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Fall 2016     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 20, Issue 3

    Table of Contents

Guest Editorial:    Transition Plans and Students with Disabilities    /  3
	Jeffrey P. Bakken,  Bradley University, Peoria, IL 
Transition Plans and Students with Disabilities  /  5
	Tracy Harrison, Leon County Special Services, Texas
	Cynthia G. Simpson, Houston Baptist University, Texas
	Jeffrey P. Bakken, Bradley University, Illinois
Personality Influences on Self-Regulated Learning  /  11
	Loranel M. Graham, Our Lady of the Lake University
Can We Engage Students for Academic Success?  /  18
	Naveen Seth, Stella and Charles Guttman Community College
Collaboration for College Faculty Development    /  28
	Marilyn Lockhart, Montana State University
A Flexible, Graded Library Unit for PETE Majors  /  35
	Glenn Ellen Starr Stilling, Appalachian State University, NC 
	Benjamin Sibley, Appalachian State University, NC
Ensuring Experiential Learning of CS/MIS Students   /   46
	Naveed Saleem, University of Houston-Clear Lake, TX
	Vance Etnyre, University of Houston-Clear Lake, TX
	Mrinal Mugdh, University of Houston-Clear Lake, TX
Digital Intercultural Literacy and Study Abroad   /  51 
	Per Urlaub, University of Texas at Austin
Teacher Candidate Age at School Entry  /  62
	Scott Robinson, UH Manoa, HI
The Role of Anxiety in University-Level Spanish Courses  /  70
	Bryant Smith, Nicholls State University, LA 
	Terri Schroth, Aurora University, IL
Visual Learning in Anatomy and Physiology  /  76
	Zvi Ostrin, Hostos Community College (CUNY), NY
Diversity through STEM Female Student Retention  /  83
	Adriann N. Rhoades, Ball State University, IN
	 James W. Jones, Ball State University, IN
	Tarek Mahfouz, Ball State University, IN
Teachersí perceptions about writing and history  /  89 
	Christine M. Maddy, Western Wyoming Community College, WY
	Jo Bennett, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University, KSA
	Dave Bail, Walden University, MN
Student Involvement in Industry Advisory Boards  /  95
	James W. Jones, Ball State University, IN
Staying Rogue: On (Not) Having Tenure-line Status  /  100
	Crystal L. Mueller, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Occupy: Social Media in Social Movement Pedagogy  /  106
	Alison Fisher Bodkin, James Madison University, VA
Studentsí Expectations for E-mailing Professors  /  111
	Courtney Waite Miller, Elmhurst College
	Rachel M. Reznik, Elmhurst College
Leveraging MOOCs in the Community College  /  118
	Victoria A. Forcina, University of Cincinnati, OH
	Amanda O. Latz, Ball State University, IN
Using Literature Circles to Increase Reading Motivation  /  126
	Jeff Whittingham, University of Central Arkansas, AR
Immersive Service-learning: Pedagogy + Reflection  /  131
	Tina Patel, University of Minnesota
	Abimbola O. Asojo, University of Minnesota
Blasphemy into Alchemy: A Teaching Moment  /  137
	Jerome Rabow, University of California, Los Angeles 
KEYWORD  /  143

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