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Fall 2008     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 12, Issue 3

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Table of Contents
	Service-learning and its impacts  /  4
	Second language acquisition and pedagogy  /  5

Classroom Dialogue As Embrace  /  6
	Marion H. Larson, Bethel University, MN
	E-mail:  m-larson@bethel.edu
An Air Quality TPSL Module for General Chemistry   /  11
	Jack F. Eichler, Oxford College of Emory University
	E-mail:  jack.eichler@emory.edu
Refocusing second language education   /  16
	Jill Pellettieri, Santa Clara University, CA
	Lucia Varona, Santa Clara University, CA
        E-mail:  jpellettieri@scu.edu
Focused Monitoring in the Language Classroom  /  23
	Gregory Thompson, University of Central Florida
	Alan V. Brown, University of Kentucky
	E-mail:  glt@mail.ucf.edu
Outcome Assessment: The Internship Portfolio   /  28
	Jo Williams, University of Southern Maine
	Colleen Colles, Nichols College
	E-mail:  jwilliams@usm.maine.edu  
The Characteristics of State Assessment Results   /  34
	Christopher H. Tienken, Seton Hall University
	E-mail:  goteach1@hotmail.com  
Service Learning in Nutrition Education  /  40
	Alicia Sinclair, Queensborough Community College, NY
	Lana Zinger, Queensborough Community College, NY
	E-mail:  acs63me@yahoo.com
L2 Pedagogy and Globalization: A Historic Overview  /  45
	Janis Massa, Lehman College, New York
	E-mail:  janmas@msn.com 
The Efficacy of Group-Administered ORF Measures   /  51
	Tammy L. Stephens,  Texas Woman’s University
	Lloyd Kinnison,  Texas Woman’s University
	Dwane Allen,  Educational, Speech, and Psychological Services Inc.
	E-mail:  TStephens1@twu.edu 
Building Community through Service Learning  /  57
	Kim Buch, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
	E-mail:  kkbuch@uncc.edu
Perception of L2 Fluency in Study Abroad Context  /  62
	Riikka Ullakonoja, University of Jyväskylä, Finland 
	Hannele Dufva, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
	E-mail:  riikkau@campus.jyu.fi
Uncovering Attitudes Toward High Poverty Schools   /  67
	Alexa Darby, Elon University, NC
	Mary Knight-McKenna, Elon University, NC
	Maggie Spingler, Elon University, NC
	Chelsea Price, Elon University, NC
	E-mail:  adarby@elon.edu
School/University Connections in Teacher Research  /  72
	Connie DiLucchio, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
	Heather Leaman, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
	E-mail:  CDiLucchio@wcupa.edu
Validation Study of Technology Skills Survey  /  77
	Sandra M. Harris, Troy University Montgomery, AL
	Rebecca R. Jacobson, Troy University Montgomery, AL
	E-mail:  smharris@troy.edu
Student & Teacher Created Videos: Who Needs Pros?  /  83
	Barbara Jo White, Western Carolina University, NC 
	Danial L. Clapper, Western Carolina University, NC 
	Jo Ann E. Brown, Radford University, VA 
	E-mail:  whiteb@wcu.edu
Reflections on Public Health and Service-Learning  /  89
	B. Jamison, Loma Linda University
	D. Gaede, Loma Linda University
	R. Mataya, Loma Linda University
	J. Belliard, Loma Linda University
	E-mail:  bjamison@llu.edu
Examining Online Language Practice Communities   /  95  Abstract
	Joellen E. Coryell, The University of Texas at San Antonio
	M. Carolyn Clark, Texas A&M University
	E-mail:  joellen.coryell@utsa.edu
Impact of Service-Learning on Teachers’ Efficacy  /  102
	Larry P. Nelson, University of Texas at Arlington
	Kathleen Tice, University of Texas at Arlington
	Shirley Theriot, University of Texas at Arlington
	E-mail:   lnelson@uta.edu
The Impact of Collegial Support Upon Efficacy   /  108
	Janice M. Rey, Saint Joseph’s College of Maine
	Marilee H. Dunklee, Raymond School District, Maine 
	E-mail:  jrey@sjcme.edu
Assessment of Teaching Grants in Higher Education  /  113  Abstract
	Marilyn Lockhart, Montana State University
	E-mail:  lockhart@montana.edu
Learning Styles of Future Teachers and Engineers  /  119
	Linda T. Coats, Mississippi State University
	E-mail:  Ltc1@ra.msstate.edu
Measuring the phenomenology of service learning  /  126
	Eric Grossman, Emory & Henry College, VA
	Peter Redvers-Lee, Emory & Henry College, VA
	E-mail:  egrossman@ehc.edu
Formative Assessment: Sharing Success of Learning  /  132
	Mary A. Hansen, Robert Morris University, PA
