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Fall 2007     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 11, Issue 3

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Table of Contents
	One Decade of Past Accomplishments;  A Second Decade of Challenges  /  4
	Service-Learning  /  8

Sustaining the Trinity of Service Learning  /  9
	Teddi S. Deka, Missouri Western State University
	E-mail: deka@missouriwestern.edu
Service-learning: New Civic Voices at the Table  /  15
	J.B. Watson, Jr., Ph.D., Stephen F. Austin State University
	E-mail: jwatson@sfasu.edu
Service Learning and Teacher Education in Reading  /  23
	Lynn Melby Gordon, California State University, Northridge
	E-mail:  Lynn.Gordon@csun.edu   
Community-Campus Partnerships for Health  /  28
	Susan Martin Meggs, East Carolina University
	Annette G. Greer, East Carolina University
	Katherine Warsco, East Carolina University
	Maria C. Clay, East Carolina University
	E-mail: meggss@ecu.edu
Group development techniques for service-learning  /  33
	Kristine Hoover, Bowling Green State University, Ohio
	Maureen Casile, Bowling Green State University, Ohio
	Email: hoover@bgsu.edu
Technical Writing: Skills and Citizenship    /  38
	Sandra Hill, University of Louisiana at Monroe
	E-mail: shill@ulm.edu
Service-Learning Through Community-Based Research  /  43
	Lara Preiser-Houy, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 
	Carlos J. Navarrete, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
	E-mail: lpreiser@csupomona.edu
Internet lends support to interns in rural schools  /  48
	Amany Saleh,  Arkansas State University 
	E-mail:  asaleh@astate.edu
A Year in the Schools  /  53
	Carla C. Moldavan, Berry College, Rome, GA
	E-mail:  cmoldavan@berry.edu
Embracing Change: Creating a Social Presence  /  57
	Elizabeth Hodge,  East Carolina University
	 Maureen Ellis, East Carolina University
	J. Barry DuVall, Technology Advancement Center
	Matthew Powell,  Technology Advancement Center
	E-mail: hodgee@ecu.edu
Defining ‘community partner’ in service-learning  /  63
	Nicola Findley, Alma College, MI
	E-mail: findley@alma.edu
What  do Adolescents Know about Health?  /  68
	Christy Zenner, Boise State University, ID
	Mary Pritchard, Boise State University, ID
	E-mail:  marypritchard@boisestate.edu
Campus Impact of a Service Learning Curriculum  /  73
	Barbara Moskal, Colorado School of Mines
	Juan Lucena, Colorado School of Mines
	Joan Gosink, Colorado School of Mines
	E-mail:  bmoskal@mines.edu
Practice and Challenges of Formative Assessment  /  78
	LO Yiu Chun, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
	E-mail:  yclo@ied.edu.hk
Service Learning and Elementary Teacher Education  /  83
	Janice M. Rey, Saint Joseph’s College of Maine
	E-mail:  jrey@sjcme.edu
Research Methods: Assessing Summer vs. Semester  /  88
	Judith Platania, Roger Williams University, RI 
	Nina Tarner, Sacred Heart University, CT
	E-mail:  jplatania@rwu.edu
Assessing Students’ Grammatical Competence  /  93
	Sara P. Pace, Lamar University 
	Jim B. Sanderson, Lamar University
	E-mail: sarappace@hotmail.com
Engaging the Tensions of Service-Learning  /  98
	Jerry Shannon, University of Minnesota, MN
	E-mail:  shann039@umn.edu
Design for teaching participatory media literacy  /  103 
	Mary Ann Allison,  Hofstra University, NY
	E-mail:   mary-ann.allison@hofstra.edu
Improve Aptitude and Attitude in Science Teaching  /  108
	Virginia Oberholzer Vandergon, California State University, Northridge
	E-mail:  virginia.vandergon@csun.edu
Developing Partnerships for Capacity Building  /  113
	Doris Shaw, Northern Kentucky University
	E-mail:  shawdor@nku.edu
Students with Disabilities and Service Learning  /  118
	Delsue Frankson, Palm Beach Central High School 
	Ann Nevin, College of Education, Florida International University
	E-mail:  nevina@bellsouth.net
