Management Education and Student Advisement
           Lise Heroux, SUNY Plattsburgh
           Nancy J. Church, SUNY Plattsburgh
Management education prepares students for a wide range of career paths requiring 
breadth of knowledge and skills found in few disciplines. Different students have 
different learning styles, aptitudes, and skills, and they often have difficulty 
identifying the appropriate management occupations to match their interests and 
selecting the appropriate management electives to meet their needs. Through the 
management advisement process, students and advisors try to identify career paths 
that will meet the studentsí interests, aptitudes and skills. This paper discusses 
how management educators can use the Multiple Intelligences paradigm in the 
management education and advisement process to match student learning styles with 
(1) appropriate career paths, (2) management elective course selections, and 
(3) identification of potential academic minors.

		Academic Exchange Quarterly  Fall 2009: Volume 13, Issue 3  
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