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Fall 2003     ISSN 1096-1453     Volume 7, Issue 3

Table of Contents     by page number and by Keyword Subject Index
(1)Collaboration and Consultation in Education  
(2)The Many Faces of Information Competence  

Building on Students’ Experiences in Teacher Education / 2416-3j 
	EDITORS' CHOICE full-text 
	Susan C. Griffith, Central Michigan University
Literature and International Relations: The Challenges of Interdisciplinarity / 2430-3j 
	EDITORS' CHOICE full-text 
	Linda Racioppi, James Madison College, Michigan State University
	Colleen Tremonte, James Madison College, Michigan State University
Peer Debriefing: Who, What, When, Why, How  /  2529-3j
	Marydee A. Spillett, University of New Orleans, LA
Distance Learning: Deaf Education Collaboration Model  /  2527-3j 
	Lou Larwood, San Jose State University, CA
Access to Scientific Careers  /  2525-3j
	Peg Lamb,  Holt Public Schools, MI
	Mary Brown, Lansing Community College, MI
	William Hodges,  Holt Public Schools, MI
Senior Inquiry: A University/High School Collaboration  /  2511-3z
	Barbara Traver, Westview High School
	Jack C. Straton, Portland State University
	Jan Whittlesey, Westview High School
	Dave Erhenkranz, Westview High School
	Tom Wells, Westview High School
	Pat McCreery, Westview High School
	Maarja Paris, Westview High School
	Candyce Reynolds, Portland State University
	Judy Patton, Portland State University
Incorporating Pupil Assessment into Teacher Preparation  /  2500-3z			
	Rita Mulholland, California State University, Chico
	Michelle Cepello, California State University, Chico
Technology and Learning Collaborative:  Design and Implementation  /  2488-3z 
	Sue Samson, The University of Montana-Missoula
	Vicki Pengelly, The University of Montana
A Winning Combination: Collaboration in Inclusion  /  2487-3j
	Tracy Amerman, New Jersey City University
	Carol Fleres, New Jersey City University
Teacher Assessment of Homework  /  2486-3j
	Stephen D. Aloia, California State University, Fullerton
Information Literacy in a Freshman Learning Community  /  2483-3j
	Toby Leigh Matoush, San Jose State University, CA
Library Instruction Assessment in Upper-Level Courses  /  2482-3j
	Linda Neyer, University of Scranton
Urban Partnerships for International Affairs Service Learning  /  2480-3j
	Jody Neathery-Castro, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Collaborating to Improve Literacy Outcomes  /  2479-3j
	Gina Barclay-McLaughlin, University of Tennessee
	Susan M. Benner, University of Tennessee
What are Teachers’ Greatest Co-teaching Concerns?  /  2478-3j
	Tamarah M. Ashton, California State University, Northridge
School Collaboration Research: Successes and Difficulties  /  2476-3j	 
	Wendy W. Murawski, California State University, Northridge
Classroom Assessment: Learning from Students  /  2474-3j
	Mary E. Kremer, Dominican University
Must We Collaborate?: Examining Cultural Contexts  /  2472-3j
	Emiliano C. Ayala, Sonoma State University
	Mary Dingle, Sonoma State University
Information metacognition: a course case study  /  2468-3j
	Lesley S. J. Farmer, California State University Long Beach
Information Literacy Competencies in Social Work  /  2466-3j
	Sally Haines Lawler, University of Michigan
Collaborative Initiatives Supporting Inclusive Classrooms  /  2464-3z
	Cathy J. Siebert, Ball State University, OH
	Jody S. Britten, Ball State University, OH
Technology-Enhanced Teacher Professional Development Model  /  2460-3z 
	Marianne B. Barnes, University of North Florida 
	Jace Hargis, University of North Florida
Enhancing Information Literacy: A Practical Exemplar  /  2458-3z
	Jeanine Graham , University of Waikato, New Zealand
	Kathryn Parsons, University of Waikato, New Zealand
Two New Evaluation Instruments for Collaboration  /  2457-3j
	Caroline Pryor, Texas A & M University at College Station
	Rui Kang, Texas A & M University at College Station
A Collaborative Approach to Information Literacy in the Freshman Seminar  /  2456-3j
	Elizabeth Blakesley Lindsay, Washington State University
Faculty Use of Electronic Library Resources  /  2451-3j
	Paula Barnett-Ellis,  Jacksonville State University
	Luke Griffin,  Jacksonville State University
Increasing students’ library confidence /  2448-3j
	Bill Norton, Liverpool Hope University College, UK
	Lin Norton, Liverpool Hope University College, UK
	Tim Griffiths, Liverpool Hope University College, UK
	Tessa Owens, Liverpool Hope University College, UK
	Stephen Perrin, Liverpool Hope University College, UK
	David Walters, Liverpool Hope University College, UK
Positive Involvement in Parent-Teacher Collaborative Models  /  2447-3j
	Kimberly Mathis, The University of South Carolina at Columbia
ESL Freewriting and Student's Lived Experience  /  2446-3z
	Stephen Newton, William Paterson University
Collaborative Voices: One University-School Model  /  2445-3j 
	Joyce Burstein, California State University, Northridge
	Edward Fiszer, Pinetree Elementary School, CA
Interpretive Processes in Collaborative Research  /  2444-3j
	Elizabeth Creamer,  Virginia Tech 
Integrated Holistic Approach to Poetry Instruction  /  2439-3j  
	James W. Porcaro, Toyama University of International Studies, Japan
Emerging Themes in Community-Based Training  /  2432-3l
	Laura Dreuth, Southern Illinois University
	Martha Dreuth-Fewell, DePaul University, IL
