Teaching Future Educators in Non-Traditional Ways
           Sylvia Egal, New York City Department of Education
           Karen Russo, St. Joseph’s College, New York
This study examined the effects of traditional instruction, Contract Activity Package 
(CAP), Programmed Learning Sequence (PLS), and Tactual Instructional Resources (TR) 
on the achievement and attitudes of college students learning sophomore-level 
content of a course required for completion of a teacher education program (n=32).   
Student mean achievement-test scores evidenced CAP instruction as significantly 
(p<.001) more beneficial than the other methods. Student mean attitude-test scores 
revealed that although students did not rate any one method significantly more 
positive than the others, their responses indicated that they considered all three 
learning-style strategies to be beneficial.  

		Academic Exchange Quarterly  Spring 2010: Volume 14, Issue 1  
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