Call for papers:
Writing Center Theory and Practice
Academic Exchange Quarterly print edition ISSN 1096-1453
Winter 2016, Volume 20, Issue 4

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Academic Exchange Quarterly invites articles that explore issues of theory, practice, and experience in writing center work, including qualitative and empirical studies, discussions of pedagogy, and analyses of theory in three overlapping areas of inquiry.

Articles may also consider the following: how writing center professionals cope with change and the eventuality of needing to expand their efforts in response to new economic and demographic challenges. Furthermore, as we move towards increasingly viral and technologically dependent learning communities, how can these efforts help meet the evolving demands of our students?

Who May Submit:
Directors and other administrators, professional staff, faculty tutors and graduate students. Please identify your submission with keyword: CENTER

Submission deadline: Any time until the end of August 2016
See details for other deadline options like early, regular, and short.
Early submission offers an opportunity to be considered for Editors' Choice

Submission Procedure:

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Moreover, Academic Exchange Quarterly published authors are invited to submit updates
to their articles based on new developments in the field or on readers' feedback.
Accepted updates will be published in SIB volumes and , to promote CENTER scholarship,
some may be co-published in AEQ.

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