	Anita Iaquinta, Trinity Lutheran College, WA
	E-mail:  hansen@rmu.edu
Successful Service-Learning Features: Case Study  /  138
	Elizabeth J. Aleman, Vanderbilt University
	Sharon L. Shields, Vanderbilt University
	Leigh Z. Gilchrist, Vanderbilt University
	E-mail:  Elizabeth.J.Aleman@Vanderbilt.Edu
Service Learning in Hybrid Online Courses  /  144
	Laura Grams, University of Nebraska Omaha, NE
	E-mail:  lgrams@mail.unomaha.edu
Personalizing Culture through Microethnography  /  149  Abstract
	Joye Smith, Lehman College, City University of New York
	E-mail:  joye.smith@lehman.cuny.edu
Using Bartleby to Teach Group Dynamics  /  155
	K. Denise Bane, Bloomfield College, NJ
	Rebecca L. Williams, Essex County College, NJ
	E-mail:  Denise_Bane@bloomfield.edu  
Shaping Service-Learning Evaluation   /  159
	Anne M. Hewitt, Seton Hall University
	E-mail:  hewittan@shu.edu
Nonnative teachers’ experience of microteaching   /  165
	Hoe Kyeung Kim, Cleveland State University.  
	E-mail:  h.k.kim64@csuohio.edu 
Assessing Interdisciplinary Learning Outcomes  /  171
	Allen F. Repko, University of Texas Arlington 
	E-mail:   repko@uta.edu  
Identifying the ZPD:  Finding the Learner’s Voice  /  179
	Lorrie Stoops Verplaetse, Southern Connecticut State University
	E-mail:  VerplaetseL1@SouthernCT.edu
Code-switching in EFL Settings: Use and Relevance  /  185
	Jaya S. Goswami, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, TX
	Hilda I. Garcia, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, TX
	E-mail:   kfjsg01@tamuk.edu
Cross-cultural intergenerational service learning   /  191  Abstract
	Judy Esposito, Elon University, NC
	Bud Warner, Elon University, NC
	E-mail:  jesposito@elon.edu
Readers Theater, Paraphrasing and Idiom Retention  /  196
	Su-Yueh Wu, National University of Tainan, Taiwan
	E-mail:  suyuehwu@mail.nutn.edu.tw
Beyond the Classroom:Diversity & Service Learning  /  202   Abstract
	Maria J. Lavooy, University of Central Florida, FL
	E-mail:   mlavooy@mail.ucf.edu
Respect in the Classroom: A Developmental Approach  /  207
	Shannon Audley-Piotrowski, University of Memphis, TN
	Yeh Hsueh, University of Memphis, TN
	Robert Cohen, University of Memphis, TN
	E-mail:  saudley@memphis.edu
Developing a Distance Learning and Online Strategy  /  212 Abstract
	Monica J. Parzinger, St. Mary’s University, TX
	Carol Luckhardt Redfield, St. Mary's University, TX
	Robert Boyd Skipper, St. Mary's University, TX
	Necia Wolff, St. Mary's University, TX
	E-mail:  mparzinger@stmarytx.edu
Legislated Wellness and Elementary Education  /  218
	Jenine De Marzo,  Adelphi University, NY
	Angela Beale,  Adelphi University, NY
	Shannon Whalen, Springfield College, MA
	Michael Ludwig,  Hofstra University, NY
	E-mail:  demarzo@adelphi.edu  
Learning the Changing Discourses of Democracy  /  225
	Jane Fife, Western Kentucky University, KY
	E-mail:  jane.fife@wku.edu
Literacy in the life of a ‘struggling reader’  /  230
	Cristina Aliagas, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
	Daniel Cassany, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
	Josep M. Castellà, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
	E-mail:  cristina.aliagas@upf.edu
Snapshot of a School Portrait  /  236
	Cristy Kessler, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hi
	Kahealani David, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hi
	Heather Liu, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hi
	Kenton Wong, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hi
	Leilani Wong, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hi
	E-mail:  ckessler@hawaii.edu
Preparing teachers for the 21st century using PBL  /  244
	Lindsay Brears, Massey University College of Education, New Zealand
	Bill MacIntyre, Massey University College of Education, New Zealand
	Madhumita Bhattacharya, Athabasca University, Canada 
	E-mail:  L.E.Brears@massey.ac.nz
Energizing Engagement through Service-Learning  /  249
	Carolyn Bartick Ericson, Christopher Newport University
	Karen A.Ford,  James Madison University
	E-mail:  carolyn.ericson@cnu.edu
Lessons from Indigenous Russian Education Policy  /  255
	Nora L. White,  Texas Woman’s University
	E-mail:  nwhite@twu.edu

Keyword Subject Index  /  262-263

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