A Mixed Method Evaluation of Pediatric Simulation
           Maria N. Kelly, University of Florida
           Nicole Paradise Black, University of Florida
           Erik Black, University of Florida
           Meredith DiPietro, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
           Maureen Novak, University of Florida

Medical simulation teaches technical skills without the logistical, legal and emotional 
concerns associated with “real” patients.  The objective of this study was to mixed-method 
evaluate the impact of neonatal hip and lumbar puncture (LP) simulations on two key areas 
of medical student education: procedural knowledge and technical skill. Outcomes indicate 
that the use of pediatric LP and hip simulators improved medical students’ procedural 
knowledge, technical ability, competence, and confidence and should be considered as 
important learning tools in pediatric medical student education and considered in others. 
		Academic Exchange Quarterly Winter 2010: Volume 14, Issue 4  
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