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Fall 2004     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 8, Issue 3

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Table of Contents
Teacher Action Research  /  5   
Collaboration and Consultation in Education   /  6  

The Quest for Meaning in Educational Research   /  7
	Deborah Court, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Beginning a Team Journey of Discovery  /  12  
	Patricia Ann Marcellino, Adelphi University, NY 
Journal Writings of a School Psychologist  /  17   
	Gerard T. Seifert, Sachem School District, NY
Health, Knowledge, and Networked Communication  /  22
	Milton Campos, University of Montreal, Canada
Research on Improving Teacher Time Management  /  27
	Jennifer Borek, The University of Memphis, TN
	Shelly Parsons, Shelby County Schools, TN
Attitudes Toward Dispositions of Teachers  /  31
	Dianne Richardson, The University of West Alabama
	Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, University of South Florida
Collaborative Testing and Test Performance  /  36
	William Breedlove, College of Charleston, SC
	Tracy Burkett, College of Charleston, SC
	Idee Winfield, College of Charleston, SC
Dual Language Pedagogy:  Asymmetry Compensation  /  41
	Renée Hayes, University of Delaware
Understanding Teachers’ Conceptions: ICI  /  46
	Kimberly Bunts-Anderson, Macquarie University
Using Literature to Model Tolerance  /  51
	Karen A. Onofrey, Arizona State University West
	Joan Leikam Theurer, California State University
Language and Second Teaching in Physics Learning  /  56 
	Lisa Novemsky, Brooklyn College, NY
An Analysis of Reading Renaissance  /  60
	Dean George Carlson, Student, Arizona State University
Preparing Special Educators for Poverty Settings  /  65  
	Kevin J. Miller, University of Central Florida
	Wilfred D. Wienke, University of Central Florida
	Martha Scott Lue, University of Central Florida
	Jamia Thomas-Richmond, University of Central Florida
Assessment of English Language Learners  /  70
	Alexis A. Lopez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Student Co-Researchers  /  75
	Maryann Byrne, Canton High School, MA
Impact of Teaching an Action Research Course  /  80 
	Sally R. Beisser, Drake University, IA
	Kathy Connor, Iowa State University, IA
Watching Video in the Language Classroom  /  86
	Luba V. Iskold, Muhlenberg College, PA
Teaching language to pupils with dyslexia  /  91
	Nektaria Paleologou, University of Piraeus, Greece 
Teacher Research Begins in Teacher Preparation  /  96
	Donna W. Jorgensen, Rowan University, NJ
Support Groups for Single Mothers in College  /  101
	Diana Bruns, Bacone College , OK
A Tool for the Assessment of Communication Skills  /  106
	Virginia A. Reed, Dartmouth College, NH
	G. Christian Jernstedt, Dartmouth College, NH
Ethics Education in the Clinical Setting  /  111
	Felicia Cohn, PhD, University of California, Irvine 
	Bill Rudman, PhD, University of Mississippi
Medical Providers' and Internet-Based Education  /  116
	Colleen Halupa, United States Air Force
Effectiveness of Field-Based Approach in Science  /  121
	Evrim Genc, Florida State University
	Akihito Kamata, Florida State University
Online Adjunct Faculty: Issues & Opportunities  /  125
	Maria Puzziferro, Florida Community College 
A Scholarly Writing Course for Faculty  /  130
	Susan R. Madsen, Utah Valley State College
Misreading Each Other: A Case Study of Revision  /  135
	Todd Heyden, Pace University, NY
Measuring Statistics Anxiety Using a Stage Theory  /  140
	Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, University of South Florida
	Janine A. Whitcome, University of Nevada, Reno
Role of Anxiety on Graduate Cooperative Groups  /  147
	Kathleen M. T. Collins, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
	Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, University of South Florida
	Denise A. DaRos-Voseles, Northeastern State University
ELLs: Children Left Behind in Science Class  /  152
	Clara Lee Brown, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
	Michael Bentley, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Using Story Re-tell in Bilingual assessment  /  158
	Christina Schelletter, University of Hertfordshire, UK
	Tim Parke,  University of Hertfordshire, UK
Discussion-Based Classes: Challenges & Solutions  /  163
	Gwynn M. Powell, University of Georgia  
	Patricia A. Connor-Greene, Clemson University
Grutter v. Bollinger and the Community College  /  169
	Clifford P. Harbour, Colorado State University
	Chance W. Lewis, Colorado State University
Leadership in Business versus Community College  /  178
	Richard W. Wilt, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, VA
Knowing our Students: A Prior Learning Assessment  /  183 
	Yves Labissiere, Portland State University
	Candyce Reynolds, Portland State University
Creating Resources for Community College Staff  /  188
	Pamela L. Eddy, Central Michigan University
	Rebecca Chakraborty, Northwood University
	Jeffrey Hancks, Central Michigan University
	James Lorenson, Gogebic Community College
	Tamara Smythe, Mid-Michigan Community College
	Shannon Vautrin Browne, Central Michigan University
Infusing Critical Thinking into Health Education  /  197
	Edith B. Ellis, College of Charleston, SC
	Deborah A. Miller, College of Charleston, SC
Art-full Collaboration: Chinese Forms and Motions  /  202
	Theresa McNichol, Ren Associates, Princeton NJ
Painting Three Pictures of Collaboration  /  207 
	Mindy Sloan, Chapman University,  CA
Assistive Technology: A Collaborative Approach  /  213
	Tracy Amerman, New Jersey City University
	Jennifer Aitken, New Jersey City University
	Christopher Shamburg, New Jersey City University
	Cordelia Twomey, New Jersey City University
Chicana/o Education and Service Learning  /  218
	Nancy Porras Hein, California State University, Fullerton
	Julie E. Stokes, California State University, Fullerton
Assessment Outcome Coherence Using LSA Scoring  /  223
	Ernest F. Martin, Jr., Virginia Commonwealth University
Co-Teaching: Collaboration at the Middle Level  /  228
	Kristin K. Stang, California State University, Fullerton
	Gordon P. Capp, Florence Crittenton High School
Consulting and Collaborative Writing Connections  /  233 
	Linn K. Bekins, San Diego State University
	Steve Merriam, San Diego State University
Telling stories of our collaborative practice  /  238
	Dawn Garbett,  Auckland College of Education, New Zealand
	Belinda Tynan-Yourn, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland
Being and Becoming:  Action Research as Pedagogy  /  243
	Lisa Schade Eckert, Purdue University, IN
Early Intervention Collaboration-Deaf Role Models  /  248 
	Lou Larwood, San Jose State University, CA
	Jamilee LaGrande, San Jose State University, CA
Mutual Benefits of Teacher/Scientist Partnerships  /  252
	Marion Dresner, Portland State University 
	Erin Starvel, Portland State University
The Beliefs and Attitudes of Preservice Teachers  /  257
	Barbara M. Phillips, California State University, Fullerton
Teacher Stress and Burnout in Deaf Education  /  261
	Lou Larwood, San Jose State University, CA 
	Vanessa Paje, San Jose State University, CA
Portfolio Assessment and Teacher Development  /  265 
	Mary A. Kayler, George Mason University
Student Characterization of Learning Pathways  /  275
	Barbara Garii, Lesley University, MA
	Izi Loveluck, Snohomish (WA) School District
Instructional Potential of Online Discussion Tool  /  280    
	Bosede Aworuwa, Texas A&M University-Texarkana
Lessons on Literacy: An Experience in Co-Teaching  /  286
	Jacqueline Palka, Southeastern Louisiana University
	Mercedes Tichenor, Stetson University

Keyword Subject Index  /  293
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