent as follows:
  1. First copy when available.
  2. Second copy, when available, pending evidence that your faculty has interest in Academic Exchange Quarterly, e.g., one manuscript submission from your faculty or two postal letters indicating that submissions are coming.
  3. Third, copy, when available, at least three manuscript submissions from your faculty.
  4. Fourth copy, when available, at least one published article.
  5. Next year subscription and so on, when available, pending evidence that at least four article submissions were made in the previous year and at least two were published.
Thanks for helping to promote quality learning and teaching.
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