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Fall 2010     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 14, Issue 3

Table of Contents
Fall 2010 Editors' Choice Full-text articles or abstracts available free to all 24 / 7
	-  Student Perceptions, Beliefs, or Attitudes   /  4
	-  East Asian languages  /  6
Sources of Student Interest in School Science  /  8
	Su Swarat, Northwestern University
Teachers as leaders of the 21st Century / 15
	Gheorghita M. Faitar,   D’Youville College,  NY
L2 Micro-skill Proficiency and ELL Reading  / 20
	Gail August, Hostos Community College, City University of NY
International Students’ Social Adaptability  /  27
	Hyeyoung Bang, Bowling Green State University, OH
	Steven W. Edwards, Oklahoma State University, OK
Simulated Reading Teacher Experience and Efficacy  /  32
	Heather Rogers Haverback, Towson University, MD
The View from the Study Abroad Program in China  /  37
	Jack Jinghui Liu, California State University, Fullerton
Online Learners, Choices, and Assignments  /  41
	Lynn Akin,   Texas Woman’s University
The Art and Science of Excellent College Teaching  /  47
	Marilyn Lockhart, Montana State University
A Study of Writing Self-Efficacy in Adults  /  53
	Deanna Mascle, Morehead State University, KY
Tele-rehabilitation Assisted Clinical Education  /  58
	Trisha Parsons,  Queen’s University, Canada
	Kathleen Norman,  Queen’s University, Canada
Transgender Students in University Housing  /  64
	Aysha M. Daniels, Florida State University
	Kathy L. Guthrie, Florida State University
Transformational Leaders for 21st Century Schools  /  70
	Bonnie Fusarelli,  North Carolina State University
	Thomas Alsbury,  North Carolina State University
	Paul Bitting,  North Carolina State University
	Kevin Brady,  North Carolina State University
	Kenneth Brinson Jr.,  North Carolina State University
	Lance Fusarelli,  North Carolina State University
	Matthew Militello, North Carolina State University
Beliefs about knowing & teaching in two cultures   /  77
	SoonAh Lee, University of Texas at Austin, TX
	Joshua D. Walker, University of Texas at Austin, TX
	Marilla D. Svinicki, University of Texas at Austin, TX
Using and Performing Diaries in Many Disciplines  /  82
	Mary Giffin, Walsh University, North Canton, Ohio
	Margaret L. Wick, The College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio
Online forums: ESL students’ perspectives  /  89
	Lyudmila Klimanova, University of Iowa, IA
	Carol Severino, University of Iowa, IA
Technology Collaboration in a School in Pakistan  /  97
	Yasira Waqar, Beaconhouse National University, Pakistan
Educating Future Leaders through Service-Learning  /  104
	Kathy L. Guthrie, Florida State University
MBA Program Accreditation and Advisement   /  109
	Lise Heroux, SUNY Plattsburgh
	Greg N. Gregoriou, SUNY Plattsburgh
	Nancy J. Church, SUNY Plattsburgh
Critical Thinking in Four Domains   /  115
	James W. Jones, Ball State University, IN
	Hans P. Kellogg, Ball State University, IN
Emergent Internet Technologies for STEM  /  120
	Cheryl L. Ward, University of Akron, Oh
	Wendy Lampner, University of Akron, OH
	John Savery, University of Akron, OH
Teaching Future Leaders Reward Behavior   /  127
	Penny Pennington Weeks, Oklahoma State University
	William G. Weeks, Oklahoma State University
Religion in Culture at a Public University  /  132
	Jeffrey M. Brackett, Ball State University, IN
Changing direction of funding public higher ed  /  138
	Jeff W. Bruns,  Bacone College, OK
Are finance students ready for ethics challenges?   /  144
	Valeria Martinez, Fairfield University, CT
Changes in Learning Styles in a Japanese Class  /  152
	Masako Hamada, Villanova University
Cultural Variations on Motivational Beliefs    /  160
	Masako Nunn,  California State University, Northridge
Using Picture Books to Enhance Oral Language   /  167
	Jacquelyn Burkett, Oklahoma State University, OK
	Qiuying Wang, Oklahoma State University, OK
Using Technology to Keep Students Healthy  /  172
	Karen Smail, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC
Toward Multicultural Community Engagement  /  177
	Tabitha Grier-Reed, University of Minnesota
	Dan Detzner, University of Minnesota
	Robert K. Poch, University of Minnesota
	Susan Staats, University of Minnesota
English Speakers Developing Chinese Classifiers   /  185
	Jiang Song Gong, University of Montana - Missoula, MT
	Tully J. Thibeau, University of Montana - Missoula, MT
Ethnomodeling: An Ethnomathematical Holistic Tool  /  191
	Milton Rosa, Encina Preparatory HS, San Juan USD, Sacramento, CA
	Daniel Clark Orey, California State University, Sacramento, CA
Analogy-based phonics for Hong Kong ESL learners  /  196
	Kwan-yee Ng, University of Cambridge
	Androula Yiakoumetti, University of Cambridge
English Loanwords in Lebanese Arabic Newspapers  /  201
	Rula L. Diab, Lebanese American University, Lebanon
Contextualizing Literacy on the Border  /  206
	Barbara Greybeck, Sam Houston State University, TX
	Mary Petron, Sam Houston State University, TX
Compliment in English and Chinese  /  211
	Feifei Han, Xi’an International Studies University, China
Criminal Justice Careers Based on Gender and GPA  /  216
	Diana Bruns, Savannah State University
Principals, Special Education, and Hiring   /  221
	Pamela Hudson Baker, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
	Susan C. Bon, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
ZEITGEIST -  In Teaching, Efficiency isn’t Sufficient  /  226-229
KEYWORD Subject/Topic Index / 230-231
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