First Year Research and Writing Convergences  /  2431-3j 
	Caroline L. Russom, Calif. State University Northridge
	Regina Clemens Fox, Calif. State University Northridge
Enhancing Collaboration:  Families as Faculty Project  /  2426-3j
	Jennifer Cruz, Western New Mexico University 
	Corine Frankland, Western New Mexico University 
	Stephanie K. Johnson, Parents Reaching Out, Albuquerque, NM
Journalism Students and Information Competencies  /  2425-3j
	Jerry Bornstein, Baruch College, City University of New York
Fostering Collaboration in Urban Schools  /  2424-3j
	Dimple Malik, University of Florida
	Dr. Mary Brownell, University of Florida
	Alyson Adams, Lastinger Center for Learning,  FL
Cultural Influences on Student Learning  /  2423-3j
	Nancy Robbins, University of the Incarnate Word, TX
	Annette Craven, University of the Incarnate Word, TX
Preparing Special Educators through Collaborative Partnerships  /  2422-3j 
	Jane M. Williams, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
	Jennifer Guyer, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
	Maria J. Meyerson, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
	Sue Huff,  Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV
	Donna McKay,  Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV
A Framework for Evaluating Online Courses  /  2420-3j 
	David M. Peter, Indiana State University
Stumbling Toward Collaboration  /  2417-3j
	Andria Young, University of Houston – Victoria
Teaching Needham’s Puzzle - Fostering Historical Thinking  /  2413-3j 
	Fan Ka Wai, City University of Hong Kong
Collaborating Across Boundaries  /  2409-3j
	Amy Heaston, Georgia Southern University, GA
	Stephanie L. Kenney, Georgia Southern University, GA
	LaTonya McGruder, Portal Elementary School, GA
	Mary Ann Nelson, Georgia Southern University, GA
	Susan Puckett, Portal Elementary School, GA
	Victoria Zwald, Georgia Southern University, GA
Multisensory Learning in Inclusive Classrooms  /  2398-3j
	Jennifer A. Borek, The University of Memphis, TN
	Susan M. Thompson, The University of Memphis, TN
A Course on Ordinary Differential Equations in Physics and Engineering / 2396-3j
	M. De La Sen, University of Basque Country, Spain 
Collaborative Development of Dispersed Experiential Opportunities  /  2394-3j 
	Cheryl Mallen, Brock University, Canada
	Cheri Bradish,  Brock University, Canada
The Importance of an Internship Component in a Liberal Arts Major  /  2377-3j
	Michelle M. Pulaski, Pace University, NY
	Maria Luskay, Pace University, NY
Online IT Training For School Administrators  /  2373-3j
	Robert J. Graham, St. John’s University, NY
Online Learning Experience: A Case Study  /  2368-3l
	Catherine T. Atwong, California State University, Fullerton
	Gayle Vogt, California State University, Fullerton
	Irene Lange, California State University, Fullerton
Successful Preparation of Teachers of Students with Disabilities  /  2366-3l
	Melinda R. Pierson, California State University, Fullerton
	Jeanne Davis,  California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Cognitivism, Constructivism, and Work Performance  /  2361-3l
	Chong-Tek Aik,  Walden University, MN
	Duane C. Tway, Walden University, MN
It’s About Time! Lengthen Student Writing  /  2360-3l
	Roger Passman, Northeastern Illinois University
Ethnography and case study: A comparative analysis  /  2359-3j
	Arie Cohen,  Bar-Ilan University, Israel
	Deborah Court,  Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Improving Student Attendance  /  2353-3l 
	Robert E. Ledman, Morehouse College, GA
	Felix U. Kamuche, Jr., Morehouse College, GA
Into the Community: Collaboration Produces Learning  /  2346-3j  
	Colleen Ebacher , Towson University, MD
	Gloria Holland, Towson University, MD
Collaboration at the Post-secondary Level  /  2335-3j
	Darra Pace,  Hofstra University, NY
	Vance Austin, Hofstra University, NY
Preparing Practicing Teachers to Teach in Inclusive Schools  /  2327-3j
	Michele C. Gerent, College of Mount St. Joseph, OH
	Judith Z. Hotz, College of Mount St. Joseph, OH
Research Attitudes of African-American Graduate Students  /  2325-3l 
	Dianne Richardson, The University of West Alabama
	Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Howard University, Washington, DC
Graduate Cooperative Groups: Role of Perfectionism  /  2302-3j
	Denise A. DaRos-Voseles, Northeastern State University
	Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie , Howard University
	Kathleen M. T. Collins, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Revision of prerequisites: ICT tools  /  2238-2z
	Albert Gras-Marti, Universitat d’Alacant, Spain
	Julio V. Santos, Universitat d’Alacant, Spain
	Mario Pardo, Universitat d’Alacant, Spain
	Joan A. Miralles, Universitat d’Alacant, Spain
	Adolfo Celdran, Universitat d’Alacant, Spain
	Marisa Cano-Villalba, Universitat d’Alacant, Spain
Improving Classroom Assessment Practices: A Collaborative Approach / 2205-3j
	Barbara M. Moskal,  Colorado School of Mines
	Jill Fellman,  Jefferson County School District, CO
	Barbara B. Bath,  Colorado School of Mines
Paths to Understanding /  2449-3j
        Robert S. Nelson, Long Island University Brooklyn Campus
        Vera Stepchyshyn, Long Island University Brooklyn Campus
Teaching Mindfully: A Spirituality of Collaboration
	Heather Ann Ackley, Azusa Pacific University, CA
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