Fall 2019     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 23, Issue 3

136 (54+82) PAGES
Writing American Academic English, WAAE-W      UNITS: 37,38,39,30,41,42
    Table of Contents

Editorial  /  5
	  Upholding the common good of readers, authors, editor and publisher 
English Speakers Developing Chinese Classifiers  /  6
	Jiang Song Gong, University of Montana - Missoula
	Tully J. Thibeau, University of Montana - Missoula
Teachers as Guardians of “Good Work”  /  17
	Richard F. Bowman, Winona State University
Walk with Me: A Qualitative Research Journey  /  27
	Sharon L. Moore,  Athabasca University, Canada
	Katherine J. Janzen,  Mount Royal University Canada
Technology Acceptance in an Online Practicum Course   /  40
	Sherryl W. Johnson, Albany State University, Georgia
Preservice Teachers’ Perception on Play  /  46
	Irene McIvor Mason, University of Rhode Island, RI
	Hyunjin Kim, University of Rhode Island, RI
Listening in a Teacher Education Cohort  /  55
	Scott Robinson, UH Manoa, HI

062       Writing   American Academic English
	Volume 2, Chapter  7, Units  37,38,39,30,41,42

063       Contact    
064        Preface

065 	Unit  37 (01)					
	Unit  Outline
	Parts  of  a Word:  Prefix -  Root - Suffix
	Parts  of  a Speech:  Content  Words And Function  Words
	Parts  of  a Research Paper:  Title,  Abstract,  Introduction,  Body,  Conclusion,  

073 	Unit  38 (07)				
	Unit  Outline
	Independent  and Dependent Clause   /    Four Sentence Patterns

087 	Unit  39 (13)				
	Unit  Outline
	Research  Paper:  Title   /   Abstract   /    Introduction   /  Literature Review  /   
		               Body  /  Conclusion  /  References   

099 	Unit  40 (19)				
	Unit  Outline
	Content Words
	Function Words
	Sentences:  Simple   /   Compound   /   Complex   /   Compound-Complex

112 	Unit  41 (25)				
	Unit  Outline
	Words  Prefix - Root - Suffix  
	Three  Ways to Learn Vocabulary
	Simple   Sentence    /   Sentence Patterns

127 	Unit  42 (31)				
	Parts  of  an   Article:  Abstract   /   Introduction   /   Body   /   Conclusion   /   
			  References  /    Works Cited  /   Bibliography

135     Self-assessment  and  narrative evaluation 

137   Bibliography 
Editors' Choice an open access publication     Zeitgeist Essay - challenging issues that arise in classes     How-to-essay     
Sound Instruction Series     Writing American Academic English , WAAE        

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