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    Editors' Choice: abstracts or full-text articles are recognized for one or more of the following.
  • demonstrates a useful practice that teachers from all disciplines would benefit from
  • describes classroom attitudes and behaviors from various perspectives
  • formulates a novel and interesting idea that appears to be a very effective teaching tool
  • illustrates ideas that can be applied to other disciplines and courses
  • offers succinct and clear style, enjoyable to read
  • provides exposition and explicating both sides of the issue
  • motivates teachers to rethink how they communicate directions and expectations
  • exemplifies current scholarly trends
  • deals with a significant, vital issue in education
  • adds to our knowledge of the challenges in helping ?behind the times? faculty
  • makes a significant original contribution to the field
  • contains elements which have general application
  • presents an innovative approach toward dealing with significant teaching issues
The above examples, in no particular order, are from recent reviewers' recommendations. In order to be considered for Editors' Choice, early submission is recommended. Editors' Choice articles are likely to become leading articles in a print edition (titles may appear on journal's cover).


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