Service-Learning Across Language and Culture   /  123
	Suzanne Reading, Butler University
	Glenn Carlstrand, Butler University
	E-mail:  reading@butler.edu
Service learning: Focus on generativity and care   /  129
	Dana R. McDermott, DePaul University Chicago 
	E-mail:  dmcderm2@depaul.edu
The Survey of Mentor Attitudes and Behaviors  /  135
	Lucy Barnard, Texas Tech University 
	Hansel Burley, Texas Tech University 
	Neetu Arora, Texas Tech University 
	Kevin  Gosselin, Texas Tech University 
	E-mail:   lm.barnard@ttu.edu
Telemedicine and Distance Learning in Oklahoma  /  140
	Brian E. Whitacre, Oklahoma State University
	Chad E. Landgraf, Oklahoma State University
	E-mail:  brian.whitacre@okstate.edu
Against Study Abroad: US Mexican Immersion   /  145
	Oscar Barrau, Indiana University South Bend IN
	E-mail:  obarrau@iusb.edu
A Comparative Study of Teacher Efficacy Beliefs   /  150
	Mine Isiksal, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
	Erdinc Cakiroglu, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
	E-mail:  misiksal@metu.edu.tr
Validity of the DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency Test  /  154
	Aaron S. Richmond, Metropolitan State College of Denver
	Suzanne Aberasturi, University of Nevada-Reno
	Ruth Aberasturi, Carson City School District
	Tony DelVecchio, Carson City School District
	E-mail: arichmo3@mscd.edu
Critical thinking for civic thinking in science  /  160
	Jeffrey Gerwing, Portland State University, Oregon
	David McConnell, University of Akron, Ohio 
	Donald Stearns, Wagner College, New Jersey
	Stephen Adair, Central Connecticut State University
	E-mail:  jgerwing@pdx.edu
Contextual Media Literacy Revisited  /  165
	Michael Karlberg, Western Washington University
	E-mail:  karlberg@wwu.edu
Innovating the Liberal Arts Core  /  171
	Anne Lopes,  Metropolitan College of New York
	Joanne Ardovini,  Metropolitan College of New York
	E-mail:  JArdovini@mcny.edu
Theory Meets Practice in Higher Ed. Leadership   /  177
	Angela Hernquist, University of Nevada Las Vegas
	E-mail:   ahernquist@tsis.net
Management Education through Service-Learning  /  185
	Minnette A. Bumpus, Howard University, Washington, DC
	E-mail:  mbumpus@howard.edu
Part-time Faculty and Student Learning  /  191
	Maria Vita Calkins, Quinsigamond Community College, MA
	E-mail:  mariav@qcc.mass.edu
New Dimensions in Teaching French Cultural Myths  /  197
	Patricia Frederick, Northern Arizona University
	E-mail:  patricia.frederick@nau.edu
Service Learning Application In Community Health  /  205
	Pamela D. Doughty, CHES Texas A&M University – Kingsville TX
	Duane T Gardiner,  Texas A&M University – Kingsville TX
	E-mail:  pamela.doughty@tamuk.edu
Never Asked Questions: Bridging Past and Future  /  210
	Ji-Eun Lee, Oakland University, MI
	Kyoung-Tae Kim, John Carroll University, OH
	E-mail: lee2345@oakland.edu
Let’s Do Science at Science Song Contest!  /  216
	Jiyoon Yoon, University of Minnesota Duluth, MN
	E-mail:  jiyoon@d.umn.edu
Client-based Projects in Business Education  /  221
	Deborah D. Heisley, California State University, Northridge
	Mary T. Curren, California State University, Northridge
	Deborah Cours, California State University, Northridge
	Judith E. Hennessey, California State University, Northridge
	E-mail:  Deborah.Heisley@csun.edu
Expanding Knowledge of Action Opportunities  /  229
	Jennifer Seamans-Blatner, Portland State University
	Julie M. Smith, Portland State University
	E-mail:  smithj@pdx.edu
A Service-Learning Mentoring Program Model  /  234
	Cynthia Sims, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL
	E-mail:  csims@siu.edu
From Community Service to Service Learning  /  239
	Rachel A. Felice, Portland State University
	Andrew H. Kerr, Portland State University
	Julie M. Smith, Portland State University
	E-mail:  smithj@pdx.edu
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