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Fall 2009     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 13, Issue 3

Table of Contents
	(1) Service - Community Partnerships 
	(2) Health or Management 

Equipping Students to Own Poverty Via Simulation  / 7
	Nancy Trantham Poe, James Madison University, VA
	B. J. Bryson, James Madison University, VA
	E-mail:   poent@jmu.edu
An International Initiative in Literacy Education  / 13
	Miriam Pepper-Sanello, Adelphi University
	E-mail:   peppersanello@adelphi.edu
Building an Effective dL Leadership Course  / 20
	Alton L. Dunham II, Defense Information Systems Agency, VA
	Karen Spurgeon, Army Management Staff College, VA
	E-mail:   karen.spurgeon1@us.army.mil
Building Partnership Reciprocity: Lessons Learned  / 26
	Scott B. Waltz, California State University Monterey Bay, CA
	E-mail:   swaltz@csumb.edu
Geographic Information System in Service Learning  / 31
	Chad H. Freed, Widener University, PA
	Marina Barnett, Widener University, PA
	E-mail:   chfreed@widener.edu
Teaching Ethics to America's Future Army Leaders  / 39
	James W. Jones, Ball State University
	E-mail:   jwjones@bsu.edu
Graduate Students and Community-Based Learning  / 45
	Mary Beckman, University of Notre Dame, IN
	Jay W. Brandenberger, University of Notre Dame, IN
	Andrea Smith Shappell, University of Notre Dame, IN
	E-mail:   mbeckman@nd.edu
Service-Learning: Impacts on Teachers’ Pedagogy  /  51 
	Kathleen B. Wasserman, University of Scranton, PA
	E-mail:   wassermank2@scranton.edu
Teacher Preparation and Engaged Professionalism  / 58
	Ana Garcia Nevarez, Sacramento State University
	Susan Gomez, Sacramento State University
	Kari Knutson Miller, California State University, Fullerton
	Amy Strage, San Jose State University
	E-mail:   aastrage@email.sjsu.edu
Community Service Learning Impact  /  65
	Kathy Bussert-Webb, The University of Texas at Brownsville
	E-mail:   Kathy.bussertwebb@utb.edu
Faith and Schooling: A School Leadership Response  / 71
	William C. Frick, University of Oklahoma
	Ann T. Riley, University of Oklahoma
	E-mail:   frick@ou.edu
Healthcare Capstone Applies Experiential Learning  / 75
	Ellen M. Moore, Purdue University Calumet, Hammond, IN 
	Gail Wegner, Purdue University Calumet, Hammond, IN
	E-mail:   emoore@calumet.purdue.edu
Graduate School Discourse  /  82
	Helene Arbouet Harte, Northern Kentucky University
	Karin Schumacher Dyke, Wilmington College
	Christy M. Borders. Illinois State University
	Anne Bauer, University of Cincinnati
	E-mail:   harteh1@nku.edu
Teaching & Learning Through Oral Exams  /  89
	Peter M. Markulis, SUNY-Geneseo
	Daniel R. Strang, SUNY-Geneseo
	E-mail:   Markulis@Geneseo.edu
Management Education and Student Advisement  /  95
	Lise Heroux, SUNY Plattsburgh  
	Nancy J. Church, SUNY Plattsburgh
	E-mail:   lise.heroux@plattsburgh.edu
Critical-Service Learning Confronts Homelessness  /  101
	Ron Caro, The Richard Stockton College, NJ
	Bradley Porfilio, Lewis University, IL
	Alishia Valeri, Saint Louis University, MO
	E-mail:   porfilio16@aol.com
Effective Implementation of Business Simulations  /  113
	Scott Ambrose, Emory & Henry College, VA
	E-mail:   sambrose@ehc.edu
Using WebCT-Vista for a Capstone Practicum Course   /  121
	Sherryl W. Johnson, Albany State University, Georgia
	E-mail:   sherryl.johnson@asurams.edu
Impact of International Service-Learning  /  127
	Cindy Anderson, University of Mary, ND
	Stacie L. Iken, United Tribes Technical College, ND
	E-mail:   canderson@umary.edu
Dinosaur Science For Hospitalized Children  /  133
	Laura A. Guertin, Penn State Brandywine, PA
	E-mail:   uxg3@psu.edu
Learning for and with others in Service-Learning  /  138
	M. Kathleen Madigan, Rockhurst University
	E-mail:   kathleen.madigan@Rockhurst.edu
Can Faculty Predict Student Perceptions?   /  144
	Michael S. Goodstone,  Farmingdale State College 
	Jennifer Nieman Gonder, Farmingdale State College
	Jennifer Strangio, Adelphi University
	E-mail:   goodstms@farmingdale.edu
Challenges facing business program assessment  /  150
	Jeff W. Bruns, Bacone College in Oklahoma
	E-mail:   brunsj@bacone.edu
Blending Globalization, Business, and Liberal Arts  /  156
	Allison Fraiberg, University of Redlands, CA
	E-mail:   Allison_Fraiberg@redlands.edu
Censorship of “Literary Pornography”  /  162
	Linda Byrd Cook, Sam Houston State University, TX
	E-mail:   LindaCook@shsu.edu
Insights into College Student Motivation  /  167
	Susie Burroughs, Mississippi State University, MS
	Nicole C. Miller,  Mississippi State University, MS
	Anna Tiffany Tindall, East Mississippi Community College, MS
	E-mail:   susie.burroughs@colled.msstate.edu
The One-Minute Paper at the University Level  /  175
	Mack A. Bean, Franklin Pierce University, NH
	E-mail:   beanm@franklinpierce.edu
Experiential Learning through Service  /  180
	Catherine Maher, Seton Hall University, NJ
	Irene DeMasi, Seton Hall University, NJ
	Mary Alexander, Seton Hall University, NJ
	MaryAnn Clark, Seton Hall University, NJ
	E-mail:   mahercat@shu.edu
Process Variation: Demonstrating Responsibility  /  185
	Michael J. Braunscheidel, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY 
	Jane B. Romal, The College at Brockport, SUNY
	E-mail:   jromal@brockport.edu
Affirmative Inter-Action: DNA of Group Vitality  /  191
	Don Austin, SUNY Plattsburgh, NY
	E-mail:   daust001@plattsburgh.edu	
Integrating Thinking through Aesthetic Learning  /  197
	Amy Vigilante, University of Florida
	E-mail:   amyv@arts.ufl.edu
The Technological Demands of Today’s Workforce  /  204
	Janet Martinez, Ph.D., University of Texas at Brownsville, TX
	E-mail:   Janet.martinez@utb.edu
Validating a Health Capstone: A Five Year Review  / 210
	Anne M. Hewitt, Seton Hall University
	E-mail:   Anne.Hewitt@shu.edu
Instantaneous Retesting and Knowledge Retention  /  216
	Eugene W. Gotwalt, Sweet Briar College
	E-mail:   egotwalt@sbc.edu
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