Non-Cognitive Variables: Key to College Success?
           R.D. Nordgren, National University, CA
           Marius Boboc, Cleveland State University, OH
           Felice Willis, Bedford School District, OH

Given the increasing diversity of student body both at the high school and college levels, determining student 
success needs to look beyond the traditional assessment tools. This study examines non-cognitive variables at 
an urban high school with an African-American student population five times the U.S. average located in
 an impoverished Midwestern city. The results outline student performance on a questionnaire designed 
to support the development of individual profiles along non-cognitive parameters. As these low-income students 
plan on a successful transition to college, these profiles prompt revisions to existing curricular plans at 
the high school where data were collected.
		Academic Exchange Quarterly Summer 2011: Volume 15, Issue 2  
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