Beliefs about knowing & teaching in two cultures
           SoonAh Lee, University of Texas at Austin, TX
           Joshua D. Walker, University of Texas at Austin, TX
           Marilla D. Svinicki, University of Texas at Austin, TX
The need for and interest in research on epistemological development 
in multiple cultures has been on the rise, especially as applied to personal 
epistemological research outside western culture. This study explored what 
beliefs Korean preservice teachers hold about knowledge, knowing, and 
teaching and how those beliefs differed from American preservice teachers. 
As a preliminary exploration of the relationship among beliefs about knowing 
and teaching, this study has implication for how cultural aspects of 
epistemological beliefs and conceptions of teaching should be considered 
in teacher education.   

		Academic Exchange Quarterly  Fall 2010: Volume 14, Issue 3  
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